Gold Rate In Pakistan Today 5 October 2023

The gold market in Pakistan continues to fluctuate, with rates varying on a daily basis. As of today, October 5th, 2023, the rate for 24k gold stands at Rs. 197000 per tola, while the rate for 22k gold is Rs. 180583 per tola. This means that those looking to purchase gold today have a few options to consider, depending on their preferences and budgetary constraints. Whether you’re looking to invest in gold for its historical value or as a hedge against inflation, staying up to date with the latest gold rates in Pakistan is crucial. So make sure to check in regularly so you can make informed decisions with your financial investments.

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 5 October 2023

Gold Rate24K Gold Rate Today22K Gold Rate Today
per Tola GoldRs. 197000Rs. 180583
per 10 GramsRs. 168896Rs. 154821
per Gram GoldRs. 16890Rs. 15482

Gold Prices Today 5 October 2023 Major Cities Of Pakistan

LahorePKR 201,100PKR 2,300
KarachiPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
IslamabadPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
PeshawarPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
QuettaPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
SialkotPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
AttockPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
GujranwalaPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
JehlumPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
MultanPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
BahawalpurPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
GujratPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
NawabshahPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
ChakwalPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
HyderabadPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
NowshehraPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
SargodhaPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
FaisalabadPKR 201,100PKR 2,300
MirpurPKR 201,100PKR 2,300

Gold Rates In Pakistan Today

We are talking about gold, a precious metal that has captivated civilizations for centuries. Today, we delve into the captivating world of gold rates in Pakistan on this remarkable day, October 5th, 2023. Join us on this journey as we explore the current gold rates and uncover the secrets behind its allure.

Unveiling the Golden Numbers

As the sun rises on this auspicious day, let us take a closer look at the gold rates across Pakistan. Brace yourself for some truly mesmerizing figures that will leave you in awe:

24K Gold Rate Today

For those seeking pure elegance and opulence, the current rate for 24K gold stands at an impressive Rs. 197,000 per tola. This exquisite price reflects not only the intrinsic value of gold but also its timeless appeal that knows no bounds.

22K Gold Rate Today

If you prefer a touch of sophistication combined with practicality, then set your sights on the 22K gold rate today. At Rs. 180,583 per tola, it strikes a perfect balance between indulgence and sensibility – an investment worth its weight in gold.

Per Tola Gold

For those who measure their fortunes by every tola of gold they possess, rejoice! Today’s per tola gold rate is set at Rs. 197,000 for 24K gold and Rs. 180,583 for 22K gold. These numbers are more than just figures; they represent dreams realized and aspirations fulfilled.

Per 10 Grams

If you prefer a more granular perspective when it comes to your golden desires, allow us to present you with another enticing option. The current rate per 10 grams of gold stands at Rs. 168,896 for 24K gold and Rs. 154,821 for 22K gold. These numbers are a testament to the allure that lies within each precious gram.

Per Gram Gold

For the meticulous souls who calculate their wealth by the smallest unit, we present you with the per gram gold rate. Today, it stands at an enchanting Rs. 16,890 for 24K gold and Rs. 15,482 for 22K gold – a reminder that even the tiniest increments can hold immense value.

City Spotlight: Shining Bright Across Pakistan

As we traverse this golden path, let us shine a spotlight on some of Pakistan’s major cities and their corresponding gold rates:


In the heartland of Punjab, Lahore dazzles with its rich heritage and vibrant culture. Today, Lahoris can indulge in the golden splendor with a rate of PKR 201,100 for both gold and silver.


The bustling metropolis of Karachi sets its own pace in the realm of gold rates. Here, residents can rejoice in harmony with Lahoris as they too enjoy a rate of PKR 201,100 for both gold and silver.


Nestled amidst lush greenery and political grandeur, Islamabad showcases its affinity for elegance through its synchronized rates of PKR 201,100 for both gold and silver.


Known as the city of flowers and hospitality, Peshawar welcomes visitors with open arms while offering them a unified rate of PKR 201,100 for both gold and silver.


Surrounded by majestic mountains and steeped in history, Quetta mesmerizes with its charm while keeping its golden promise intact at a rate of PKR 201,100 for both gold and silver.

From Lahore to Mirpur and every city in between, the golden thread that binds these cities together is the shared appreciation for the timeless beauty and enduring value of gold.

In our next section, we will explore the significance of gold as an investment and its historical allure. Stay tuned and let the nostalgia of a bygone era guide us toward a prosperous future.

The Golden Legacy: Investing in Timeless Beauty

Gold has long been heralded as a safe haven for investors, serving as an anchor amidst economic uncertainties and market fluctuations. Its historical significance dates back centuries, intertwining with tales of wealth, power, and grandeur.

A Hedge Against Inflation

One of the key reasons why gold has remained a steadfast choice for investors is its ability to act as a hedge against inflation. When currencies falter or lose their purchasing power, gold shines brightly as a store of value that stands the test of time.

Portfolio Diversification

In a world where diversification is often touted as the key to financial success, including gold within one’s investment portfolio offers a level of stability and protection against market volatility. Its low correlation with other asset classes ensures that even during turbulent times, your investments remain secure.

Cultural Significance

Beyond its financial benefits, gold holds immense cultural significance in Pakistan. From weddings to festivals and auspicious occasions, gold adorns our lives with tradition and sentimentality. Owning this precious metal allows us to partake in centuries-old rituals while preserving our heritage.

A Symbol of Luxury

Let’s not forget that gold represents more than just an investment it symbolizes luxury and exclusivity. Whether worn as jewelry or displayed in ornate objects d’art, owning gold elevates one’s status and adds an undeniable touch of opulence to life’s most cherished moments.

As we delve into the captivating world of this enduring precious metal, let us not forget that investing in gold extends beyond mere financial benefits. It presents an opportunity to be part of a legacy that has stood strong throughout history.

Stay tuned for the next section, where we will dive deeper into the cultural significance of gold in Pakistan and explore its role in our society.

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