Utility Store Price List 2024

The Utility Store Price List for 2024 in Pakistan reflects the government’s effort to provide basic necessities at subsidized rates, offering relief to the lower and middle-income segments of the population. Noteworthy items on the list include staples such as wheat flour, sugar, and cooking oil, which have seen minimal price adjustments to ensure affordability. Additionally, the list encompasses a range of hygiene products, dairy items, and pulses, all priced with the objective of maintaining a balance between quality and cost-efficiency for the consumers. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to combat inflation and the cost of living crisis, making essential goods more accessible to the average citizen.

Utility Store Price List 2024 March

ItemsWeightRelief Rate
Wheat Flour20 KgRs. 2250
Cooking Oil1 LiterRs. 680
Supreme Tea pack170 gramRs.275
Sugar1 KgRs. 95
Ghee1 KgRs.300 to
Rs. 560
White Gram1 KgRs. 325
Besan1 KgRs. 240 to 290
Washed Dal Mong1 KgRs. 240
Dal Masoor1 KgRs. 279
Dates1 KgRs. 750 to 800
Squashes and Syrups800 mlRs. 290
Squashes and Syrups1500 mlRs. 537
Milk1 literRs. 220
Tea950 GmRs. 1342
Black Tea950 GmRs. 1242
Basmati Rice1 KgRs. 265
Tota Rice1KgRs. 200
Rice Sella1KgRs. 235
Washed Dal Mong1 KgRs. 290
Dal Channa1 KgRs. 255 to 380
Atta (Wheat Flour)WeightPrices
Wheat Flour20 KgRs. 2850

Ghee & Cooking Oil Rate List

Ghee & Cooking Oil Brand NameExisting USC Sale PriceRevised USC Sale Price
Shama Ghee 1 KgRs. 505.00Rs. 482.00
Shama Cooking Oil 1 Ltr PouchRs. 498.00Rs. 485.00
Maan Cooking Oil 1 Ltr(RMOL)(15)Rs. 505.00Rs. 470.00
Maan Cooking Oil 10 Ltr Jerry Can(RMOL) (15)Rs. 5,480.00Rs. 5,375.00
Maan Cooking Oil 3 Ltr Btl(RMOL)(15)Rs. 1,610.00Rs. 1,545.00
Maan Cooking Oil 5 Ltr Pet(RMOL)(15)Rs. 2,650.00Rs. 2,575.00
Maan Banaspati 2.5 Kg Tin (15)(PG)Rs. 1,355.00Rs. 1,260.00
Maan Banaspati 5 Kg Tin (15)(PG)Rs. 2,635.00Rs. 2,558.00
Maan Banaspati 5 Kg Bkt (15)(PG)Rs. 2,645.00Rs. 2,500.00
Maan Banaspati 10 Kg Bkt (15)(PG)Rs. 5,250.00Rs. 5,000.00
Eva Canola Oil 1 Ltr Stand Up Pouch(RMOL)(15)Rs. 585.00Rs. 565.00
Eva Canola Oil 10 Ltr Jery Can(RMOL)(15)Rs. 5,770.00Rs. 5,555.00
Eva Canola Oil 3 Ltr Btl(RMOL)(15)Rs. 1,775.00Rs. 1,720.00
Eva Cooking Oil 1Ltr Pillow(RMOL)(15)Rs. 576.00Rs. 545.00
Eva Cooking Oil 1 Ltr Stand up Pouch(RMOL)(15)Rs. 580.00Rs. 555.00
Eva Cooking Oil 5 Ltr Btl(RMOL)(15)Rs. 2,960.00Rs. 2,810.00
Eva Cooking Oil 3 Ltr Btl(RMOL) (15)Rs. 1,745.00Rs. 1,687.00
Eva Sunflower Oil 1 Ltr Pillow Pouch(RMOL)(15)Rs. 580.00Rs. 550.00
Eva Vegetable Banaspati 1Kg (15)(PG)Rs. 535.00Rs. 499.00
Eva Vegetable Banaspati 5 KgTin(PG)Rs. 2,690.00Rs. 2,632.00

Dalda Rate List On Utility Store

S#Product NamePrevious USC Sale PriceRevised USC Sale PriceDifference
M/S Dalda Foods
1Dalda (Fortified) Cooking oil 1 Ltr Pouch523.00508.00(15.00)
2Dalda Cooking Oil 5 Ltr Tin2645.002565.00(80.00)
3Dalda Cooking Oil 2.5 Ltr Tin1343.001300.00(43.00)
4Dalda Canola Oil 10 Ltr jerry can5250.005100.00(150.00)
5Dalda Cooking Oil 4.5 Ltr Btl2435.002360.00(75.00)
6Dalda Cooking Oil 3 Ltr botle1623.001573.00(50.00)
7Dalda Fortified Cooking Oil 1 Ltr Stand Up Pouch534.00518.00(16.00)
M/S Punjab Oil Mills
8Naturelle Banaspati 5 Kg Tin(1A)(PG)2,505.002,450.00(55.00)
9Naturelle Banaspati 1 Kg Pouch(1A)(PG)495.00483.00(12.00)
10Naturelle Cooking Oil 1 Ltr Btl(RMOL)(1A)568.00550.00(18.00)
11Naturelle Cooking Oil 3 Ltr Btl(RMOL)(1A)1,670.001,610.00(60.00)
12Naturelle Cooking Oil 4.5 Ltr Btl(1A)2,495.002,410.00(85.00)
13Naturelle Cooking Oil 1×5 Ltr Pouch(RMOL) (1A)538.00520.00(18.00)
14Canolive Premium C/ Oil 3 Ltr Btl(RMOL)(1A)1,830.001,800.00(30.00)
15Canolive Premium C/ Oil 1 Ltr Btl(RMOL)(1A)619.00610.00(9.00)
16Canolive Premium C/ Oil 1 X 5 Ltr Pp Ctn(RMOL)(1A)580.00570.00(10.00)
17Canolive C/ Oil 1X5 Ltr Nozzle Pack(RMOL) (1A)599.00590.00(9.00)
18Canolive Cooking Oil 4.5 Ltr Btl2,750.002,700.00(50.00)
19Canolive Premium C/ Oil 10 Ltr Can(RMOL) (1A)5,940.005,850.00(90.00)

History Of Utility Stores Corporation

In the heart of Pakistan, there exists a network of stores that has been silently, yet significantly, serving the community for over half a century. The Utility Stores Corporation, a beacon established in 1971, vowed to deliver clean, graded, and hygienic products to the people of Pakistan at prices subsidized by the government. But it doesn’t stop there. With over 15 million customers and more than 4000 store outlets nationwide, it’s more than a corporation; it’s a lifeline for millions who rely on its services daily.

The Pulse of Pakistani Diets

Pulses form the heart of Pakistani cuisine and are the primary source of protein for many. Understanding the pivotal role of pulses in the daily diet, the Utility Stores Corporation goes the extra mile to ensure the highest-quality pulse products at prices accessible to all. With a meticulous procurement process, these stores offer lentils, beans, and chickpeas – essential for nutrition – enhancing public health one household at a time.

Sustenance For the Masses – Quality Oils and Ghee

In Pakistani kitchens, ghee and oils are non-negotiable. This rich tradition finds support in every Utility Store, where you can find a selection of oils and ghee that meet stringent quality standards. From the process of production to the final product on the shelves, the emphasis remains on hygiene and affordability, making sure the heartbeat of Pakistani gastronomy remains strong.

A Grain Above the Rest – Quality Rice at Affordable Prices

Rice forms a significant part of the Pakistani food pyramid, and the Utility Store’s role is critical in ensuring every grain is of the highest standard. By offering rice at prices lower than the open market, these stores provide immense relief to households, regardless of economic status, by making this staple more accessible.

The Spice of Life – Flavors at Your Fingertips

Pakistani cuisine is incomplete without the rich aroma and flavor that spices bring. Utility Stores understand that and have created a haven for a vast selection of quality spices. By ensuring that these key ingredients are available at a cost that won’t pinch the pocket, millions can indulge in a myriad of flavors without the added financial burden.

The next time you walk down the aisles of a Utility Store, remember that you’re not just shopping for your family’s sustenance; you’re contributing to a system that cherishes the essence of community, affordability, and quality. Because for the people of Pakistan, shopping isn’t just about getting by it’s about upholding the richness of tradition, ensuring the health of families, and fostering unity through the shared experience of a good meal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Utility Store Price List for 2024?

The Utility Store Price List for 2024 includes essential items like wheat flour, sugar, cooking oil, and a variety of pulses. It aims to provide these at subsidized rates to support the lower and middle-income segments in Pakistan.

How does the price list help combat inflation?

By offering essential goods at reduced rates, the Utility Store Price List for 2024 plays a critical role in combating inflation and the cost of living crisis, making basic necessities more accessible to the average citizen.

Are there any price adjustments in staple items?

Staple items such as wheat flour, sugar, and cooking oil have seen minimal price adjustments to ensure affordability for all income segments.

What range of products does the List cover?

Besides staple food items, the List covers hygiene products, dairy items, pulses, and much more, all priced to balance quality and cost-efficiency for the consumers.

Why was the Utility Stores Corporation established?

Founded in 1971, the Utility Stores Corporation was established to deliver clean, graded, and hygienic products to the Pakistani populace at prices subsidized by the government, ensuring the provision of affordable essential items.

What is the significance of pulses in the Utility Store offerings?

Recognizing pulses as a primary protein source in Pakistani diets, the Utility Stores Corporation ensures the availability of high-quality pulses at accessible prices, promoting public health.

How do Utility Stores ensure the quality of oils and ghee?

By strictly adhering to hygiene and quality standards from production to shelf, Utility Stores ensure that oils and ghee, essential in Pakistani cuisines, are both high in quality and affordable.

How do Utility Stores support rice affordability?

By offering rice at prices lower than the open market, Utility Stores facilitate easier access to this staple food item, aiding households across economic statuses.

Do Utility Stores offer spices?

Yes, Utility Stores offer a wide selection of quality spices, making them available at costs that are affordable for everyone, thereby supporting the rich culinary traditions of Pakistani cuisine.


The Utility Store Price List for 2024 stands as a testament to the Pakistani government’s commitment to support its citizens in times of economic stress. By maintaining minimal price adjustments on staple foods and including a wide array of essential products, the initiative not only addresses the immediate needs of the lower and middle-income populations but also takes a significant step towards mitigating the impacts of inflation and rising living costs.

This well-rounded approach, encapsulating everything from staple foods to hygiene products, underscores a broader strategy aimed at ensuring the wellbeing of every Pakistani household, thereby reinforcing the government’s dedication to social welfare and economic stability. Through such measures, the Utility Stores Corporation continues to uphold its vital role in the community, offering a beacon of hope and support to millions across the nation.

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