1 Kg Atta Price in Pakistan 2024

The price of 1 kg atta in Pakistan can vary greatly depending on the region, brand and quality. It is a staple food ingredient in this country, often used to make chapatis and other popular dishes like naan, roti or puri. With so many factors influencing its pricing, it is necessary to stay updated with current market trends if you want to get the most out of your atta purchases. In this blog post we will take a closer look at what affects the price of 1kg atta across different regions of Pakistan along with an overall evaluation of its current cost.

1 Kg Atta Price in Pakistan

The price of 1 kg atta, or wheat flour, in Pakistan has been greatly impacted by the changes in global commodities markets. Recent data suggests that the cost of 1kg atta ranges from Rs.160 to Rs.200, depending on the quality and availability of the product in different areas across the country. This price reflects a fluctuating market with rising domestic demand and changing import conditions, creating an uncertain outlook across many households who rely on this staple food item for daily nutrition. Additionally, high production costs and restricted availability from local producers have also contributed to pushing up the price in recent years.

As result, Pakistani consumers are facing a difficult landscape when shopping for flour as they must be vigilant about pricing and selecting a good quality product for their needs.

1KG Flour Atta Rate in Pakistan Today

NameMinimum PriceMaximum Price
1 KG Flour (Atta)Rs. 160Rs. 200

1 KG Atta Price in All Major Cities of Pakistan

The price of 1 KG Atta in all major cities of Pakistan starting from Rs. 160 to Rs. 200. The variation in the prices between different cities is due to the difference in transportation costs, as well as other factors like taxes and government regulations. For instance, atta prices are higher in big cities like Karachi and Lahore due to the higher taxes imposed by the government. Similarly, atta prices are low in cities like Peshawar and Quetta as they are exempt from these taxes. The cost of transportation also affects atta prices significantly; cities which are geographically close to major production centers will have lower prices for 1 KG Atta compared to those that are farther away. In addition, the quality of atta also affects its price; higher-grade atta will cost more than low-grade atta.

Name of CityFlour (Atta) 1kg Price
MultanRs. 160 to 200
KarachiRs. 160 to 200
HyderabadRs. 160 to 200
LahoreRs. 160 to 200
PeshawarRs. 160 to 200
FaisalabadRs. 160 to 200
Sahiwal / ChichawatniRs. 160 to 200
LarkanaRs. 150 to 200
SukkurRs. 150 to 200
BahawalpurRs. 150 to 200
Rahim Yar KhanRs. 150 to 200
MuzaffargarhRs. 150 to 200
Dera Ghazi KhanRs. 150 to 200
Taunsa SharifRs. 150 to 200
GujranwalaRs. 150 to 200
RawalpindiRs. 160 to 200
SargodhaRs. 150 to 200
TalagangRs. 150 to 200
MardanRs. 150 to 200
AttockRs. 150 to 200
SangharRs. 150 to 200
KhanewalRs. 150 to 200
OkaraRs. 150 to 200
ShikarpurRs. 160 to 200

Overall, 1 KG Atta prices in Pakistan range from Rs. 160 to Rs. 200 depending on a variety of factors such as location, transportation costs, and quality of the flour being purchased. It is important to note that these prices can vary from time to time due to fluctuating market conditions and government policies. Therefore, it is best for consumers to conduct proper research before making any purchase decisions in order to get the best value for their money.

The availability of affordable atta across Pakistan is a testament to the hard work of the many atta producers in the country. Their dedication to providing affordable and high-quality flour allows millions of households to enjoy fresh, nutritious meals every day.

Flour Atta 5KG and 10 KG Price List in Pakistan

Sunridge Super Fine Atta5 KGRs. 760
Sunridge High Fiber Chakki Atta5 KGRs. 795
Sunridge Fortified Chakki Atta10 KGRs. 1020
Sadi Chuki Atta10 KGRs. 1010
Anaaj Yousaf Chakki Atta10 KGRs. 1100
Mughal Fine Atta10 KGRs. 1070
Olnaaj Amanat Wheat Chakki Atta rate10 KGRs. 1150
Mughal Chakki Atta10 KGRs. 1090
Lahore Grains Khaas Chaki Atta10 KGRs. 950
Bake Parlor Super Fine Aatta10 KGRs. 1020
Sunridge White Chakki Atta10 KGRs. 1150
Ashrafi Super Fine Atta10 KGRs. 1080
Bake Parlor Chaki Aatta Rate10 KGRs. 1190
Al Khubz Chakki Atta10 KGRs. 1220
Shandar Super Fine Atta10 KGRs. 1235

Atta Flour is one of the most important ingredients in Pakistani cuisine. It is a staple food, used to make chapatis, naans, parathas, and other dishes like kheer and halwa. Atta flour comes in two sizes 5 kg and 10 kg bags. In this article we will look at the prices of Atta flour in Pakistan for each size.

20 kg Atta Price in Pakistan Today

NameMinimum PriceMaximum Price
20 KG Flour (Atta)Rs. 2000Rs. 2600

The price of 20 kg atta in Pakistan today can range from Rs.2000 to Rs.2600, depending on the region and brand of the product. The quality of the atta also has an effect on the cost. It is important to purchase good quality atta in order to ensure that you get the most out of your money when buying in bulk. Additionally, looking for discounts and offers on atta can be beneficial when it comes to saving money. Shopping around at different retailers can also help save money, as they may offer lower prices than their competitors.

40 Kg Atta Price in Pakistan Today

NameMinimum PriceMaximum Price
40 KG Flour (Atta)Rs. 5000Rs. 7600

The price of 40 kg atta in Pakistan today is between Rs. 5000 to 7600, depending on the variety and brand. This price range can vary significantly depending on factors such as seasonality, regional availability and market conditions. Generally, higher quality atta will be more expensive compared to lower quality varieties. For instance, some brands offer atta made from 100% wheat flour, while others might include a blend of other grains.

50 Kg Atta Price in Pakistan Today

NameMinimum PriceMaximum Price
50 KG Flour (Atta)Rs. 7000Rs. 10,000

The price of 50 Kg Atta in Pakistan has been fluctuating over the past few months. Currently, it is being sold for anywhere between Rs.7000 to 10,000 depending on the variety and brand being sold. The most expensive attas are usually those made from durum wheat or whole wheat, while cheaper varieties may be made from refined wheat and other grains. The price of Atta also depends on the location and quality of the mill where it is made, as well as any transportation or shipping costs that may be involved in getting it to the consumer.

Therefore, consumers should shop around to find the best deal possible. Additionally, some communities have local atta suppliers that may offer more competitive prices than large retailers. Regardless of where you buy your atta, make sure that the quality is good and that it is not overly processed or treated with chemicals. This will ensure that you are getting the best value for your money and that you are making a nutritious choice when selecting this staple food item.


The cost of 1 Kg atta has increased significantly in Pakistan over the past few years, putting a strain on many households. This increase is due to various reasons such as inflation, production costs, rising demand, and other economic factors that are making it increasingly difficult for people to access basic food items. However, there are also measures that can be taken to reduce the price of atta and make these essential commodities available at an affordable rate to everyone.

These include government subsidies, better management of supply chain, availability of credit facility for small farmers and NGOs like the World Food Programme setting up discounted pricing mechanisms. Ultimately, it is up to all stakeholders governments, manufacturers, retailers and consumers to come together and take proactive action in ensuring that basic food items remain accessible at a price that everyone can afford.

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