Suzuki Bike Installment Plan Without Interest 2024

Are you fixated on owning the ultimate motorbike that fits within your budget? Or have you found yourself dreaming of an upcoming adventure on two wheels, but don’t quite know where to start? Look no further we have the perfect solution for you! Introducing Suzuki’s Bike Installment Plan without interest! Whether it’s a classic roadster or modern sports bike, this innovative plan will help make achieving your biking dreams easier than ever before. With exclusive offers from Suzuki dealers and plenty of choice in what bike to choose, this plan gives you the chance to own your ride outright with no added pressure. No more hidden fees or long-term commitments just pure freedom of choice and quality while saving money at the same time. Browse through our selection today and find a style that suits both your needs and pocketbook!

Suzuki Bike Installment Plan 0 Markup

The Pak Suzuki Installment Sales Plan offers an advantageous way for you to own a Suzuki Motorcycle through a straightforward and flexible installment plan. Available exclusively at our company-owned showrooms, we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive and lowest-markup rates in the market.

Suzuki plan comes with a promise of no hidden charges, transparent deals, and a variety of options for down payments. We charge only a minimal amount for documentation, and ensure a fast and hassle-free processing of your application. There is no need to worry about upfront payment in your down payment, and Suzuki offer comprehensive insurance at the lowest rates possible. Moreover, Suzukicustomers enjoy the benefit of priority deliveries. If you meet the eligibility criteria, we invite you to avail of the Suzuki Motorcycles Installment Scheme. For more information, please get in touch with Suzuki company-owned outlets. Please note, all installment sales are in accordance with our company installment policy.

1.Suzuki Bike GD 110S Installment Plan

The Suzuki Bike GD 110S, with an engine capacity of 110 cc, is priced at 335,000. This price is effective from July 14, 2023. We offer 0% mark-up installment plans designed to provide flexibility and ease to our customers. Here are two options:

  1. With a 35% advance payment, the down payment comes to 117,250. For the next 23 months, the per month installment is 9,100 and the last (24th month) installment is 8,450.
  2. For those preferring a larger down payment, a 50% advance payment plan is available. This means an upfront payment of 167,500. The per month installment for the next 17 months is 9,400 and the last (18th month) installment is 7,700.
ModelGD 110S
Engine Capacity110 cc
Price335,000 PKR
Effective DateJuly 14, 2023

Suzuki Bike GD 110S 2 Years Installment Plan


Payment DetailsAmount (PKR)
Down Payment117,250 (35%)
Per Month Installment (Months 1-23)9,100
24th Month Installment (Last)8,450

Suzuki Bike GD 110S 18th Month Installment Plan


Payment DetailsAmount (PKR)
Down Payment167,500 (50%)
Per Month Installment (Months 1-17)9,400
18th Month Installment (Last)7,700

Remember, these installment plans involve 0% mark-up, making them an affordable solution for purchasing your new Suzuki Bike GD 110S.

2.Suzuki Bike GS 150 Installment Plan

Here we present the installment plan for the Suzuki Bike GS 150, boasting an engine capacity of 150 cc and priced at 364,000. This pricing is effective from July 14, 2023. We offer two installment schedules with 0% mark-up.

The first schedule requires a 35% down payment of 127,400. Subsequently, monthly installments of 9,900 are to be paid up to the 23rd month, with the 24th (and final) monthly installment amounting to 8,900.

Alternatively, our second schedule asks for a more substantial 50% down payment of 182,000. The monthly installment is then 10,200 until the 17th month, with the 18th (and last) installment being slightly lesser at 8,600. Choose your preferred plan and ride home your dream bike!

Types35% Advance Payment50% Advance Payment
Payment TypeDown PaymentDown Payment
Engine Capacity150 cc150 cc
Price364,000 PKR364,000 PKR
Effective DateJuly 14, 2023July 14, 2023
Advance Payment Percentage35%50%
Monthly Installments24 months18 months
Per Month Installment9,900 PKR10,200 PKR
Last Installment8,900 PKR8,600 PKR

3.Suzuki GSX 125 Installment Plan

At Suzuki, we understand that getting a new motorcycle isn’t always easy. That’s why we offer an installment plan for our GSX 125 motorcycle, so you can own the bike of your dreams today and pay monthly installments over two years.

The installment plan includes an advance payment of around 30%, or Rs.107,700 and 23 monthly installments of Rs.10,500 each, followed by a final installment of Rs.9,800. It’s the perfect way to take home your dream bike without having to pay for it all at once!

For more information on Suzuki GSX 125 installment plans, please contact us or visit Suzuk website for details and pricing. Get ready to experience the thrill of the road with Suzuki!

4.Suzuki GD 110S Installment Plan

The Suzuki GD 110S, with an engine capacity of 110 cc, can be yours for the price of Rs.244,000. Choose an 18-month installment plan, which requires an initial down payment of around 50%, or Rs.122,000.

The monthly installment until the 17th month will be Rs.6,800, with a final installment in the 18th month of Rs.6,400. Alternatively, opt for a 24-month installment plan, which requires a down payment of around 35%, or Rs.85,400. The monthly installment until the 23rd month will be Rs.6,650, with a final installment in the 24th month of Rs.5,650. Choose the plan that best fits your budget and make your dream of owning a Suzuki GD 110S a reality.

PlanEngine CapacityPriceDown PaymentMonthly Installment (Till 17th Month)18th Month InstallmentMonthly Installment (Till 23rd Month)24th Month Installment
18th Month Plan110 ccRs. 244,000Rs. 122,000Rs. 6,800Rs. 6,400
24th Month Plan110 ccRs. 244,000Rs. 85,400Rs. 6,650Rs. 5,650

5.4.Suzuki GR 150 Installment Plan

The Suzuki GR 150, with an engine capacity of 150cc, is available to customers on a flexible installment plan. The total price of the bike is Rs. 385,000. If you opt for the 18-month installment plan, you’ll make a down payment of approximately Rs. 192,500, which is around 50% of the total price. After the down payment, your monthly installment will be Rs. 10,700 until the 17th month. The last installment in the 18th month will be slightly lower at Rs. 10,600.

Alternatively, you could choose the 24-month installment plan which requires a lower down payment of Rs. 134,750, approximately 35% of the total price. For this plan, the monthly installments will be Rs. 10,500 until the 23rd month, with the final installment in the 24th month being Rs. 8,750. This plan helps spread out payments over a longer period of time, making it slightly easier on your pocket.

PlanEngine CapacityPriceDown PaymentMonthly Installment (Till 17th Month)18th Month InstallmentMonthly Installment (Till 23rd Month)24th Month Installment
18th Month Plan110 ccRs. 244,000Rs. 122,000Rs. 6,800Rs. 6,400
24th Month Plan110 ccRs. 244,000Rs. 85,400Rs. 6,650Rs. 5,650

6.Suzuki GSX 150SF Installment Plan

The Suzuki GSX 150SF, a remarkable motorcycle with an engine capacity of 150cc, is now available for an attractive price of 599,000. To offer our customers the utmost flexibility, we’ve introduced the GIXXER 150cc Installment Schedule Plan.

Suzuki provide two primary down payment schemes of 50% (274,500) and 30% (164,700). For the 50% scheme, monthly installments are as follows: 16,500 for 18 months, 13,350 for 24 months, 11,050 for 27 months, and 9,550 for 30 months.

The respective last installments are 16,221, 12,229, 10,295, and 8,002. For the 30% scheme, the monthly installments are 23,100 for 18 months, 18,650 for 24 months, 15,450 for 27 months, and 13,350 for 30 months, with final installments being 22,715, 18,190, 15,113, and 12,079 respectively.

Down PaymentMonthlyLast InstallmentMonthlyLast Installment
 (18 Months) Installment Per Month16,50016,22123,10022,715
(24 Months) Installment Per Month13,35012,22918,65018,190
(27 Months) Installment Per Month11,05010,29515,45015,113
 (30 Months) Installment Per Month9,5508,00213,35012,079


Overall, Suzuki has revolutionized the motorbike industry by introducing an installment plan with a 0% markup rate. Not only does this make buying a bike more affordable, it also encourages people to purchase a Suzuki and make their lives easier. Furthermore, it will open up new opportunities for riders of all ages and financial backgrounds.

This installment plan is a major step in helping Pakistan move towards becoming a financially inclusive society with payment options that work for every monthly budget. We implore you to join us in welcoming Suzuki’s groundbreaking innovation and take advantage of this opportunity by checking out your local dealer today!

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