Honda 70 Dream Price In Pakistan 2024 And Features

Are you looking for an affordable and reliable motorbike to get around on? The Honda 70 Dream might just be the perfect option for you. Not only is it one of the most affordable motorbikes available in Pakistan, but its legendary reputation has made it very popular among riders all over the country. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring everything there is to know about the Honda 70 Dream, including its features and price in Pakistan. So if you’re in the market for a new motorbike that won’t break your budget, read on and find out how much third-party shops are asking for a Honda 70 Dream!

Honda 70 Dream Price In Pakistan

Honda 70 DreamPrice In Pakistan
Honda 70 Dream Bike Rs.168,900

The Honda 70 Dream is an ideal blend of style and performance, catering to the needs of daily commuters in Pakistan. It is available at a price of Rs.168,900. With its impressive fuel efficiency and robust durability, this motorbike offers great value for the investment, making it a wise option for those seeking cost-effective and reliable transportation.

Honda CD 70 Dream Overview

Under the hood, the Honda CD 70 Dream 2024 is equipped with a 72 cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. It’s capable of delivering an impressive fuel economy, offering a smooth ride without compromising on power. The Euro II technology ensures lower emissions, aligning with environmental regulations. The bike’s suspension system is designed for optimal comfort, absorbing shocks efficiently even on bumpy terrains. Safety features such as powerful headlights for improved visibility and robust brakes for effective stopping power make the Honda CD 70 Dream not just a dream to ride, but a responsible choice for the environment and the rider’s security. The ride of your dreams is now within your grasp.

Honda CD 70 Dream Design

Building on its visually captivating design, the Honda CD 70 Dream boasts a refined and ergonomic structure that enhances the riding experience. The bike’s seating is intelligently built for comfort during long rides, while the handlebars provide a perfect grip, giving the rider superior control. Its sporty body contours perfectly blend with the elegant fuel tank, providing an appealing aesthetic. Notably, the bike’s broad front light not only contributes to its allure but also enhances visibility for safe rides. The Honda CD 70 Dream, with its blend of sporty and conventional design elements, truly stands out in the 70cc bike segment.

Honda CD 70 Dream Engine

The engine of the Honda CD 70 Dream motorcycle is an impressive work of engineering. It operates on a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled mechanism that ensures the engine remains at an optimal temperature during rides. With a displacement of 72cc, the motor is designed for efficient fuel consumption while delivering robust performance. The wet type multi-plate clutch and the 4-speed transmission system contribute to a smooth and responsive ride. In terms of power, the engine generates a notable 5.1 horsepower at 7500.0 RPM and a torque of 5.0 Nm at 5500.0 RPM. These specifications underline the Honda CD 70 Dream’s capacity to provide a comfortable and reliable riding experience.

Fuel Average of Honda CD 70 Dream

The Honda CD 70 Dream is a popular and reliable bike in Pakistan. It offers great fuel efficiency, with an average of 55.0 KM/L making it one of the most fuel-efficient bikes available on the market today.

Honda CD 70 Dream Color

The Honda CD 70 Dream continues its legacy with its vibrant color choices – Red and Black. Sticking to tradition, these two classic shades enhance the bike’s aesthetic appeal and stand as a testament to the brand’s commitment to style. But the elegance doesn’t stop at the base color. Both variants are adorned with graphic stickers, adding an extra layer of appeal to the bike. These embellishments not only complement the primary color but also accentuate the overall beauty of the bike, making the Honda CD 70 Dream a true feast for the eyes.

Honda CD 70 Dream Ride & Handling

The Honda CD 70 Dream’s ride and handling are further enhanced by its lightweight yet robust structure, providing exceptional maneuverability at high speeds and on challenging terrains. The bike’s meticulously calibrated shock absorbers effectively absorb bumps and jolts, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even on the roughest of terrains. With its superior handling, the bike allows for precise control and agility, even while navigating through tight corners and narrow lanes.

Additional features such as an efficient braking system and a responsive clutch further contribute to the bike’s performance, making it a reliable choice for both urban commuting and adventurous expeditions. Its technical specifications, including a 72cc air-cooled engine and 4-speed transmission, underscore Honda’s commitment to performance and reliability. The high-powered engine, known for its durability and economy, ensures a seamless riding experience that is characteristic of the Honda CD 70 Dream.

Honda CD 70 Dream Specifications

Dimension (Lxwxh)1899 x 751 x 1014 mm
Engine4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled
Displacement72 cc
ClutchWet Type Multi-Plate
Horsepower5.1 HP @ 7500.0 RPM
Torque5.0 Nm @ 5500.0 RPM
Bore & Stroke47.0 x 41.4 mm
Compression Ratio8.8:1
Petrol Capacity8.6L
Fuel Average55.0 KM/L
StartingKick start
Top Speed80 KM/H
Dry Weight82KG
FrameBackbone type
Ground Clearance136mm
Wheel Size17 in
Tyre at Back2.50 – 17
Tyre at Front2.25 – 2.25

Honda CD 70 Dream Pros & Cons

Honda CD 70 Dream is a popular motorbike in Pakistan due to its low cost and fuel efficiency. The bike has some pros and cons that should be considered before buying.


  • Excellent Fuel Average: The Honda CD 70 Dream provides an excellent fuel average of up to 50 km per liter, making it one of the most frugal bikes in its class.
  • Quick Resale: The Honda CD 70 Dream is known for its quick resale value which makes it a great choice especially if you are riding on a budget.
  • Easy Parts Availability: Another great advantage of the Honda CD 70 Dream is that parts and spares are widely available across Pakistan making it easy to find and replace damaged or worn out parts.


  • Declining Build Quality: Over the years Honda has been slowly reducing the build quality of its bike parts which can affect the overall performance and longevity of the vehicle.
  • Lack of Features: The Honda CD 70 Dream is lacking in features compared to other bikes in its class such as a digital odometer and other convenience features.

Overall, the Honda CD 70 Dream is a good option for riders looking for an economical bike with good fuel efficiency and easy parts availability. However, if you’re looking for a bike with more features then you may need to look elsewhere.


What is the price of CD 70 Dream Black 2023 in Pakistan?

The price of the CD 70 Dream Black 2023 model in Pakistan is 168,900 PKR. This stylish and robust motorcycle offers an impeccable blend of performance and affordability, making it a popular choice among bike enthusiasts in the country.

What is the mileage/fuel average of Honda CD 70 Dream?

The Honda CD 70 Dream is renowned for its fuel efficiency, a feature that significantly contributes to its popularity. This motorcycle offers an impressive mileage of 55.0 KM/L, making it a cost-effective choice for daily commuting and long-distance travel.

What is the fuel tank capacity of Honda CD 70 Dream?

The Honda CD 70 Dream features an impressively sized fuel tank for its class. With a capacity of 8.6 litres, it ensures lengthy journeys can be undertaken with fewer stops for refuelling, making it a practical choice for both commuting and longer-distance travel.

What is the engine displacement of Honda CD 70 Dream?

The Honda CD 70 Dream, a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts, is powered by an engine with a displacement of 72cc. This compact yet efficient engine delivers a commendable performance, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride for its users.

What is the price of Honda CD 70 Dream 2024 in Pakistan?

The price of Honda CD 70 Dream 2024 in Pakistan has been set at PKR 168,900.


The Honda CD 70 Dream is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable, yet reliable motorbike. It offers style, performance, and efficiency at a budget-friendly price, making it a popular choice among riders in Pakistan. The bike boasts a 72cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that provides robust performance and exceptional fuel economy.

Its ergonomic design and advanced safety features make it not only a dream to ride but also a responsible choice for the environment and the rider’s safety. However, while it excels in terms of fuel efficiency and resale value, potential buyers should also consider the bike’s declining build quality and lack of advanced features. Despite these cons, the Honda CD 70 Dream remains a strong contender in the 70cc motorbike segment due to its affordability, reliability, and availability of parts and spares across the country.

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