Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 13 October 2023

Gold has always been one of the most valuable commodities in the world and today, on 13 October 2023, the gold rate in Pakistan is quite high. With 24K gold priced at PKR 201,000 per tola, it’s no wonder why so many investors and collectors keep a keen eye on the market. For those looking to buy or sell, it’s important to note that 22K gold is priced at PKR 184,250 per tola, 21K gold at PKR 175,875 per tola, and 18K gold at PKR 150,750 per tola. But, for those who prefer smaller quantities, 1 gram of 24K gold can be found at PKR 17,233, 22K gold at PKR 15,796.917, 21K gold at PKR 15,078.875, and 18K gold at PKR 12,924.750. With these rates, it’s clear that gold continues to hold its value in the market.

Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 13 October 2023

Gold Rate24K Gold22K Gold21K Gold
Per Tola GoldPKR.201,000PKR.184,250PKR.175,875
Per 10 Gram GoldPKR.172,330PKR.157,969.167PKR.150,788.750
Per 1 Gram GoldPKR.17,233PKR.15,796.917PKR.15,078.875

Today Gold Rates in Major Cities Of Pakistan 13 October 2023

LahorePKR 201,000PKR 2,300
KarachiPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
IslamabadPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
PeshawarPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
QuettaPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
SialkotPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
AttockPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
GujranwalaPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
JehlumPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
MultanPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
BahawalpurPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
GujratPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
NawabshahPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
ChakwalPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
HyderabadPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
NowshehraPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
SargodhaPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
FaisalabadPKR 201,000PKR 2,300
MirpurPKR 201,000PKR 2,300

The gold prices in the major cities of Pakistan have remained consistent on October 13, 2023, with a rate of PKR 201,000 across the board. This uniformity in gold rates extends from the northern city of Peshawar to the southern metropolis of Karachi, and from the eastern city of Lahore to the western city of Quetta. Additionally, the silver prices have also maintained a steady rate of PKR 2,300 in all major cities. This stability in gold and silver prices reflects the robustness of the precious metals market in Pakistan.

The demand for gold and silver in Pakistan has always been high, due to cultural traditions and beliefs as well as the use of these metals in various industries. As a result, the country has a thriving gold and silver market, with many trusted and reputable dealers operating across all major cities.

Moreover, the stable gold prices also indicate a strong economy in Pakistan, as fluctuations in gold prices can often be an indicator of economic instability. It is encouraging to see that the country’s economy has been able to sustain consistent gold rates, which bodes well for its future growth and stability.

24K 22k 21k 18k Gold Rate in Pakistan Today – 13 October 2023

On 13 October 2023, the gold rate in Pakistan for 24K gold was PKR.201,000 per tola, while for 22K gold it was PKR.184,250 per tola. The rates for 21K gold and 18K gold were PKR.175,875 and PKR.150,750 per tola respectively.

For 10 grams of gold, the rate was PKR.172,330 for 24K gold, PKR.157,969.167 for 22K gold, PKR.150,788.750 for 21K gold and PKR.129,247.500 for 18K gold.

The rate per gram for 24K gold was PKR.17,233, for 22K gold it was PKR.15,796.917, for 21K gold it was PKR.15,078.875 and for 18K gold it was PKR.12,924.750.

The rate per ounce of gold on this day was PKR.488,430 for 24K gold, PKR.447,727.500 for 22K gold, PKR.427,376.250 for 21K gold and PKR.366,322.500 for 18K gold.

These rates are determined by the international market trends and are subject to change on a daily basis. It is important to stay updated on the gold rates if you are planning to buy or sell gold in Pakistan.

Apart from jewelry and investment purposes, gold is also used in various industries such as electronics, medical devices, and aerospace technology. This makes it a valuable commodity not just for individuals but also for the economy of Pakistan.

Factors Affecting Gold Prices in Pakistan

Gold has been a highly valued metal for centuries, and its price is influenced by a variety of economic and political factors. In the context of Pakistan, gold holds a significant position due to its cultural and economic importance. It has been observed that the gold prices in Pakistan have seen major fluctuations over the years, which can be attributed to various factors. In this document, we will explore some of the key factors that affect gold prices in Pakistan.

Economic Factors

Economic conditions play a crucial role in determining the demand and supply of gold, which ultimately impacts its price. Inflation is one of the major economic factors affecting gold prices in Pakistan. When there is high inflation, people tend to invest in gold as a hedge against the decreasing value of their currency. This leads to an increase in demand for gold, driving its price up.

Another economic factor that influences gold prices in Pakistan is interest rates. When there is a low-interest rate environment, investors are less likely to put their money in savings accounts or bonds, and instead, turn to alternative investments such as gold.

Political Factors

Political instability is a major concern in Pakistan, and it has a direct impact on the country’s economy and currency. In times of political turmoil or uncertainty, people tend to turn towards safe-haven assets like gold, which leads to an increase in its demand and subsequently, its price. Similarly, trade policies and international relations also play a role in determining gold prices in Pakistan.

Global Gold Market

Pakistan is a major importer of gold, and the global market has a significant impact on its prices. Any changes in the global supply or demand for gold can affect its price in Pakistan as well. For instance, if there is an increase in global demand for gold due to its use in industries such as electronics or jewelry, it can lead to a rise in gold prices in Pakistan.

Rupee-Dollar Exchange Rate

The exchange rate between the Pakistani rupee and the US dollar also has a direct impact on gold prices in Pakistan. Gold is generally priced in USD, so any changes in the value of the dollar against the rupee can affect the price of gold in Pakistan. A weaker rupee against the dollar can result in higher gold prices, as it becomes more expensive for Pakistani buyers.

Seasonal Demand

In addition to economic and political factors, there is also a seasonal demand for gold in Pakistan. The wedding season, festivals such as Eid and Diwali, and other cultural events often see a surge in gold sales, leading to an increase in its price. This is because gold holds cultural and religious significance in Pakistan, and people tend to buy it during these occasions.

The gold rate in Pakistan today can be affected by multiple factors and it is important to keep track of these fluctuations for making informed decisions regarding gold investments or purchases. So, whether you are a jewelry enthusiast, an investor, or simply curious about the gold market in Pakistan, staying updated on the current rates is crucial. Keep an eye on the news and market trends and make your moves wisely.

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