Jam E Shirin Price in Pakistan 2024

Jam E Shirin is a unique and delicious drink that has been enjoyed for centuries in Pakistan. For anyone who loves to explore new tastes, Jam E Shirin is an incredibly refreshing and tasty beverage that can be spotted on every street corner or chaat shop. From its iconic red packaging to its delicate balance of sweet, salty and sour tastes, Haya Foods have craftily invented a beverage perfect for any time of the day no matter what mood you’re in! Through this post we’ll be discussing the price range of different Jam E Shireen drinks throughout Pakistan so curious minds can get a better understanding of the cost.

Jam E Shirin Price List in Pakistan 2024

Jam E ShirinRate in Pakistan
Jam e Shirin 1.5 litre PriceRs. 600
Qarshi Jam e Shirin 1500mlRs.600
Qarshi Jam E Shirin Sugar Free Diet 800mlRs.450
Qarshi Jam e Shirin 800ml Pack Of 3Rs.1000
Qarshi Jam e Shirin 3 LitreRs.1100

Jam E Shirin is a popular tea drink in Pakistan that is known for it’s unique flavor. This delicious, refreshing drink can be purchased from most local stores with the estimated average price ranging between Rs. 350 to Rs. 1100 depending on the quality and size of the package. Although slightly more expensive, many people agree that it’s worth the cost as the superior taste and aroma make it perfect for any occasion or time of day. If you haven’t tried Jam E Shirin yet, don’t miss out on this amazing beverage experience!

Qarshi Jam E Shirin drink is a popular beverage in Pakistan. It has a unique and refreshing taste, with hints of rose petals and honey. This delicious drink is made from natural ingredients including sugar, water, rose essence, as well as other herbs and spices. The drink can be found on shelves in most supermarkets across the country, and is usually served cold. This drink is popular among both young and old alike it’s a great refreshment for any day or occasion! With its unique flavor, Qarshi Jam E Shirin is sure to be a hit with everyone. Whether you’re looking for an energizing pick me up, or just some simple refreshment, Qarshi Jam E Shirin is the perfect choice. Enjoy the unique flavor of this delicious drink in Pakistan today!

1.Jam e Shirin 1.5 litre

Jam e Shirin is a popular 1.5 litre juice brand in Pakistan which is available for an affordable price of Rs. 600 only. The brand has been around for many years and offers a wide range of flavors, such as sugar-free and preservative-free varieties to meet the needs of health conscious customers. It comes in convenient PET bottles that are easy to store and pour, making it a great choice for people on the go. Jam e Shirin is also known for its delicious taste, which has made it a favorite among juice lovers throughout the country.

2.Qarshi Jam E Shirin Sugar Free Diet 800ml

Qarshi Jam E Shirin Sugar Free Diet is a sugar free version of the classic Qarshi Jam-E-Shirin. It is made with carefully selected healthy ingredients, such as no added sugar and natural flavors. This product contains zero calories and is designed to be enjoyed by people who follow a low or no calorie diet. The product is available in 800ml cans.

It has the same delicious taste as regular Jam-E-Shirin but without the added sugar, making it a great choice for those looking to reduce their calorie intake and improve their health. Qarshi Jam E Shirin Sugar Free Diet is an affordable product, with its price in Pakistan being Rs. 450. With its great taste and health benefits, it is a must have for anyone looking to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

3.Qarshi Jam e Shirin 1500ml

Qarshi Jam e Shirin is a 1500ml pack of syrup with the perfect balance of natural sweetness and flavor. It is carefully prepared using traditional recipes, making it an authentic product that has been enjoyed for generations. Made from date extract, sugar, rose water, pistachio and other natural ingredients, it helps to nourish the body and keep it healthy.

It is commonly used as a topping for desserts, pancakes, puddings, ice creams and even yogurt. Jam e Shirin’s natural sweetness and delightful flavor make it an ideal choice to use in baking recipes and as an accompaniment for tea or coffee. Its price in Pakistan is Rs 600 per 1500ml pack, making it an affordable and accessible product that everyone can enjoy.

4.Qarshi Jam e Shirin 800ml

Qarshi Jam e Shirin is a delicious and nutritious syrup made from dates. It is an ideal sweetener for desserts, milkshakes and other drinks. Qarshi Jam e Shirin 800ml rate in Pakistan is Rs. 350, which makes it one of the most affordable syrups available in the market today.

This syrup is also rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium. It contains important antioxidants to help promote good health and vitality. Furthermore, Qarshi Jam e Shirin is a perfect alternative to sugar because it does not have any calories or artificial preservatives that are usually added in processed sweeteners. This syrup is made from natural ingredients, making it a healthier and more natural option. Qarshi Jam e Shirin is a great choice for anyone looking to make delicious treats without sacrificing health or taste.

5.Qarshi Jam e Shirin 800ml Pack Of 3

Qarshi Jam e Shirin 800ml Pack Of 3 is an excellent choice for those looking to stock up on delicious sweet treats. Its delightful and rich flavor will surely impress your guests, while its pocket-friendly price makes it a great buy. With three 800ml packs in one handy package, you can make sure there is enough to go around. It’s perfect for afternoon tea parties, special occasions, or any time you want to indulge in a delicious treat. And with its price of Rs. 1000 in Pakistan, it’s definitely worth the investment!

6.Qarshi Jam e Shirin 3 Litre

Qarshi Jam e Shirin is a popular and delicious sweet dish in Pakistan. It is often served as a dessert after meals or as an accompaniment to tea. This 3 litre pack of Qarshi Jam e Shirin is perfect for family get-togethers or large gatherings, ensuring that everyone gets their fair share of the tasty treat! It is available in Pakistan at a price of Rs. 1100, making it an affordable choice for any occasion. With its unique blend of flavors and ingredients, Qarshi Jam e Shirin is sure to delight everyone’s taste buds. So make sure you stock up on this delicious product before your next gathering!


What is the price of Jame Shirin 800ml in Pakistan?

It is available in 800ml bottles which are priced at Rs.350.

What is the price of Jame Shirin 1500 ml?

Jame Shirin 1500 ml is a popular tea drink that is loved by many. It has a tantalizing aroma and flavor, making it the perfect beverage to enjoy at any time of the day. And best of all, it comes with an affordable price tag of just Rs.600.

What is the price of qarshi jam e shirin 800ml?

The price of Qarshi Jam e Shirin 800ml is Rs.350 in Pakistan, which is an affordable price for those looking to add a little extra sweetness to their food and drinks.

What is the price of Jama Shiri?

The price range for Jama Shiri typically starts at Rs.350 and goes up to Rs.1200, depending on the quality of Size bottle.

Qarshi Jam E Shirin Drink is an incredibly popular drink in Pakistan during Ramadan. It is made from a combination of rose water, sugar, lemon juice and cardamom. It has a unique taste that is beloved by many people that celebrate Ramadan in the country. The drink has become so popular, it can be found in stores throughout the country during Ramadan.

It is not only a delicious drink, but it is also believed to have many health benefits as well. For example, it is said that this drink helps to reduce heat exhaustion and dehydration during long days of fasting in the summer months. Additionally, rose water has been used for centuries in traditional medicine due to its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and diuretic properties. Drinking Qarshi Jam E Shirin during Ramadan is a great way to stay hydrated and benefit from its health benefits. Therefore, it is no wonder why this drink has become so popular in Pakistan during this holy month. Whether it be for the taste or health reasons, make sure to enjoy a cold glass of Qarshi Jam E Shirin during Ramadan!

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