Walls Ice Cream Price in Pakistan 2024

Walls Ice Cream is one of the most popular brands of ice cream in Pakistan. Its delightful and unique flavors have been tantalizing Pakistani taste buds for decades now, and it’s no surprise that Walls Ice Cream has become an institution in the country. But what kind of financial commitment does buying this delicious treat require? Let’s take a look at Wall’s Ice Cream prices in Pakistan and some information on how they are determined. Whether you’re curious about summer treats or just want to indulge your sweet tooth, reading through this blog post will be sure to give you a better appreciation for Walls’ unique place in the hearts and wallets of many people!

Walls Ice Cream Price in Pakistan

Walls, the iconic ice cream brand, is a treat no Pakistan can resist. Now that ice creams are available at every other corner store, it can be tricky to find the right price when it comes to Walls ice cream. Luckily, Pakistanis have access to a wide price range for this delicious snack, ranging from Rs.90 up to Rs.2000. No matter your budget or craving, there’s an option for everyone and ensuring the day ends with a satisfying dessert!

Walls Cornetto Price in Pakistan 2024

Cornetto Ice Cream NamePrice
Cornetto Brownie DiscRs. 100
Cornetto Double Chocolate Pack Of 4 PcsRs. 160
Cornetto ClassicRs. 90
Walls Cornetto Ice Cream MenuPrices
Cornetto Strawberry SingleRs. 85
Cornetto Classico Single 120 mlRs. 69
Walls Cornetto Flirty Berry Ice CreamRs. 95
Walls Cornetto Double ChocolateRs. 100
Walls Cornetto HazelnutRs. 100
Walls Cornetto Flirty BerryRs. 100
Walls Cornetto Disk Cookies & CreamRs. 120
Walls Cornetto ClassicoRs. 100
Walls Cornetto Cookies & Cream Ice Cream ConeRs. 1800
Walls Cornetto Ice Cream Flirty BerryRs. 90
Cornetto Soft Strawberry 4MPRs. 754
Cornetto Soft Cookie & Chocolate 4MP 140 mlRs. 553
Cornetto Strawberry 6MP 540 mlRs. 502
Cornetto Mint Single 120 mlRs. 351
Cornetto Mint 6MP 540 mlRs. 502
Walls Cornetto Tips 5MP 80 gRs. 754
Cornetto Miniature Chocolate & Vanilla 10MP
Rs. 754
Cornetto Classico 6 MP 540 mlRs. 502
Cornetto Made with Soy and Gluten-Free 4MP 360 mlRs. 603
Cornetto Miniature Chocolate & Vanilla 10MP
280 ml
Rs. 7545
Walls Cornetto Hazelnut Ice Cream ConeRs. 1,199 to1,800

The classic Walls cornetto ice cream is a fan favorite all over Pakistan, with its delicious combination of vanilla and chocolate. In 2024, the price points for Walls Cornetto are expected to remain relatively affordable and accessible to the everyday consumer. The Cornetto Brownie Disc will start at Rs. 100; the Cornetto Double Chocolate Pack Of 4 Pcs will come in at Rs 160 and finally, a single serving of the Classic Cornetto can be purchased at Rs. 90. Whether you like classic or something more indulgent, Walls has something to satisfy every taste bud!

Walls Feast Ice Cream Price in Pakistan 2024

Feast Ice Cream NamePrice
Magnum Bites Classic Almond White (140 ml)Rs. 980
Calippo Mini Orange & Lemon-Lime (480 ml)Rs. 580
Feast Single (90 ml)Rs. 640
Feast 4MP (320 ml)Rs. 639
Calippo Cola 5MPRs. 500

Walls Feast Ice Cream is an exciting new addition to the dessert and snack landscape in Pakistan. Known for their unique flavours, creamy texture and convenient single serve sizes, these delicious treats are sure to delight your taste buds! Prices for these ice creams in 2024 are extremely affordable; with a range of classic flavours including Magnum Bites Classic Almond White, Calippo Mini Orange & Lemon Lime, Feast Single and Feast 4MP all priced between Rs. 500 and Rs. 980 there’s sure to be something for everyone! Whether it’s an after dinner delight or a family treat you’re hunting down, Walls Feast Ice Cream should definitely be your go to this summer!

Walls Ice Cream Tub Price in Pakistan 2024

Tub Ice Cream NamePrice
Vanilla ChocolateRs. 340
Almond CrunchRs. 340

Walls Cup Ice Cream Prices in Pakistan 2024

Cup Ice Cream NameWeightPrice
Mango60 mlRs. 90
Vanilla60 mlRs. 90
Strawberry60 mlRs. 90
Chocolate60 mlRs. 90
Pista60 mlRs. 90

In 2024, the price of Walls Ice Cream Cups in Pakistan is estimated to be between Rs. 90 to 100. Not only will this make ice cream accessible for more people, but it will also boost the local economy by providing a source of reliable income for many vendors across the country. This gives consumers more options when it comes to frozen treats and creates an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs as well. It’s clear that with this price point, Walls Ice Cream Cup can make a real impact within Pakistan.

Walls Half Liter Bar Ice Cream Price in Pakistan 2024

Flavor Name Price
Chaunsa Mango Ice CreamRs. 220
Majestic King Kulfa Ice CreamRs. 220
Charming Chocolate Ice CreamRs. 220
Vanilla Ice CreamRs. 220
Strawberry Ice CreamRs. 220

Walls 1 Liter Ice Cream Price in Pakistan 2024

Ice Cream Menu Flavor Name Price
PistaRs. 385
VanillaRs. 350
Tutti FruityRs. 350
StrawberryRs. 350
King KulfaRs. 350
MangoRs. 350
Caramel VanillaRs. 350
ChocolateRs. 350

Walls ice cream will be available in Pakistan in a 1 liter package at an affordable price ranging from Rs. 385 to Rs. 390. Consumers can now obtain Walls’ signature flavors like mango delight, choco-peanut candy, and strawberry crunch all made with delicious and high quality ingredients – for a price that won’t break the bank. With the increasing cost of other commodities, this is the perfect opportunity for people to treat themselves and their family to a cool summertime snack without feeling guilty about spending too much. Enjoy some delicious Wall’s treats this summer!

Walls 10 Liter Ice Cream Price in Pakistan 2024

9.4 Ltr Ice Cream NamePrice
ChocolateRs. 2000
StrawberryRs. 2000
White VanillaRs. 2000
Kulfa EconomyRs. 1600
King KulfaRs. 2000

Walls Ice Cream is a delicious and creamy treat loved by many Pakistani families. The 10-liter pail of ice cream from Walls comes at an unbelievably affordable price of between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 2200 in Pakistan during 2024, which makes it an incredibly economical confectionary delight. With Walls’ range of flavors, including Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Creamy Vanilla, Strawberry Cheesecake and Cookies & Cream, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for an after dinner snack or just a quick treat on a hot day, the 10 Liter pail of Walls Ice Cream has got you covered!

Walls Family Pack Ice Cream Price in Pakistan 2024

4.5 Ltr Ice Cream NamePrice
MangoRs. 1200
PistaRs. 1200
Caramel CrunchRs. 1150

Walls Ice Cream Family Pack may just be the best thing to come out of 2024! The price range is incredibly budget-friendly, from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1600 enabling families in Pakistan to enjoy delicious ice cream and have a great time! And with this variety of flavors, choosing just one might be a challenge for everyone in the family. But no matter what flavor you choose, Walls promises creamy and delightful indulgence that you won’t regret.

Walls Ice Cream is a popular ice cream brand in Pakistan, with over many outlets across the country. Its product range includes classic favorites like strawberry and mango flavors as well as more exotic choices such as saffron and nutmeg-flavored ice cream. Walls also offers regular seasonal flavors, so customers can enjoy new tastes throughout the year.

The company also produces a range of frozen desserts, such as ice cream cakes and popsicles. Walls Ice Cream is committed to using only high-quality ingredients in its products, so customers can be sure that they are getting the best possible taste experience every time they indulge. For many years now, Walls has been delighting customers all over Pakistan with its delicious treats, and it looks set to continue doing so for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a quick summer treat, or something more indulgent, Walls is sure to have something that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Try it today!

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