Nippon Paints Price List in Pakistan 2024

Are you looking to decorate your home with the best paints in Pakistan? Nippon Paints is a great choice when it comes to quality and variety. Founded in Japan, Nippon Paint has been perfecting their product for over Many years and have spread the products worldwide. Not only do they provide a wide selection of colors for residential projects, but also unique chemical solutions for industrial needs as well.

Looking into starting your next project but don’t know anything about Nippon prices yet! This post will provide you with all the information needed on where and how to acquire all the amazing paints that Nippon provides at pocket friendly prices in Pakistan.

Nippon Paints Price List in Pakistan

Nippon PaintPrice in Pakistan
Nippon Paint Hi-Bond Wall Primer DrumRs. 18,460
Nippon Paint Slate Finish Gloss GallonRs. 18,638
Nippon Paint Hydro Gloss QuarterRs. 2,034
Momento® Enhancer Series (Cloud Pearl)Rs. 7,222
Momento® Textured Paint Series (Elegant)Rs. 7,222
Momento® Enhancer Series (Snow Frost)Rs. 7,222
Momento® Textured Paint Series (Sparkle Pearl)Rs. 7,222
Nippon Paint Timber Finish Thinner QuarterRs. 1,250
Nippon Paint Hydro Gloss GallonRs. 6,924
Nippon Paint Timber Finish Thinner GallonRs. 4,408
Momento® Textured Paint Series (Sparkle Gold)Rs. 7,222
Nippon Paint Expresskote Sealer GallonRs. 8,590
Nippon Paint Timber Finish Clear Wood Lacquer GallonRs. 6,788
Nippon Paint Perfect Emulsion DrumRs. 19,968
Nippon Paint Easy Wash QuarterRs. 1,920
Nippon Paint Slate Finish Gloss QuarterRs. 5,285
Nippon Paint Red Oxide Primer GallonRs. 3,990
Nippon Paint Hi-Bond Wall Primer QuarterRs. 1,450
Nippon FlexisealRs. 4,891
Nippon Paint Momento® Textured Paint Series (Sparkle Silver)Rs. 7,222
Nippon Paint Spot-less DrumRs. 33,598
Nippon Paint Timber Finish Clear Wood Lacquer QuarterRs. 1,897
Nippon Paint Weatherbond GallonRs. 6,556
Nippon Paint Vinilex 5200 Wall SealerRs. 10,460
Nippon Easy Wash DrumRs. 27,250
Nippon Paint Wall Putty GallonRs. 1,480
Nippon Paint Satin Glo GallonRs. 7,200
Nippon Paint Weatherbond DrumRs. 24,215
Timber Finish Wood Sealer GallonRs. 7,555
Nippon Paint Easy Coat Emulsion GallonRs. 2,650
Nippon Paint Wall Putty DrumRs. 5,210
Nippon Paint Q-LAC Gloss Enamel GallonRs. 4,540
Nippon Paint Expresskote Sealer QuarterRs. 2,300
Nippon Paint Q-LAC Gloss Enamel QuarterRs. 1,240
Nippon Paint Red Oxide Primer QuarterRs. 1,130
Nippon Perfect Emulsion QuarterRs. 1,518
Nippon Paint Easy Wash GallonRs. 7,090
Nippon Paint Perfect Emulsion GallonRs. 5,279
Nippon Paint Hi-Bond Wall Primer GallonRs. 4,940
Nippon Paint Satin Glo QuarterRs. 2,029

Nippon Primer Price List

Nippon PrimerDrum PriceGallon PriceQuarter Price
Nippon Red Oxide PrimerRs.27,739Rs.3,990Rs. 1,130
Nippon Hi-Bond Wall PrimerRs.26,460Rs.4,940Rs.1,450
Nippon Satin Glo Matt EnamelRs.27,098Rs.7,200Rs. 2,029
Nippon WeatherbondRs.24,215Rs.6,556NA
Nippon EasyWashRs.27,250Rs.7,090Rs.1,920
Nippon Weatherbond AdvanceRs.27,902Rs.7,437Rs.1960
Nippon Odour-less Air CareNARs.7,576NA
Nippon 9000 Gloss FinishNARs.4,614Rs.1750
Nippon Perfect EmulsionRs.19,968Rs.5,279Rs.1,518
Nippon Spot-less Matt EmulsionRs.33,598Rs.7,314Rs.1,905
Nippon Odour-less Air CareNARs.7,576Rs.1,960
Nipon Platone High GlossNARs.7,163Rs.1897
Nippon Momento Gold FrostNARs.6,754NA

Nippon Wall Putty Price List

Achieving a flawless finish to your walls is a crucial element to giving your home the perfect look and feel. That’s why choosing the right wall putty is so important to get the best results. Nippon Wall Putty is one of the most trusted names in the market when it comes to wall putty. With its high-quality formulation and smooth consistency, it provides a perfect base for an even paint job. The Nippon Wall Putty Price List ranges from Rs.1950 to Rs.7,006, ensuring that you can find the perfect product to match your budget and style needs. With its affordable price range and superior quality, it’s no wonder that Nippon Wall Putty is the go-to choice for homeowners and professionals alike.

Nippon Wall Putty TypesDrum PriceGallon Price
Nippon Wall PuttyRs.5,210Rs.1,480
Nippon Hi-Bond Acrylic PuttyRs.7,006Rs.1950

Nippon Emulsion Paints

Nippon EmulsionDrum PriceGallon PriceQuarter Price
Nippon Matex Pro Emulsion – White BucketRs.22,426Rs.1972NA
Nippon Easy Coat EmulsionRs.15,769Rs. 2,650NA
Nippon Super Matex EmulsionRs.24,477Rs.4,720NA
Nippon Matex Gold EmulsionRs.27,222Rs.7,222Rs.1989

Nippon Paints in Pakistan is a global brand that has established itself as a leader in the paint industry. With over Many years of experience, it has developed into one of the most trusted brands for quality and innovation. Nippon Paints provides an extensive range of products to meet the needs and desires of customers around the world, and its products are designed to meet both interior and exterior painting needs.

Nippon Paints in Pakistan offers a wide range of products including paints for walls, woodwork, furniture, vehicles, and much more. These specialized paints come with a guarantee of superior quality which is backed by strict research and development procedures. Moreover, Nippon Paints offers special features such as anti-corrosion and anti-fungal treatments, which ensure long lasting durability. Nippon Paint’s commitment to quality has enabled it to become the preferred paint brand in Pakistan.

Last Word:

We have looked at the various paint brands by Nippon Paints in Pakistan. Each range has its own uniqueness which can meet different needs- whether it’s an epoxy for a basement or wall paints. Whether you are looking for feel good colors with subtle undertones or stand out shades, Nippon Paints has something to offer for everyone! With reasonable pricing and superior quality Nippon Paints should be your choice when making any interior decorating decisions.

Their products pay close attention to detail and help ensure that your home looks beautiful and long lasting. Plus, their unique color match technology allows customers to get exactly what they want out of their purchase. So make sure to check out Nippon Paints price list and pick the colors that will best suit your lifestyle and personality!

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