Super Kainat Rice Price in Pakistan Today 2024

Are you looking to buy high-quality Super Kainat Rice? Do you want to make sure that the price is right? Have no fear this blog post has got all the details and tips on finding the best deals available in Pakistan. From where to get it, what price to expect, storage advice, and more we’ll help ensure that you pay a fair price for your Kainat Rice so that you can enjoy a great product!

Super Kainat Rice 1KG Price in Pakistan

Super Kainat Rice is a popular name in Pakistan when it comes to rice. It combines flavor and quality in a way that no other brand can match and that’s why it’s been one of the top choices for home cooks and restaurant chefs alike! When it comes to price, Super Kainat Rice 1KG can be purchased at estimated average prices ranging from Rs.285 to Rs.350, making it an affordable option for those looking for a reliable high-quality grain for their meals. If your family needs some variety and excitement at meal time, Super Kainat Rice is just what you need!

Super Kainat Rice Price List in Pakistan Today 2024

NameMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Super Kainat Chawal 1KGRs.285Rs.300
Kainat Rice 1121 Extra Long Premium Quality Steam Rice 5KgRs. 2,149Rs. 2,515
Kainat Rice 1121 Extra Long Premium Quality Steam Rice 10KgRs. 4,345Rs. 4,628
Super Kainat Chawal 25KGRs.9000Rs.11080
Super Kainat Chawal 50KGRs. 20,299Rs. 23,599

Kainat rice is known for its superior quality and taste. It is a popular choice among Pakistani consumers due to its affordability and long shelf life. The Super Kainat Rice Price List in Pakistan Today 2024 includes several varieties of this premium rice, including the Super Kainat Chawal 1KG, Kainat Rice 1121 Extra Long Premium Quality Steam Rice 5Kg, Kainat Rice 1121 Extra Long Premium Quality Steam Rice 10Kg, Super Kainat Chawal 25KG, and Super Kainat Chawal 50KG. The prices of these varieties range from Rs. 285 to Rs. 23,599 for a pack of 50KG.

The Super Kainat Chawal 1KG is the most affordable option and is ideal for individuals looking to purchase rice in small quantities. For those looking to buy in bulk, the Super Kainat Chawal 25KG and 50KG are more economical options. No matter what your budget may be, Kainat has something for everyone. Get the best quality rice at the most reasonable prices today with Kainat!

Super Kainat Rice is a respected and revered name in Pakistan when it comes to rice. Produced by the country’s leading rice-processing company, Kainat Group of Companies, Super Kainat Rice has been providing customers with top quality products for decades.

Their signature product is their extra long grain basmati rice, which is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. Super Kainat Rice also offers a variety of other rice varieties, including traditional Pakistani basmati, broken basmati, and Jasmine rice.

Super Kainat Rice sources its ingredients from trusted suppliers to ensure quality and consistency with every batch. The company is renowned for their stringent quality control processes and top-notch customer service. In addition, Super Kainat Rice takes extra care to maintain the nutritional value of its products.

Super Kainat Rice caters to a wide range of customers, from restaurants and supermarkets to individual households. To ensure that everyone gets the best out of their products, the company offers customized packaging options as well.

Super Kainat Rice is a beloved staple in Pakistani cuisine, and its superior quality rice continues to win over new customers every day. If you’re looking for delicious, nutritious rice that you can trust, look no further than Super Kainat Rice!

All in all, Super Kainat Rice is an excellent choice for those looking for top quality rice products at a reasonable price. With decades of experience and dedication to providing the highest quality product, it is no wonder that Super Kainat Rice has become a household name in Pakistan. Whether you’re cooking for one or entertaining a large group, Super Kainat Rice is sure to please even the most discerning palates. Try it today and experience the difference!


The super kainat rice price in Pakistan is something that should not be taken lightly. Not only is it a staple food for many households, but the increasing cost is having an undeniably negative effect on the lives of the average consumer. From forcing people to save up or cut back on other necessary expenses, to creating greater poverty overall, these issues can no longer be ignored. All stakeholders must work together to address this issue in order to ensure that people can continue to access affordable quality rice in Pakistan without sacrificing other basic needs.

Government policies must be adjusted, and producers and retailers alike must take financial responsibility for their actions by maintaining reasonable pricing structure. This is an urgent matter that requires immediate attention and action from all involved parties with concrete solutions for tackling the increasing prices of super kainat rice in Pakistan.

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