Agri Seeds Price in Pakistan 2024

Are you a Pakistani farmer trying to find the best prices on agri seeds? Look no further here, we explore everything you need to know about buying agri seeds in Pakistan and what to expect when it comes to price. From seasonal variations and regional differences, to understanding seed qualifications and where to buy from, this blog post will provide all essential knowledge you require before taking the next step in your farming journey!

Agri Seeds Price in Pakistan

The agri seeds market in Pakistan offers many opportunities for farmers and investors alike, with prices ranging from a few thousand rupees to millions. Although the most affordable seed may be tempting to buy, it’s important to remember that higher quality seeds produce higher yields, which generally yield a greater return on investment. Furthermore, purchasing the more expensive agri seed will help local farmers directly by increasing their own crop yield since some of their earnings are reinvested into their farms. Investing in good quality seeds ensures better results for everyone involved in the long run.

Agri Seeds Rate List in Pakistan

Saeed Agri TypesWeightRates
Cotton seeds fuzzy1kgRs.700 to 1000
Bottle gourd seeds1kgRs.700 to 900
Onion seeds1kgRs.1000 to 1350
White radish seeds1kgRs.700 to 1200
Okra seeds1kgRs.1300 to 1700
Maiz hybrid20kgRs.30,000 to 33000
Carrot seeds10kgRs.7300 to 78000
Turnip seeds1kgRs.700 to 900
Moong seeds10kgRs.1700 to 1900
Potato seeds50kgRs.4200 to 7700
Sorghum seeds10kgRs.1400 to 1700
Raya seeds5kgRs.1600 to 1800
Canola seeds5kgRs.1700 to 1600
Paddy seeds5kgRs.7200 to 9500
Barseem seeds5kgRs.2900 to 3300
Gram seeds30kgRs.7000 to 7500
Wheat seeds50kgRs.56000 to 58000

The price of agricultural seeds in Pakistan has been fluctuating drastically. Varieties of seed prices range from Rs. 700 to an astonishing Rs.58000. While some argue that this indicates a lack of control in the agricultural sector, others posit that the higher prices are due to better quality seeds with improved yield and durability. The debate and discussions regarding seed prices remain ongoing as farmers continue to search for economical alternatives while preserving their livelihoods. The future of Pakistan’s agriculture industry is dependent on how soon the government can find a solution for increasing crop yields at affordable prices for all farmers, regardless of their financial standing.

Best Seed Suppliers in Pakistan

Pakistan is a prime agricultural nation, and its seed suppliers are some of the most sought after in the world. The high quality seeds supplied by these companies provide farmers with an affordable yet reliable source of agricultural products. Here is a list of the top best seed suppliers in Pakistan that you should consider for your next crop or garden project:

  • NTL Seed Company
  • Madina Seeds Company
  • Sialkot Seeds Store
  • Siddique Seeds Corporation
  • Bismillah Group of Companies
  • Pioneer Pakistan Seeds Pvt Limited
  • Rasheed Seeds
  • Star Seeds Company
  • Agrimax Seeds & Sciences
  • Hajisons Seeds Suppliers
  • Bari Seeds
  • Sky Seeds
  • Kartarpur Seeds
  • Rachna Agri Traders
  • Al-Barkat Seed Store
  • Sunny View Seed Store
  • Bio Gold Seeds Company
  • Shah G Agri Traders
  • City Seed
  • Madina Seeds Company
  • Sh. Jugnoo Seeds merchant

NTL Seed Company is one of the top seed suppliers in Pakistan. It offers a wide range of high-quality seeds for both commercial and domestic purposes. Their seeds are supplied from national and international sources, making sure that only the best quality is provided to their customers. They also provide an updated list of new crop varieties so that farmers can choose the right seed for their production.

Madina Seeds Company is another popular seed supplier in Pakistan, offering a wide range of seeds such as corn, wheat, cotton, and other vegetables and fruits. Their quality assurance team ensures that all the seeds they provide meet industry standards and are of top-notch quality. They also offer customized solutions to their clients to meet their specific needs.

Sialkot Seeds Store is a leader in the seed market in Pakistan, providing some of the best quality seeds for both horticultural and agricultural production. They offer a wide range of hybrid and non-hybrid varieties, with special attention given to food safety. They also provide technical advice to ensure that their customers get the best yield from the seeds they supply.

Siddique Seeds Corporation is one of the leading seed suppliers in Pakistan, providing a wide range of seeds for both agricultural and horticultural purposes. Their team focuses on research and development to ensure that they provide only the best quality of seeds to their customers. They also provide guidance to their clients on how to use the best methods for successful cultivation.

Bismillah Group of Companies is a renowned name in the seed supplying industry in Pakistan. Established over two decades ago, it has been providing high quality seeds to farmers and agricultural professionals across the country. It offers some of the best crop varieties such as wheat, maize, cotton, canola, rice and forage crops. Bismillah seeds are known for their superior quality, germination capacity and disease resistance.

Pioneer Pakistan Seeds Pvt Limited is an established seed supplier in Pakistan, providing a wide range of premium quality seeds for agricultural purposes. They offer both local and imported varieties of vegetable, flower and herb seeds suitable for cultivation in different parts of the country. The company also conducts seminars and workshops to educate farmers on modern techniques of seed selection, storage, and cultivation.

Rasheed Seeds is a reputable seed supplier based in Punjab province. They specialize in supplying hybrid seeds of top-quality vegetables and grains to domestic farmers. Their range of products includes maize, cotton, wheat, rice, potato, tomato, onion and many other varieties of crops.

Star Seeds Company is one of the top seed suppliers in Pakistan. Established in 2009, the company has become widely known for its quality seeds that are sourced from trusted sources and then tested for purity and germination rate before being sent to customers. They offer a wide range of hybrid and open-pollinated varieties including maize, wheat, rice, millet, sorghum and more. Customers can also buy non-hybrid varieties to save money while reaping higher yields. The team at Star Seeds Company is highly experienced in seed selection and provides consultations on choosing the right variety for specific crop conditions.

Agrimax Seeds & Sciences is one of the top best seed suppliers in Pakistan. They are renowned for providing premium quality seeds, especially hybrid seeds that are known to be high-yielding and disease-resistant. Not only do they offer a wide variety of vegetable and flower seeds but also supply certain cereal crops like wheat, maize, barley etc. They offer a wide range of seed packs that can be tailored to fit each customer’s individual needs and requirements.

Hajisons Seeds Suppliers is another renowned seed supplier in Pakistan. Their main focus lies on providing quality flower, vegetable, and other crop seeds for commercial farmers at reasonable prices. They have a wide selection of hybrid and open-pollinated seeds that can meet the needs of any farmer. They also provide technical advice to make sure their customers get the best out of their products.

Bari Seeds is one of the top best seed suppliers in Pakistan. They have been in the business of providing quality seeds for over three decades, and their expertise lies in hybrid vegetable and flower seeds. Their product range includes different varieties of tomato, eggplant, chilli, melon, cucumber, okra, gourd and squash. They also have a selection of flowers like roses, marigolds, gerberas, zinnia and petunias. Bari Seeds is renowned for its high quality products and excellent customer service.

Sky Seeds is another leading seed supplier in Pakistan that offers a wide range of hybrid vegetable and flower seeds. Their product range includes different varieties of tomato, sweet pepper, onion, cucumber, okra, cauliflower and spinach. They also have a selection of ornamental flowers like gerbera, zinnia and petunia. Sky Seeds is known for its quality products as well as for its knowledgeable and helpful customer service team.

Kartarpur Seeds is one of the top best seed suppliers in Pakistan. They are renowned for their high-quality seeds, which have helped them build a strong presence in the agribusiness sector. Their long list of satisfied customers stands as proof to their unmatched service and quality products. Apart from selling seeds, they also provide guidance on seed selection, sowing and maintenance.

Rachna Agri Traders is one of the top best seed suppliers in Pakistan. They specialize in high quality agricultural seeds and offer a wide range of varieties to meet the needs of farmers, such as maize, cotton, wheat, sorghum, rice, pulses and vegetable seeds. Furthermore, they are one stop shop for all your agri-input needs. Their products are also known for their superior germination rate and agronomic potential.

Al-Barkat Seed Store is one of the top seed suppliers in Pakistan. It offers a huge range of quality certified seeds, ranging from vegetables to flowers and herbs. They provide high-yielding varieties at affordable prices, ensuring customer satisfaction. Al-Barkat also provides excellent delivery services, making it one of the most reliable suppliers in the industry.

Sunny View Seed Store is another top seed supplier in Pakistan. It offers a wide array of seeds such as vegetables, flowers, herbs, and even grasses and shrubs. Their experts help customers find the perfect seed for their needs, ensuring customer satisfaction every time. Sunny View also offers a variety of delivery options and discounts on bulk orders, making it a great choice for all your seed needs.


After taking a detailed look at the prices of agri seeds in Pakistan, it is clear that there are many factors at play that can affect the cost. From government policies to changing market conditions and global trends, the prices of agri seeds in Pakistan can move dramatically from year to year. Despite this volatility, what remains clear is that there are options available for those seeking to buy quality agri seeds at a reasonable price. With careful research and analysis, buyers can purchase the best quality agri seeds from the most trusted suppliers, ensuring the best possible value for their money. As we enter 2024, stay up to date on these shifts in prices and make sure you’re getting what you want for your money when making seed purchases this coming year.

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