Suzuki Bolan 2024 Price In Pakistan And Features

The Suzuki Bolan has been a popular compact car in Pakistan since its introduction in the late 80s. Its affordability, small size, and reliability make it a particularly attractive model for many customers. Now that a new iteration of this classic is on the horizon the Suzuki Bolan 2024 all signs point to something even more special than before. Featuring updated interior and exterior design aspects, as well as a variety of highly useful features, it looks like the latest version will be bigger and better than ever before. To top it all off, we’ve also got word on what this upcoming car will cost you when hitting Pakistani dealerships read on to find out!

Suzuki Bolan 2024 Price In Pakistan

Suzuki Bolan 2024 VariantsPrice In Pakistan
Suzuki Bolan VX Euro II796 ccRs.1,940,000
Suzuki Bolan Cargo Van Euro ll796 ccRs.1,944,000

The Suzuki Bolan has been a staple car for Pakistani families for decades, and the 2024 model is no different. With its compact size and affordable price, it’s no wonder why this vehicle has remained a favorite among consumers. The VX Euro II and Cargo Van Euro II variants of the Bolan both come with a 796 cc engine that can handle the rigors of everyday driving. Prices for these vehicles in Pakistan start at Rs. 1,940,000 and Rs. 1,944,000 respectively, making them a budget-friendly option for those in need of a reliable ride. Whether you’re a busy parent or a small business owner, the Suzuki Bolan is a practical and economical choice.

The Suzuki Bolan 2024 is an excellent choice for a car. Its stylish design, innovative features and affordable pricing make it easy to enjoy the convenience of driving. Furthermore, its durable construction and efficient engines make this car reliable and strong on the road. With so much to offer, it’s sure to satisfy even the most discerning drivers in Pakistan. Whether you’re looking for a good ride or just a reliable transportation option, the Suzuki Bolan 2024 is worth considering! Hopefully this blog post has given you the necessary information about how much its different variants cost in Pakistan so you can make an informed decision when purchasing this vehicle.

Suzuki Bolan 2024 Overview

The Suzuki Bolan 2024, affectionately called the Carry Dabba in Pakistan, is a reliable and affordable option for families looking for a practical vehicle. Though its design has remained largely unchanged since its debut in the early 90s, the 2024 version includes a new Euro-II compliant engine and some minor cosmetic upgrades. As a mid-engine, front-wheel-drive mini multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), the Bolan is spacious enough to comfortably seat up to eight passengers. Despite its age, the Bolan remains a popular choice in Pakistan due to its competitive price and reliability.

Suzuki Bolan Exterior 2024

The Suzuki Bolan is a family vehicle that has stood the test of time with its boxy exterior design. Even with the recent launch of the 2024 model, the Bolan continues to maintain its signature look. From the front, the flat facade of the Bolan is unmissable, highlighted by square headlamps and fog lamps. The black front grille adds a touch of elegance to the vehicle while maintaining its rugged essence. The rear of the Bolan, featuring a black bumper and rectangular stacked taillights, is just as fascinating. Though the overall exterior is rectangular and flat, this van-like vehicle is a charm to behold.

Suzuki Bolan Exterior 2024

The Suzuki Bolan 2024 may not be the most eye-catching vehicle on the road, but it certainly has a unique charm to it. The boxy design of this van has been a signature element of the Bolan for some time now, and it’s not going anywhere. The front of the Bolan is characterized by its square headlamps and fog lamps, which are accompanied by a rectangular black grille. Meanwhile, the rear of the Bolan is home to stacked taillights and a black bumper. Overall, the Bolan is rectangular and flat, which may not be for everyone – but for those who appreciate a classic van design, the Bolan is sure to please.

Dimensions and Performance

Let’s start with the dimensions of the Suzuki Bolan Carry Dabba. With an overall length of 3,255 mm (128.2 in), width of 1,395 mm (54.9 in), and height of 1,845 mm (72.6 in), this vehicle is perfectly sized for maneuvering through city streets with ease. Its wheelbase of 1,840 mm (72.4 in) ensures stability and a smooth ride.

When it comes to performance, the Suzuki Bolan Carry Dabba doesn’t disappoint. With a maximum horsepower of 27.5 kW (37.0 HP) at 5,000 rpm (SAE-NET) and a torque of 62.0 N.m (6.32 kg-m, 41.9 lb-ft) at 3,000 rpm (SAE-NET), this vehicle is ready to take on any challenge.

Suzuki Bolan Engine

When it comes to a van with an engine that packs a punch, the Suzuki Bolan 2024 is definitely worth considering. This van has been equipped with a powerful water-cooled, OHC and EFI engine with a displacement of 796cc. This means that the Suzuki Bolan can generate an impressive maximum power of 27.5/5000 kW/rpm at a maximum torque of 62/3000 Nm/rpm. This power is harnessed through a 4-forward all synchromesh, 1 reverse transmission system which ensures that the engine’s power is utilized to its fullest potential. For anyone looking for a reliable and powerful van that can handle tough routes and heavy loads, the Suzuki Bolan’s engine is definitely a highlight.

Suzuki Bolan Fuel Average 2024

If you’re looking for a reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle, then the Suzuki Bolan 2024 is definitely worth considering. With a mileage range of 12 to 14 kilometers per liter, this compact yet practical van is perfect for both city and highway driving. Whether you’re commuting to work or simply running errands, the Suzuki Bolan is a great choice for those who value efficiency and affordability. Plus, with its spacious interior and versatile design, it’s also a great option for families or small businesses. So why not test drive the Suzuki Bolan 2024 today and experience its impressive fuel economy for yourself?

Suzuki Bolan Capacities

The Suzuki Bolan Carry Dabba can comfortably accommodate up to 5 persons (Petrol) and has a seating capacity that ensures everyone can travel in style and comfort. With a 2.5 L engine oil capacity and a 36 L fuel tank, you can enjoy longer rides without worrying about frequent refueling or maintenance.

Steering and Turning Radius

With a turning radius of 4.1 m (13.5 ft), the Suzuki Bolan Carry Dabba is incredibly maneuverable, making it a breeze to navigate tight corners and parking spaces. The steering system provides precise control, allowing you to confidently navigate any road conditions.

Wheel and Suspension

Equipped with steel wheel rims and tubeless radial tires sized at 145 R12C, the Suzuki Bolan Carry Dabba offers a comfortable and stable ride. Its front strut suspension and rear leaf spring suspension further enhance the vehicle’s handling and stability, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

Power Transmission

The Suzuki Bolan Carry Dabba features a 4-forward all synchromesh transmission with a 1-reverse gear. This ensures seamless gear shifts and optimal control over your driving experience. Whether you’re cruising on the highway or navigating through busy city traffic, this transmission system has got you covered.

Suzuki Bolan Ride & Handling

The Suzuki Bolan 2024 is a van that requires expertise to handle like a pro. This vehicle’s design is unique with a boxy shape and a long body, making it difficult to maneuver if you don’t have sufficient experience. Additionally, its lack of a protruding front end can make it tricky to drive in tight spaces. However, despite the challenges, the Bolan offers an exciting ride with its significant body roll that adds a thrill to the driving experience. For those who have the necessary skills, the Suzuki Bolan 2024 can be a fun and rewarding ride.

Suzuki Bolan Safety

Everyone wants to feel safe on the road, especially when traveling with loved ones. Unfortunately, the Suzuki Bolan 2024 doesn’t offer any modern safety features to help ensure that safety. With manual door locks, manual windows, and no airbags, it leaves much to be desired when it comes to protective features. While it may be a reliable form of transportation otherwise, safety should never be overlooked. Hopefully, the next model will take safety into more consideration for its passengers.

Suzuki Bolan Carry Dabba is a remarkable vehicle that stands out with its impressive features and performance. From its compact dimensions to its powerful engine, this vehicle is designed to make every journey a memorable one. Whether you’re heading out for a weekend adventure or simply commuting to work, the Suzuki Bolan Carry Dabba is ready to take you there in style and comfort.

Suzuki Bolan 2024 Specifications

Body TypeMini Van, Van, Micro Van
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)3255 x 1395 x 1845 mm
Ground Clearance140 mm
Displacement796 cc
Horse Power37 hp
Torque62 Nm
Boot Space0 L
Kerb Weight550 KG
Fuel TypePetrol
Mileage12 – 14 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity36 L
Seating Capacity5 – Persons
Top Speed120 KM/H
Tyre Size145/50/R12


What is the price of Bolan carry 2024 in Pakistan?

The Bolan Carry 2024 may just be the perfect choice for you! With a price range of PKR 19.4 to 19.4 lacs, it is a reasonably priced option that doesn’t compromise on quality.

What is the price of Bolan 1000cc in Pakistan 2023?

The base variant VX Euro II is priced at PKR 1,940,000 while the top of the line Cargo Van Euro II variant costs PKR 1,944,000.

What is the price of Suzuki pickup 2024 in Pakistan?

According to our research, the Suzuki Bolan 2024 starts at PKR 1940000 in Pakistan.

What is the top speed of Suzuki Bolan?

Well, the answer is 120 KM/H, making it a decent choice for those who need to get around quickly without sacrificing comfort or safety.

What is the mileage/fuel average of Suzuki Bolan 2024?

This compact van, known for its ease of use and affordability, boasts a fuel average of 12 to 13 kilometers per liter. That


Suzuki Bolan 2024 is an ideal to choose for people who are looking for a reliable vehicle at a reasonable price. This car aims to provide the same reliability and durability as its predecessors had provided over the years. Moreover, with great fuel efficiency it provides maximum benefits to its users. Furthermore, it offers convenient features such as airbags and power steering, which make driving safe and smooth for drivers. Despite the increased prices, the car’s buyer has been satisfied with the product and rated high margin satisfaction. Therefore, Suzuki Bolan 2024 is an exemplary choice for anyone looking for something economical and reliable in their vehicle budget.

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