Mustard Seed Price in Pakistan 2024

Are you looking for the most up-to-date information on mustard seed prices in Pakistan. Well, look no further The Farmer’s Post is here to provide you with all the details. We’ll discuss the current price trends of mustard seed across different markets in Pakistan, along with some helpful tips and advice on how to make the best possible purchase decision. So if you want to stay informed about what’s happening with mustard seed prices in Punjab or Sindh, this article will keep you updated!

Mustard Seed Price in Pakistan

The mustard seed price in Pakistan has seen a significant increase in recent years, ranging from Rs.2200 to Rs.8600. This rise in price can be attributed to various factors, such as demand-supply dynamics and the impact of climate change on crop yields. Despite the high prices, mustard seed remains a popular ingredient in Pakistani cuisine, used to add flavor to a wide range of dishes.

In fact, it is an essential ingredient in traditional recipes such as Sarson Ka Saag, which is a popular winter dish in the Punjab region. Despite the impact of the price increase, mustard seed remains a staple for millions of people in Pakistan, providing flavor and nourishment to countless meals.

Mustard Sarson Beej Seeds Price List in Pakistan 2024

NamesType of SeedsSizePrices
Green Gold Seeds RateToria Mustard Seeds1 KgRs. 575
Ali Akbar Enterprises RateApna Super Raya2 KgRs. 1710
Sohni Dharti RateSD-3024 Hybrid Sarson Seed2 KgRs. 1780
Greenlet Interntional RateSuper Raya Sarson Seed2 KgRs. 2150
Bilal Agro Seed Corporation RateBilal Mustard Seed Super Raya2 KgRs. 2865
Bilal Seeds RateKhanpur Raya Variety2 KgRs. 2950
Evyol Group Rate45M47 Raya2 KgRs. 2880
Punjab Seed Corporation RateSuper Raya Seed5 KgRs. 2250
FMC Seeds RateHybrid Mustard Seeds2 KgRs. 2225
Patron Seeds RateSahara Super Raya Sarsoon Beej2 KgRs. 2285
Rustum Seeds RateHybrid Mustard Beej2 KgRs. 2750
Mercury Seeds Rate7860 Mustard Seed2 KgRs. 2025
Green Power Seeds Rate75T31 Hybrid Mustard Seed2 KgRs. 3500

Mustard Seed 40 Kg Bag Price in Punjab 2024

Ghalla Mandi NamesSizePrices
Hasilpur40 kgRs. 7125 to 8411
Rahim Yar Khan40 kgRs. 7900 to 8600
Haroon Abad40 KgRs. 8100 to 8600
Chichawatni40 KgRs. 8000 to 8400
Chowk Munda40 KgRs. 7500 to 8000
Manchan Abad40 KgRs. 7900 to 8500
Fort Abbas40 KgRs. 8500 to 8740
Chishtian40 KgRs. 8500 to 8700

There are several factors that influence mustard seed prices in Pakistan. These factors can be broadly classified into supply and demand factors, and external factors.

Supply and demand factors include factors such as crop production, weather conditions, and market demand. Crop production is affected by various factors, including the availability of suitable land, the availability of water, the use of modern farming techniques, and the availability of high-quality seeds. Weather conditions, such as droughts or excessive rainfall, can also impact crop production and subsequently affect mustard seed prices. Market demand, on the other hand, is influenced by consumer preferences, population growth, and the demand for mustard and mustard-based products.

External factors influencing mustard seed prices include global market trends, government policies, and currency exchange rates. Global market trends can impact the demand for Pakistani mustard seeds in international markets, with higher demand leading to higher prices. Government policies, such as import and export restrictions, subsidies, and price support mechanisms, also play a significant role in determining mustard seed prices. Lastly, currency exchange rates can influence the price of imported inputs like fertilizers and pesticides, which in turn can affect the cost of production and ultimately the price of mustard seeds.

All of these elements together make up the supply and demand landscape for mustard seed prices in Pakistan. By understanding and analyzing the factors influencing mustard seed prices, producers and buyers can ensure they are getting a fair price for their produce. This is important for both parties as it ensures a sustainable market with competitive prices and quality products. Additionally, government policies need to be formulated in order to ensure that the market is stable and prices are fair for all stakeholders.

In last words, understanding the price of mustard seed in Pakistan is important because it gives us an idea into how strong the economy and market are in that region. Investing in mustard seed is a wise choice when its price remains high, as it yields a greater return on investment than other commodities. Additionally, fluctuations in the price of mustard seed can offer insights into anticipating future trends of the local economy.

Mustard seed prices can affect economy too, as import laws between both countries allow for an abundant trade between them. Thus, staying informed on prices of local commodities and understanding their influencing factors helps inform investing decisions and gain insight into current and prospective economic vibrancy. Furthermore, being aware of the changes in prices of commodities also helps predict potential unexpected economic outcomes. Monitoring this dynamic market is key for any investor looking to make sound decisions with favorable returns.

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