Frozen Paratha Price in Pakistan 2024

Parathas are a popular dish for Pakistanis, so it’s no wonder that the price of Frozen Paratha has garnered much attention in recent years. As food prices continue to rise, more and more people across Pakistan have been asking an important question what is the current cost of frozen paratha in 2024? In this blog post we explore some speculative trends in pricing frozen parathas over the past few years, as well as considerations that could affect their potential cost moving forward into 2024. Read on to learn how you can ensure easy access to affordable tasty parathas this year!

Frozen Paratha Price in Pakistan

Pakistanis have fallen in love with frozen parathas! Once upon a time, they were only available at special bakeries, but now frozen paratha packs can be bought in most stores or supermarkets across the country. The price of these delicious treats range from Rs. 180 to a maximum of Rs. 2000 per pack, allowing everyone to enjoy their flavor no matter their budget. With convenient packaging, various flavors and easy preparation instructions making parathas has never been simpler or quicker! Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner options, frozen parathas remain a favorite among many Pakistani households.

Simply Sufi Paratha Price in Pakistan

Simply Sufi ParathaPrice in Pakistan
Simply Sufi Potato Paratha 360gRs.270
Simply Sufi Chicken Paratha 330gRs.420
Simply Sufi Plain Paratha 400gRs.245
Simply Sufi Plain Paratha 1600gRs.940

The popular Simply Sufi Paratha brand has recently launched their products in Pakistan. Known for their delicious, freshly-made parathas, this new option will become a hit with households all over the country. Whether you are in the mood for eating a snack or hosting a party, this delicious paratha won’t break your budget prices range from Rs. 270 to 1000 per pack depending on the size! With so many flavors to choose from and sizeable packs available, Simply Sufi is an excellent choice for those wanting to enjoy delectable parathas with friends and family.

Mojizah Paratha Prices in Pakistan

Mojizah ParathaPrices in Pakistan
Mojizah Laziz Paratha, 5 PiecesRs.150
Mojizah Chicken Tikka Paratha, 4 PiecesRs.380
Mojizah Aloo Bhara Paratha, 5 PiecesRs.200
Mojizah Phulka Chapati, 18 PiecesRs.315

Dawn Paratha Price in Pakistan

Dawn ParathaPrice in Pakistan
Dawn Lachha Paratha 4 PiecesRs. 215
Dawn Paratha Plain 5PCSRs. 215
Dawn Paratha Plain 20PCSRs.820
Dawn Plain Paratha Jumbo Pack 30 PCSRs.1170
Dawn Whole Wheat Paratha 5PCSRs. 230
Dawn Whole Wheat Chappati 10PcsRs. 280
Dawn Tandoori Naan 5PCSRs. 250
Dawn Aalo Paratha 3PCSRs. 240

Dawn Parathas are a delicious Pakistani delicacy that can be found in many grocery stores around the country. These mouth-watering parathas come in a range of sizes, flavors, and prices with something to suit everyone. From Rs. 270 to Rs. 1400 per pack, their affordability makes them an ideal snack or meal accompaniment for any budget. Whether you’re looking for a simple snack to enjoy between meals or an indulgent treat, Dawn Parathas offer the perfect solution. With a multitude of choices available, there’s sure to be something that will delight all palates not to mention wallets!

Sabroso Paratha Price in Pakistan

Sabroso Paratha is a delicious and flavorful Pakistani flatbread served at many different vendors. It is made of wheat flour and comes in four different sizes ranging from 210 to 1200 per pack. The paratha is prepared with aromatic spices, creating an addictive flavor that makes it an ideal choice for many people’s breakfast or brunch menus. Not only does it taste fantastic, but the price point makes it affordable for customers who want to enjoy a delicious snack without breaking their budget. I highly recommend giving Sabroso Paratha a try if you are ever looking for a quick yet tasty meal option in Pakistan!

Sabroso ParathaPrice in Pakistan
Sabroso Plain Paratha 5 pieces (400gm)Rs.210
Sabroso Plain Paratha 30 pieces (2400gm)Rs.1165
Sabroso Plain Paratha 20 pieces (1600gm)Rs.745
Sabroso Whole Wheat Paratha 5 pieces (400gm)Rs.225
Sabroso Whole Wheat Paratha 20 pieces (1600gm)Rs.860
Sabroso Whole Wheat Paratha 30 pieces (2400gm)Rs.1225

Menu Paratha Prices in Pakistan

Eating out or enjoying food at home has been an important part of life in Pakistan, and the array of dishes available across the country is a testament to the culinary creativity of its people. Parathas are some of the most popular dishes around comprised of a delicious flatbread stuffed with various ingredients and spices and can be enjoyed alone or with accompaniments like chutneys. Fortunately, one doesn’t have to break the bank to enjoy parathas in Pakistan prices range from Rs. 215 per pack to 1200, allowing everyone from families on a budget to special occasions to sample these delightful creations.

Menu Paratha Price in Pakistabn
Menu Plain Paratha 5PCSRs. 215
Menu Chicken Paratha 4PCSRs. 410
Menu Plain Paratha 20PCSRs. 820
Menu Plain Paratha 30PCSRs. 1,170
Menu Whole Wheat Paratha 30PCSRs. 1,235

Mon Salwa Paratha Price in Pakistan

Mon Salwa ParathaPrice in Pakistan
Mon Salwa Lachaydar Paratha 5 Pcs (300g) Rs 180
Mon Salwa Lachaydar Paratha 20Pcs (1200g) Rs 650
Mon Salwa Plain Paratha 5Pcs (400g) Rs 220
Mon Salwa Plain Paratha 20Pcs (1600g) Rs 810
Mon Salwa Plain Paratha 30Pcs (2400g) Rs 1160
Mon Salwa Whole Wheat Paratha 20 PcsRs 840
Mon Salwa PuriRs 250
Mon Salwa Whole Wheat ChapatiRs 420

Mon Salwa Parathan are delicious parathas without equal, and their price in Pakistan is unparalleled as well. With prices ranging from Rs. 180 to Rs. 1100 per pack, depending on the size of the pack and type chosen, these parathas offer superior value for money no matter the budget. Making them an excellent choice for your meal time needs, Mon Salwa Parathas are undoubtedly a must-have item in Pakistani households.

Khatir Tawaza Paratha Price in Pakistan

Khatir Tawaza ParathaPrice in Pakistan
Khatir Tawaza Plain Paratha, 20 Pieces, Family PackRs. 900
Khatir Tawaza Plain Paratha, 5 Pcs Rs 180
Khatir Tawaza Lachaydar Paratha PackRs 638

Doughstory Paratha Prices in Pakistan

Doughstory ParathaPrice in Pakistan
Doughstory LACHHA Paratha 4 piecesRs. 245
Doughstory Aloo Paratha 3 PiecesRs. 255
Doughstory Meetha Paratha 5 piecesRs. 265
Doughstory Spring Onion ParathaRs. 355
Doughstory Classic Paratha 5 piecesRs. 170
Doughstory Chicken ParathaRs. 420

Bake Parlor Paratha Price in Pakistan

Bake Parlor ParathaPrice in Pakistan
Bake Parlor Plain Paratha Family Pack 20 PcsRs 730
Bake Parlor Plain Paratha 5PcsRs. 180
Bake Parlor Aloo Paratha 3 PcsRs 190
Bake Parlor Onion Paratha 5PcsRs.250
Bake Parlor Whole Wheat Paratha 5PcsRs 190
Bake Parlor Tandori Nan 5PcsRs 190

Nicom’s Paratha Price in Pakistan

Nicom’s ParathaPrice in Pakistan
Nicom’s Plain Paratha 5PcsRs.260
Nicom’s Lachaydar Paratha 5PcsRs.260
Nicom’s Potato Paratha 3 PcsRs.270
Nicom’s Onion Paratha 3 PcsN/A
Nicom’s Vegetable ParathaN/A
Nicom’s Hara Bhara ParathaN/A
Nicom’s Puri 12 PcsRs.360
Nicom’s Sheermaal 3 PcsRs.360
Nicom’s Chapati 5PcsRs.210

The price of frozen paratha varies from place to place, but on average, it costs around Rs.250 to Rs.1200 per piece in Pakistan. The price can go up depending on the variety and quality of paratha being purchased. For instance, some vendors sell frozen parathas with cheese fillings or stuffed vegetables which tend to be more expensive than plain ones.

Frozen parathas are also available in packs of 10 or more pieces, which can cost around Rs.200 to Rs.250 depending on the quality and quantity.

Frozen parathas are a great way to enjoy the traditional Pakistani cuisine without spending too much time or effort on preparation. They are quick and easy to make, so you can have your favorite parathas with minimal effort. With the right ingredients, you can make delicious and flavorful parathas that will delight your taste buds and satisfy your hunger. So if you’re looking for an easy yet tasty meal, frozen parathas are definitely worth giving a try!

Overall, frozen paratha is quite affordable in Pakistan and is a great option for those on a budget looking for a delicious and traditional meal. With its convenient packaging and easy preparation, frozen parathas are the perfect addition to any Pakistani household. So why not give them a try?

Final Words:

In conclusion, the frozen paratha price in Pakistan offers great value for money. This can be seen from the variety of options available and their affordability compared to other similar products. From the popular and well-known brands, to smaller local companies there is something for everyone at a range of prices. With this knowledge, you can make an informed decision about which frozen parathas are best for you and your family. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy this delicious dish even when making a tight budget.

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