B Form NADRA Fee Structure 2024

The B-Form, an integral identification document for Pakistani citizens, carries a certain fee in 2024 that is essential to be familiar with. A valid B-Form not only acts as proof of Pakistani citizenship and consequently the rights and privileges that come with it, but also aids in numerous governmental procedures such as passport renewals and visa applications. Being well-informed about these fees can eliminate overpayment and make the process more time-efficient. Therefore, this guide will walk you through all you need to understand about the B-form NADRA fee in 2024, covering the various available options and a step-by-step guide on how to apply.

B Form NADRA Fee Structure

CRC New/Duplicate/ModificationPKR 50PKR 500
FRCPKR 1000PKR 1000

The fee for the B Form NADRA changes depending on the urgency and type of service. For Child Registration Certificate (CRC) services, which include new applications, duplicates or modifications, the standard fee is PKR 50, but for urgent services, the price increases to PKR 500. Meanwhile, the fee for Family Registration Certificate (FRC) services remains steady at PKR 1000, irrespective of the urgency level. However, there are no executive services for these categories.

Necessary Documents for B Form

When acquiring a B-Form for a child, several documents are typically required:

  • Child’s Birth Certificate: This is the primary document used to verify the child’s identity and age.
  • Father’s NIC: The father’s National Identity Card is necessary to validate the father’s identity.
  • Mother’s NIC: Similarly, the mother’s National Identity Card is required to confirm her identity.

These documents, along with an application, must be submitted to a local National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) Office. It’s recommended to bring both original documents and photocopies and ensure all information is correct to quicken the process.

The B Form Process

Obtaining the B-form, also known as the Child Registration Certificate (CRC), is relatively simple. Initially, proof of child birth from a union council is required. After this, the parent must hold a National Identity Card (NIC) or a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP). Finally, a visit to a NADRA Registration Center (NRC) is required where you can submit your CRC application. This process ensures an easy and efficient way for citizens to secure their child’s identification.

Where to Apply for Form B?

To apply for form B or Child Registration Certificate (CRC), one should visit the nearest NADRA Registration Center (NRC). The process at NRC involves various steps such as token issuance, picture capturing, fingerprinting and signature taking. Your required information is then entered into the system and the form is printed for review. If a gazetted officer has attested the form, you can submit it to the NRC. However, if either of your parents is present at the time of application at the NRC, their biometrics can be captured, hence no attestation of the form is needed.

B-Form Delivery Time

Please note that the average delivery time for the B-form, upon completing the necessary processes, is around 5 working days. This period ensures that all information is correct and thoroughly checked. Your patience and understanding is appreciated during this time as we endeavour to provide the most efficient service.

Tracking Your B-Form Application Status

After submitting your B-Form application at the NRC, you can track its status online through the official NADRA website. Simply go to the ‘Track Your Application’ section and enter your tracking ID which will be given at the time of submission. If your application has been approved and your B-form is ready for collection, it will show ‘Ready for Delivery’. Remember, you should collect your B-form from the same NRC where you applied. This online tracking system can save you from unnecessary visits to the NRC and keep you updated on your application’s progress.

B-Form Application Tracking Fees

While the tracking service is extremely helpful, it does come with its own cost. Normal tracking incurs a fee of PKR 10, while urgent tracking costs PKR 50. Consider these charges when planning your B-form application process.

In conclusion, the NADRA B-form is a vital document for Pakistani citizens, and being aware of its fee structure, application process, and tracking methods can smooth out the entire process. The NADRA B-form fee for 2024 is deemed quite reasonable, and with the online tracking convenience, you can be confident that your application will be promptly and accurately processed. With this guide, you should now have a better grasp of what to expect when applying for your B-form in 2024. For any doubts or queries regarding the NADRA B-Form fee in 2024, contact the official helpline or drop a query in their online portal. You can also visit your nearest NADRA Registration Center (NRC) for more assistance


NADRA has remarkably simplified its new fee structure for B Form applications. The improved fee structure, with its easy-to-understand pricing, allows citizens to confidently file their applications without worrying about hidden or surprise fees. It’s important to note that these fees are now based per individual rather than per family, providing an equitable solution to everyone applying for a B Form. While the application process can be intimidating when you first start out, it should now be less daunting thanks to the newly implemented price structure and updated rules for filing. Ultimately, citizens of Pakistan should welcome this Maraaz with open arms and make use of their right to complete and submit their applications in a more streamlined manner than ever before.

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