16-kg Ghee Price in Pakistan 2024

Ghee, an essential and integral part of South Asian cuisine, is a must have item in everyone’s pantry. With the ever changing market prices, it often becomes difficult to determine how much exactly one should pay for premium quality ghee in Pakistan. To make this task easier, we have conducted thorough research on the 16 kg Ghee price in Pakistan 2024 and are here to share our findings with you! Stay tuned for insights into current trends and get ready to make smart shopping decisions for your household.

16 kg Ghee Price in Pakistan Today 2024

In 2024, ghee prices in Pakistan are projected to range from Rs.9901 to Rs.15,000 per 16kg in various cities across the nation. Ghee is an essential ingredient for many of Pakistani cuisines and is commonly used by most households. As such, the price point has a great significance for both the kitchen budget of Pakistani households and the farmers producing ghee in vast quantities on an industrial level.

Prices may be high due to scarcity of supply or decreased stock but are still likely to remain within the indicative range. Consumers should shop around and compare prices carefully before making a decision so as to minimize their cost while ensuring they obtain high quality products they can rely upon.

16 Kg Ghee Rate List in Pakistan

16 Kg Banaspati GheePrice in Pakistan
Dalda Ghee 16 kgRs.12000 to 14,340
Kisan Banaspati GheeRs. 9901 to 10332
Rabi BanaspatiRs. 10332
Eva Banaspati Ghee 16KG Rs.13000 to 14,000
Zaavi Banaspati GheeRs. 9508
Sufi Banaspati GheeRs.11332
Gharana Banaspati GheeRs. 6910 to Rs. 8000
Tullo Banaspati Ghee TinRs. 10,000 to 11,000
Naturelle Banaspati TinRs. 9900 to 10,000
Mezan Ghee Tin 16KGRs.12000 to 14,000
Seasons Banaspati TinRs 9,250 to Rs. 10,000
Latif ghee 16 kg Rs 8,750 to Rs. 10,000
Manpasand ghee 16 kgRs 8,950 to Rs. 10,000
Kausar Ghee 16 kgRs 9,950 to Rs. 10,000
Bakhtawar gheeRs 8,950 to Rs. 10,000
Golden Sun Banaspati Ghee 16 KG Rs 9,250 to Rs. 10,000
Kiran gheeRs 9,950 to Rs. 10,000
Kashmir GheeRs 9,990 to Rs. 10,000
OK Banaspati Ghee 16 KGRs 9,250 to Rs. 10,000
Habib Banaspati Ghee 16KG Rs. 9900 to 10,000
Dil Dil Banaspati Ghee 16KGRs 8,950 to Rs. 10,000
Khushroz Ghee 1×16 kg CTNRs. 9,298

Banaspati ghee is an essential staple in many Pakistani kitchens. It has a rich, creamy flavor and can be used for cooking as well as to add extra flavor and richness to traditional dishes. With the growing demand for Banaspati ghee, prices have been steadily increasing over the years. In 2024, 16 Kg Banaspati Ghee is expected to cost between Rs.9,901 to Rs.16,000 in Pakistan.

Though the price may seem steep, Banaspati ghee offers many health benefits that are worth investing in. It contains beneficial fatty acids like omega-6 and omega-3 which can help reduce cholesterol levels and improve heart health. It is also rich in Vitamin A and E, which can boost skin and eye health. Banaspati ghee can also be used to cook delicious meals like Biryani, Nihari and more!

So if you’re looking for a healthy cooking oil with amazing flavor, then 16 Kg Banaspati Ghee is worth the investment in 2024!

Final Words:

The price of banaspati ghee in Pakistan is highly unpredictable at the moment, as the government’s efforts to control inflation and keep prices low fails due to external economic factors. Even though it is difficult to tell what the exact price of banaspati ghee will be in 2024, one can only hope that it will remain relatively low and accessible for all those who need it.

Taking into consideration current market rates and the effects of the global pandemic on the economic state of Pakistan, it might be best to expect a modest increase in price for banaspati ghee over the course of time. Ultimately, a lot depends on how well our government handles rising inflation rate which eventually determines how much we pay for essential commodities like banaspati ghee. Thinking practically then, it is better to buy a large amount now while there are still offers available, or else risk paying more down the line.

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