Simply Sufi Products Price List 2024

Are you looking for delicious, frozen food products that are made with integrity and a passion for stay at home at dining? Look no further than Simply Sufi! Whether you are searching for vegan, vegetarian or non veg dishes to serve up hot from your kitchen we have something perfect for each one of our customers. carefully crafted range of mouth watering meals come in various sizes and include traditional recipes thoughtfully brought to life by local chefs who understand the ingredients found here in Pakistan. To make it easier to choose what’s right for you, we’ve created this simple price list so you can explore all Simply Sufi has to offer in 2024.

Simply Sufi Frozen Products Price 2024

Simply Sufi frozen products have been a hit with customers, and they are proud to announce that prices are as low as Rs. 500 up to Rs. 1200. With such convenient pricing, there is something for everyone! Plus, all of their products are 100% Halal, making them suitable for all types of customers. Wholesome meals such as biryani and tikka can now be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, cooked within an hour. Simply Sufi is committed to providing customers with nothing but the best quality food and great value so they can trust when buying from them. With prices this good, no wonder Simply Sufi always reaches its customers!

Simply Sufi Products Price List 2024

Sufi ProductsPrice List
Sufi Chicken Nuggets, (Poly Bag), 1000gRs.1210
Space Nuggets 800gRs.1085
Chicken Wings 850gRs.1165
Space Nuggets 275gRs.445
Badami Kofta 300gRs.485
Badami Kofta 810gRs.1160
Chicken Rolls 300gRs.540
Xinger Patties 550gRs.1180
Sufi Burger Patties, (Poly Bag), 1000gRs.1035
Sufi Promo Pack 2340gRs.2445
Simply Sufi Potato Paratha 360g Rs.270
Simply Sufi Chicken Paratha 330gRs.420
Simply Sufi Plain Paratha 400g Rs.250
Simply Sufi Plain Paratha 1600gRs.940
Fajita Topping 500gRs.960
Potato Cutlet 500gRs.585
Simply Sufi Plain Naan 425gRs.285
Simply Sufi Roghni Naan 450gRs.390
Sufi Potato Samosa, 30 Pieces, 420gRs.505
Tikka Topping 500gRs.910
Sufi Spicy Chicken Poppers, 780gRs.1235
Sufi Vegetable Samosa, 15 Pieces, 210gmRs.255
Sufi Chicken Xinger Patties, 5 Pieces, 550gmRs.1130
Sufi Vegetable Samosa, 30 Pieces, 420gmRs.500
Sufi Chicken Samosa, 15 Pieces, 210gmRs.370
Sufi Chicken Samosa, 30 Pieces, 420gmRs.765
Sufi Chicken Reshmi Tikka 515gmRs.1100
Sufi Chicken Chapli Kabab, 12 Pieces, 888gmRs.1105
Sufi Chicken Chapli Kabab, 4 Pieces, 296gmRs.450
Sufi Chicken Wings, 12 Servings, 850gmRs.1105
Sufi Chicken Shami Kabab, 17 Pieces, 612gmRs.1000
Sufi Chicken Shami Kabab, 7 Pieces, 252gmRs.410
Sufi Chicken Tenders 225gmRs.420
Sufi Chicken Poppers 260gmRs.430
Sufi Chicken Nuggets 270gmRs.430
Sufi Chicken Burger Patties, 6 Servings, 380gmRs.500
Sufi Chicken Burger Patties, 16 Servings, 1000gmRs.1290
Sufi Chicken Tenders, 12 Servings, 675gmRs.1120
Sufi Chicken Poppers 780gmRs.1100
Sufi Chicken Seekh Kabab, 18 Pieces, 540gmRs.1020
Sufi Chicken Seekh Kabab, 7 Pieces, 205gmRs.465
Sufi Chicken Gola Kabab, 23 Pieces, 515gmRs.1020
Sufi Chicken Gola Kabab, 9 Pieces, 200gmRs.460
Boneless Handi 500gRs.600
Karahi Cut 1kgRs.861
Boneless Thigh 500gRs.600
Skinless Boneless ThighRs.600
Breast Fillet 500gRs.600
Premium Qeema 500gRs.550
Whole Chicken without Skin 1100gRs.1000
Whole Chicken without Skin 1200gRs.1027
Whole Chicken without Skin 1300gRs.1113
Drumsticks 1000gRs.838
Wings 1000gRs.814

Simply Sufi Frozen Menu With Prices

Simply Sufi Frozen Menu is a collection of amazing frozen food products from the renowned Simply Sufi range. This menu includes delicious parathas, kababs and snacks that can be made in minutes for your convenience. Whether you are looking for an easy meal solution for your busy weeknights or something to please your guests at a dinner party, Simply Sufi Frozen Menu has something for everyone. Enjoy the convenience of a delicious meal without the hassle of cooking or ordering in with Simply Sufi Frozen Menu! With items ranging from Tandoori Parathas to Fruity Kababs, this menu is sure to have something to please even the most discerning foodie.

Final Word:

To using a Simply Sufi frozen menu is an excellent way to cut back on time in the kitchen while still enjoying delicious, authentic flavors. It’s also great value for money, given that it is halal certified and cost effective too. Not only are the prices reasonable enough to make them worthwhile even for large families, but the range of dishes available is impressive as well.

Whether you’re after something light or something more filling and substantial, there’s a Simply Sufi meal with your name written all over it. With ingredients sourced directly from local farmers throughout Pakistan, these dishes come with the guarantee of freshness and quality that is unparalleled. So what are you waiting for? Head down to your nearest Simply Sufi store today and get ready to tantalize your taste buds!

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