Kia Sportage Price In Pakistan 2024 And Features

Are you looking for a mid-range SUV that offers all the features you need and still fits into your budget? The Kia Sportage might just be the car for you. It offers four trim levels with different options, so you can find one to match your needs and price range. In Pakistan, the Kia Sportage is an affordable luxury vehicle that has luxurious amenities and state of the art technology. The Kia Sportage and Kia Stonic Price have become increasingly popular among car enthusiasts in Pakistan, renowned for their blend of style, comfort, and modern features.

Kia Sportage Price In Pakistan

kia Sportage VariantsPrice In Pakistan
KIA Sportage Alpha2000 cc, AutomaticRs.7,300,000
KIA Sportage FWD2000 cc, AutomaticRs.R 8,190,000
KIA Sportage AWD2000 cc, AutomaticRs. 8,920,000
KIA Sportage Black Limited Edition2000 cc, AutomaticRs.9,650,000

In Pakistan, the Kia Sportage has a range of pricing options, based on the specific variant chosen. The base price for the Kia Sportage Alpha, with a 2000 cc automatic engine, is Rs.7,300,000. A step up, the Kia Sportage FWD, also with a 2000 cc automatic engine, is priced at Rs.8,190,000. For those seeking additional features and capabilities, the Kia Sportage AWD, once again featuring a 2000 cc automatic engine, costs Rs.8,920,000. Lastly, the high-end edition, the Kia Sportage Black Limited Edition, comes in at Rs.9,650,000. Each variant offers different features, making the Kia Sportage a flexible choice to fit various budgets and preferences.

KIA Sportage 2024 Overview

Building upon its predecessors’ success, the 2024 KIA Sportage seeks to revolutionize the compact SUV segment. This fifth-generation model boasts a sleek, modern design that is a departure from its previous iterations, underscoring KIA’s commitment to innovation and style. While paying homage to its roots with the continued availability of both All Wheel Drive (AWD) and Front Wheel Drive (FWD) variants, the KIA Sportage 2024 introduces cutting-edge safety and convenience features. An anticipated addition to KIA Pakistan’s lineup, the 2024 model is set to raise the bar for SUVs in the market, promising to continue the legacy of the KIA Sportage as a best-seller in the country.

KIA Sportage 2024 Exterior

The exterior of the 2024 KIA Sportage is a testament to innovative design and attention to athletic details. Its sporty aesthetic is first and foremost emphasized by the wider and bolder signature KIA tiger nose grille, adding a layer of fierceness to its frontage. Complementing this are the boomerang-styled Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) that extend attractively along the hood line and fender, creating a unique and dynamic visual effect. The introduction of the new cube-styled headlights and dual spot fog lights further enhance the car’s modern look, ensuring not only visibility but also a stylish road presence. The slim LED taillights and rear blacked out bumper provide a sleek finish to the vehicle’s rear view, rounding off the Sportage’s overall revolutionary and athletic design.

KIA Sportage 2024 Interior

The interior of the KIA Sportage 2024 exudes a sense of high-tech sophistication. A highlight of the design is the panoramic curved wide glass panel, elegantly concealing two seamlessly integrated digital screens. The driver’s instrumental panel is conveniently located behind the steering wheel, and the infotainment system is within effortless reach. The HVAC climate control panel is minimalistic and streamlined, enhancing the modern aesthetics of the interior. In addition, the steering wheel is newly designed, featuring a fresh brand logo and easy-to-use control buttons. With the inclusion of three-dimensional air vents and a well-appointed central console, the KIA Sportage 2024 offers a contemporary and comfortable driving experience.

KIA Sportage 2024 Engine

The 2024 KIA Sportage is expected to continue its powerful performance with the aforementioned engine options. The 2.4L 4-cylinder engine, generating 181 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque, allows for a finely tuned balance between power and fuel efficiency. On the other hand, the 1.6L turbocharged gasoline engine, outputting 177 horsepower and 265 Nm of torque, is a force to be reckoned with. Paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, it promises a smoother, more dynamic driving experience. This combination caters to a wide range of Pakistani drivers, from those who prioritize power to those who seek fuel efficiency.

KIA Sportage 2024 Mileage Fuel average

The KIA Sportage 2024, a 5th generation model, exhibits impressive mileage. It boasts a combined city and highway fuel economy figure of 11 kilometers per liter, making it an efficient choice for both urban commuting and extended road trips.

Moreover, it is equipped with a substantial fuel tank capacity of 62 liters, reducing the frequency of refueling stops and ensuring an uninterrupted, smooth driving experience. This combination of fuel efficiency and large tank capacity makes KIA Sportage 2024 a standout option for those prioritising practicality and economy in their vehicle choice.

KIA Sportage 2024 Ride & Handling

The Kia Sportage 2024 continues to build on the enjoyable and comfortable ride that its predecessor offered, making further strides in handling and ride quality. The grip during cornering has been enhanced further, providing an even more confident and assuring driving experience. The car’s suspension system has been fine-tuned to better absorb road imperfections, smoothing out the ride even more effectively than before.

Noticeable body roll remains contained, not interfering with the overall comfort of the occupants. Kia’s dedicated efforts in refining the driving dynamics of the Sportage are clearly evident in this new model. However, like the 2023 model, at greater speeds on the motorway, some wind noise can still be heard around the door mirrors. Despite this, the Kia Sportage 2024 solidifies its position as a relaxing long-distance cruiser, offering a splendid combination of comfort and performance.

KIA Sportage 2024 Maintenance

The maintenance of the KIA Sportage 2024 promises to be a straightforward and hassle-free process for consumers in Pakistan. Given that the 2023 model is locally assembled, a wide range of auto parts is readily obtainable within the local market. This accessibility facilitates timely and efficient repairs or replacements, thus minimizing potential downtime. Furthermore, the local assembly of the KIA Sportage ensures that trained and skilled technicians are readily available for inspections and servicing, further enhancing the overall ownership experience.

KIA Sportage 2024 Specifications

PricePKR 73.0 to 96.5 lacs
Body TypeSUV
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)4485 x 1855 x 1635 mm
Ground Clearance172 mm
Displacement2000 cc
Horse Power155 hp
Torque155 – 196 Nm
Boot Space869 L
Kerb Weight1500 – 1544 KG
Fuel TypePetrol
Mileage10 – 12 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity62 – 64 L
Seating Capacity5 – Persons
Top Speed180 – 220 KM/H
Tyre Size225/55/18

KIA Sportage 2024 Pros & Cons

The KIA Sportage is one of the most popular crossover segment cars in Pakistan. It has a number of great features that make it stand out among its competitors. Here are some of the pros and cons associated with buying a KIA Sportage 2024:


  • Leader In Crossover segment cars in Pakistan
  • Comfortable Ride Quality
  • Safety Features
  • Good Build Quality
  • Strong Dealership Network
  • Quick Resale Value
  • Well Accepted in Market


  • Expensive Spare Parts
  • Low Fuel Average
  • 1 generation behind the world’s leading car brands.

Overall, the KIA Sportage 2024 has a lot to offer. It is a reliable and safe car with a good resale value that is well accepted in the market. However, it does have its drawbacks, such as expensive spare parts and being one generation behind the world’s leading car brands.

For those looking for a reliable crossover segment car at an affordable price, the KIA Sportage 2024 should definitely be considered. It is a great car that provides comfort, safety, and an overall enjoyable driving experience. Plus, with a strong dealership network in Pakistan, buying and maintaining this car won’t be a problem.


What is the price of Sportage in Pakistan?

The price range of Sportage in Pakistan spans from 73.0 to 96.5 lacs PKR. This range is subject to variations based on features, model, and other associated factors. With a blend of elegance and advanced technology, Sportage offers value for money within this price bracket.

What is the price of Kia Sportage v8 in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the Kia Sportage is priced reasonably considering its features and performance. The price range starts from approximately Rs. 7,716,000 and can go up to Rs. 9,300,000 depending on the variant and additional features chosen by the buyer. This competitive pricing makes the Kia Sportage a popular choice among compact SUV enthusiasts in the country.

What is the price of KIA Sportage 2024 in Pakistan?

The KIA Sportage 2024 is a sought-after vehicle in Pakistan due to its robust features and sleek design. The price range for this remarkable SUV in the country is quite competitive. It varies from PKR 73.0 lacs to PKR 96.5 lacs, contingent upon various factors such as the chosen model, optional add-ons, and the prevailing market conditions.

What is the mileage/fuel average of KIA Sportage 2024?

The KIA Sportage 2023 model boasts a fuel average of 10 to 12 KM/L. This efficient mileage makes it a compelling choice for individuals seeking a balance of performance and economy in their vehicles. Please note that actual fuel consumption may vary based on factors such as driving conditions and individual driving habits.

Is A Kia Sportage A 4×4?

Yes, the Kia Sportage does come in a 4×4 version. Specifically, the Mild Hybrid, Full Hybrid, and Plug-in Hybrid models of the Sportage offer a four-wheel drive system. This system is designed to distribute power to all four wheels of the vehicle, resulting in an increase in power and improved steering. The four-wheel drive system is particularly beneficial when driving in challenging weather conditions, as it provides enhanced traction, thereby ensuring a safer and more stable ride.

Does the Kia Sportage have 7 seats?

The Kia Sportage is a popular SUV, known for its sleek design and impressive features. However, if you’re seeking a seven-seater vehicle, you might need to look elsewhere. The Kia Sportage is designed as a five-seater car, making it an excellent choice for small families or individuals looking for extra cargo space, but it may not meet the needs of larger families or groups.

What is the top speed of KIA Sportage?

The KIA Sportage hits impressive speeds, making it a powerful choice for those who enjoy a bit of thrill in their driving experience. Its top speed is an impressive 220 KM/H, offering a dynamic and responsive driving experience that stands out in its category.

Final Words:

The KIA Sportage 2024 promises to be a true powerhouse. Packed with features like powerful 155hp engine, 869 L boot space and an aesthetically-pleasing exterior design, the Sportage will provide great value for money. From its superior racing performance to its stylish exterior design, the KIA Sportage 2024 has all the elements of a luxury priced sports car. With prices ranging from PKR 73.0 lacs to 96.5 lacs, this all-rounder SUV is surely worth considering if you’re looking for something sophisticated yet efficient.

Besides being performance friendly and comfortable, it also gives you power and fuel economy at economical rates. All in all, the KIA Sportage 2024 is the ideal choice for those who want to drive an efficient yet stylish SUV that provides excellent value for money in terms of performance and practicality.

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