Exide Battery Price in Pakistan 2024

Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective battery solution that can power all your automotive needs. Exide batteries have long been known to be the go-to choice for most Pakistanis when searching for an affordable way to keep their cars running. The company offers a wide variety of models that are designed to meet every type of budget and purpose.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss Exide Battery Price in Pakistan so you can better understand which model might be right for your needs. We’ll also provide some useful tips on how to find the best prices online, as well as some important considerations before making any purchase decisions. Read on!

Exide Battery Price List in Pakistan

Battery ModelPrice
Exide NS65 BatteryRs. 4,700
Exide N80 BatteryRs. 5,500
Exide battery Solar 50 12 volts 20 AmpRs. 5,750
Exide GL/GR50 BatteryRs. 6,100
Exide NS90 BatteryRs. 6,300
Exide GEN35 Lead Acid Battery 5 PlatRs. 6,800
Exide GL48 Lead Acid Battery 9 PlatesRs. 6,980
Exide CNG40 Lead Acid Battery 7 PlatesRs. 7,240
Exide GL55 Lead Acid Battery 11 PlatesRs. 8,200
Exide GL50 Plus Lead Acid Battery 9 PlatRs. 9,080
Exide N70 Lead Acid Battery 9 Plates 5Rs. 9,370
Exide Battery GL65 11 Plates 40 AmperRs. 9,950
Exide CNG 65L Lead Acid New Battery 11 PRs. 10,010
Exide NS 65L Lead Acid New Battery 12 PRs. 10,760
Exide MF-55L Maintenance Free BatteryRs. 11,200
EXIDE New BATTERY N75 12 VOLTS 55 AH RRs. 11,500
Exide MF-65L Maintenance Free Battery 1Rs. 12,230
Exide 6X120 BatteryRs. 12,500
Exide MF-75 13PL 55AH Deep Cycle LeaRs. 13,350
Exide N-85 11PL 65Ah Lead Acid BatteryRs. 13,540
Exide MF-95L Maintenance Free BatteryRs. 14,220
Exide N135 Plus BatteryRs. 14,500
Exide HP130 BatteryRs. 15,000
Exide N240Plus BatteryRs. 16,000
Exide MF-95 13PL 72AH Deep Cycle LeaRs. 16,510
Exide N130 Plus Battery 17 Plates 100 Ah PriceRs. 17,550
Exide EX110 Lead Acid Battery 15 PlatesRs. 18,190
Exide N130 Plus BatteryRs. 19,200
Exide N200 BatteryRs. 19,500
Exide 6X120 15 Plates 90 Ah BatteryRs. 20,400
Exide N260 BatteryRs. 21,500
Exide N135 Plus Battery 17 Plates 105Rs. 22,080
Exide HP-150 15PL 95Ah Deep Cycle LeaRs. 23,740
Exide 6LT180 Battery 23 Plates 130 AhRs. 24,390
Exide HP240 BatteryRs. 25,500
Exide Battery N175 19 Plates 12 Volts BaRs. 25,950
Exide HP195 Lead Acid Battery 21 PlateRs. 26,880
Exide Battery 12 volts N180 Plus 130ahRs. 27,950
Exide NS200 Battery 27 Plates 150 AhRs. 28,280
Exide HP-200 17PL 120Ah Deep CycleRs. 29,120
Exide N190 Battery 23 Plates 145 AhRs. 30,050
Exide Battery HP230 Deep Cycle HeavyRs. 32,950
Exide TR-1500 5P 145Ah Heavy Duty Tall Tubular BatteryRs. 33,200
Exide HP240 Lead Acid Battery 27 Plates 180 Ah PriceRs. 34,600
Exide HP-230 21PL 140Ah Deep CycleRs. 35,060
Exide HP245 12Volt 170Ah 25 PlateRs. 36,840
Exide Battery NS240 PLUS 180 Ampere 27Rs. 37,950
Exide TR-1800 5P 185Ah Heavy Duty TalRs. 38,440
Exide NS240 Plus New Battery 27 Plates 180 AhRs. 39,880
Exide HP-250 25PL 170Ah Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery PriceRs. 42,480
Exide HP-275 27PL 180Ah Deep Cycle Lead Acid BatteryRs. 44,700
Exide NS-250PP 31PL 200Ah Lead Acid Battery PriceRs. 49,710
Exide TR-2500 7P 230Ah Heavy New Duty Tall Tubular Battery PriceRs. 52,420
Exide TR-3000 9P 250Ah Heavy Duty Tall Tubular Battery PriceRs. 55,910
Exide N250 Plus New Battery 31 Plates 200 AhRs. 56,060
Exide N260 Battery 33 Plates 210 Ah PriceRs. 57,330
Exide TR-3500 9P 290Ah Heavy DutyRs. 63,300

Exide batteries are a popular brand of automotive, industrial and deep cycle batteries that have been supplying energy solutions to a variety of industries since 1953. Exide offers a wide range of products for cars, motorcycles, marine vessels, inverters, UPSs and many others. When it comes to quality and performance, Exide is the trusted choice of professionals worldwide.

The Exide battery price in Pakistan can vary depending on the type and size of the battery, as well as its features and performance. For automotive batteries, for example, prices can range from PKR 6500 to more than PKR 15000. Similarly, prices of industrial and deep cycle batteries can go up to PKR 50000 or more.

When it comes to buying an Exide battery in Pakistan, buyers have a few options available. The most convenient option is to buy directly from an authorized dealer or service center. This will ensure that the battery is genuine and of superior quality as well as include a warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. If you are looking for a cheaper price, you can also shop online or look up local retailers in your area.

Overall, Exide batteries are an excellent choice for those who need reliable and durable power solutions. Their long-lasting performance ensures that you get the most out of your money without compromising on quality. With the wide range of prices and sizes available, there’s sure to be an Exide battery that fits your needs and budget. Whether you are looking for a car or motorcycle battery, or need an industrial grade power source, Exide has the perfect product for you. With its long-standing reputation as one of the best brands in the market, it is no surprise that Exide batteries are the go-to choice for many. So if you’re in the market for a reliable and powerful battery, then Exide is definitely worth looking into. With its excellent performance and competitive prices, it makes sense to invest in an Exide battery.

Last Words:

Exide batteries are an excellent choice for those who are looking for a reliable and affordable battery solution for their automotive needs. With the plethora of options available in Pakistan, it can be difficult to decide on which make and model to purchase. However, Exide’s decades-long history of providing high-quality products that last and the competitive pricing make them a strong contender.

Not only do they provide great customer service with friendly representatives, but they also offer a variety of sizes and functions in their offerings, making them suitable for practically any type of vehicle. Additionally, their innovative technology ensures that each time a customer purchases an Exide battery they get get the most reliable power possible. So if you’re looking for an exceptional battery option for your car or other vehicle, look no further than Exide’s long line of top-notch products to keep you running smoothly.

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