United 70cc 2024 Model Price In Pakistan And Features

United Auto Industries (Pvt) Ltd. has released an update to their popular United 70cc model with a brand new sticker. The timing of this release comes just after the Honda CD 70 2024 model by Atlas Honda, which remains the best-selling motorcycle in Pakistan. While there are no changes made to the design of the motorcycle itself, United Auto Industries has released this update with the understanding that sometimes it’s the little changes that make the biggest impact. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the United 70cc or new to the game, this minor change may be enough to win you over.

United 70cc 2024 Model Price In Pakistan

United 70cc 2024 ModelPrice In Pakistan
United 70cc 2024 Model BikeRs. 109,500

The United 70cc 2024 model is an affordable and efficient choice for two-wheeler enthusiasts in Pakistan. With a price tag of just Rs. 109,500, this model offers excellent value for money. It combines sleek design, reliable performance, and robust construction into a package that’s hard to resist. Whether you’re navigating busy city streets or traversing the country’s diverse landscapes, the United 70cc 2024 model is a trusty companion that won’t let you down.

United 70cc 2024 Bike Overview

The United US 70 2024 edition, continuing the tradition of its predecessors, brings an array of remarkable features to the table. Its sleek design and comfortable seating arrangement cater to the rider’s comfort, while the robust engine ensures a smooth ride even on the bumpiest of roads. This motorcycle is equipped with advanced fuel technology that guarantees optimal fuel efficiency, making it an economical choice for daily commuters. A highlight of this model is its extended warranty claim network, demonstrating United’s commitment to delivering top-notch after-sales service. United US 70 2024, with its unbeatable price and enhanced features, is poised to become a reliable companion for all your commuting needs.

United 70cc 2024 Model Launched With Brand New Sticker

The United 70cc 2024 has now been launched, showcasing an exciting new feature a brand new sticker. This added aesthetic touch enhances the overall look of the motorcycle, bringing a fresh appeal that aligns with the sensibilities of the modern rider. The new sticker design accentuates the bike’s sleek lines and provides a distinctive visual identity, setting it apart from its predecessors and competition. This launch marks a significant step forward in United’s pursuit of innovation and design excellence.

United 70cc 2024 Model Design

The United 70cc 2024 model sports an appealing design that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Its dimensions measure 1897mm in length, 751mm in width and 1014mm in height, providing a compact frame that’s easy to manoeuvre. With a dry weight of 88KG and a backbone type frame, it offers stability and resilience, ensuring a smooth ride even on uneven terrains. The ground clearance stands at 135mm, allowing for safer navigation over obstacles. The wheel size is 17 inches, fitted with robust tyres measuring 2.50 – 17 at the back and 2.25 – 2.25 at the front. These specifications combined make the United 70cc 2024 an excellent choice for riders seeking an efficient, comfortable and reliable motorcycle.

United 70cc 2024 Model Engine

The United 70cc 2024 Model features an efficient 4-Stroke OHC Single Cylinder engine, cooled by air. The engine displacement stands at 78CC and it operates at a compression ratio of 8.1:1. This blend of specifications ensures a smooth riding experience with commendable fuel efficiency. The air-cooled engine ensures optimal performance even under strenuous conditions, making it a reliable choice for everyday commuters.

United 70cc 2024 Model Mileage Fuel average

The United 70cc 2024 model is an exceptional motorcycle designed with a focus on fuel efficiency. With a commendable fuel average of around 50.0 KM/L, this model ensures maximum performance while keeping your fuel cost at a minimum. Its impressive mileage makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and economical mode of transportation.

United 70cc 2024 Model Ride & Handling

The United 70cc 2024 model’s ride and handling is augmented by its mechanical drum brakes at both the front and rear, offering reliable stopping power. The nimble handling is further bolstered by a 4-Speed transmission, delivering a balanced blend of efficiency and performance. The starting system employs an Arm Assy Kick, making for an effortless start. The motorcycle’s heart is a potent engine that churns out 7.0 HP at 7000.0 RPM and 6.6 Nm of torque at 6500.0 RPM, providing an exhilarating ride without compromising on fuel efficiency.

United 70cc 2024 Model Specification

Engine Type4-Stroke OHC Single Cylinder, Air Cooled
Compression Ratio8.1:1
Front BrakeDrum Mechanical
Rear BrakeDrum Mechanical
Starting SystemKick Start with Arm Assembly
Fuel Tank Capacity8.5 Litres
Tyre Front2.25-17/4PR
Tyre Rear2.50-17/4PR
Battery12 Volt
Engine Oil Capacity0.7 Litres
Dimensions (LxWxH)1897 x 751 x 1014 mm
Horsepower7.0 HP @ 7000 RPM
Torque6.6 Nm @ 6500 RPM
Bore & Stroke47.0 x 41.4 mm
Petrol Capacity9 Litres
Fuel Average50.0 KM/L
Starting SystemKick Start
Top Speed80 KM/H
Dry Weight88 KG
FrameBackbone Type
Ground Clearance135 mm
Wheel Size17 inches
Tyre at Back2.50 – 17
Tyre at Front2.25 – 17
Price (PKR)109,500

Unveiling the United 70cc 2024 Model: A Comprehensive Evaluation of its Advantages and Disadvantages.

Discover the economic advantages, easy availability of parts, and low maintenance costs that come with this outstanding model. Despite maintaining the same standard shape, it’s important to consider its underpowered nature.


What is the price of United US 70cc in Pakistan 2024?

The United US 70cc 2024 model is priced at PKR 109,500 in Pakistan. Known for its fuel efficiency and durability, this motorcycle offers great value for its cost. Please note that prices may vary based on location and dealership.

What is the engine displacement of United US 70?

The engine displacement of the United US 70 is 70cc. This indicates the total volume of all the cylinders in the motorcycle’s engine. Such a displacement size offers a balance between fuel efficiency and power, making the United US 70 a suitable choice for commuting within the city or for short distance travel.

What is the fuel tank capacity of United US 70?

The United US 70 boasts a fuel tank capacity of 9 liters, facilitating long uninterrupted journeys and reducing the frequency of refuelling stops. This capacity embodies its practicality and efficiency, making it a popular choice among commuters.

What is the mileage/fuel average of United US 70?

The United US 70, a popular motorcycle model, boasts an impressive fuel average. It is engineered for optimal fuel efficiency, delivering an average of 50.0 KM/L. This mileage makes it an economical choice for riders, significantly reducing fuel costs and contributing to a more eco-friendly ride.


The United 70cc 2024 model brings a breath of fresh air with its visually pleasing new sticker, catering to the aesthetic preferences of today’s discerning riders. This seemingly small change is a testament to United Auto Industries’ understanding of their customer base, acknowledging that even the smallest details can have a profound impact on a product’s appeal. As a potential customer, whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newcomer, this minor alteration might be the very element that catches your eye and sways your decision towards this bike.

The sticker, while an aesthetic addition, contributes significantly to the bike’s personality, highlighting its sleekness and modern design. This is an example of how United Auto Industries continues to innovate and maintain its competitive edge in the market, especially in the face of stiff competition from brands like Atlas Honda. This move shows the company’s commitment to both innovation and customer satisfaction, ensuring that their product, though unchanged in design and performance, continues to feel new and exciting to consumers.

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