Chicken Rate Today Rawalpindi 2024

If you’re looking to buy chicken in Rawalpindi, then you’ve come to the right place! Today we’ll be discussing everything related to the current rate of chicken in this particular city. We’ll cover what types of poultry are available, how much each one costs, and any potential savings that might be had by buying from different vendors or during certain times of the month. We’ll also discuss why chicken prices can fluctuate so wildly and offer some tips on finding good quality poultry at an affordable price. So whether you’re a novice cook just getting started with their kitchen adventures or an experienced chef searching for new ideas this post should have something valuable for everyone!

Chicken Price Today in Rawalpindi 2024

Chicken Price Todayin Rawalpindi
Chicken Rate RawalpindiRs. 750 to Rs. 885

The average price of chicken in Rawalpindi today offers a remarkable bargain for shoppers. Estimates suggest the average price of chicken to be between Rs. 545 and Rs. 585, making it one of the most economical foods on the market. Not only is this a great buy for diners who love the taste of fresh poultry, but it also supplies a great source of protein and other nutrients that are essential to any balanced diet.

Rawalpindi Poultry Rates List Today

Poultry ItemRates
Chicken Breast Boneless Per KGRs. 750
Desi Chicken Meat Per KGRs. 1150
Chicken Nick Per KGRs. 90
Chicken Leg With Skin Per KGRs. 335
Chicken Mince Per KGRs. 700
Chicken Without SkinRs. 445
Chicken Drumsticks Per KGRs. 470
Chicken Leg Per KGRs. 450
Chicken Wings Per KGRs. 260

Chicken Rate Today Rawalpindi is an important tool for anyone in the city looking to buy or sell chicken. The rate today provides a real time look at current market prices and trends, helping both buyers and sellers make more informed decisions. With the rise of online marketplaces, many people are now opting to purchase their poultry from these sources, but the Chicken Rate Today Rawalpindi can still be a useful resource for those looking to purchase from traditional brick and mortar stores.

By studying the rate today, you can easily find out which shops in your area have the best prices. Additionally, you can use it to compare rates from different vendors and make sure that you are getting the best value for your money. Knowing the current rate can also help buyers avoid being overcharged and make sure that they are paying a fair price. And if you’re looking to sell chicken, you can use the rate today to ensure that you’re pricing it correctly and maximizing profits.


the chicken rate today in Rawalpindi is quite high. This can be attributed to rising meat demand, decreased supply of chicken and an overall rise in the cost of living. Furthermore, fluctuations in the rupee exchange rate against foreign currencies have further contributed to a higher rate for chicken today compared to last year. Though this may feel like a burden on individuals within Rawalpindi and small businesses who rely on using chicken for their food, there are solutions that can be taken to mitigate this issue.

By buying chicken from local vendors, farmers or even partnering with other communities nearby like Jhelum or Gujrat where costs are lower than Rawalpindi, it could help bring down expenses related to buying large quantities of poultry. Additionally, investing in hydroponic cultivation could also be beneficial since this could decrease prices while ensuring greater access to fresh and organic meat. All in all, these solutions have the potential to create sustainability while combating rising economic issues related to chicken rates today in Rawalpindi.

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