Al-Fatah Ramzan Rashan Package 2024

Ramzan is the holy month of fasting, reflection, and charity across many Muslim countries around the world. This summer marks a special occasion for citizens in Pakistan as Al-Fatah announces its Ramzan Rashan Package 2024 an initiative designed to benefit those less fortunate by providing nutritious sehri meals throughout Ramadan. Whether you’re donating goods or aiding financially, there are ample opportunities available which allow us to empower those living in poverty and make this precarious time more bearable for them. Also check rozy ki dua. Let’s join together and learn why it’s important to give back during such trying times!

Al Fatah Ramadan Rashan Packages List 2024

This Ramadan season, Al Fatah makes giving easy! Al Fatah is offering its customers the chance to bless their families and friends across Pakistan with quality care packages. Whether you are looking for something modest or extravagant, these packages range from Rs. 2,495 to Rs. 3,595. Every package contains dry groceries so everyone will be able to observe Ramadan like they normally would from the comfort of their homes without having to worry about securing the necessary items. Give your loved ones a gift that will surely bring a smile on their faces this Ramadan an Al Fatah Care Package!

Al Fatah Mall Ramazan Mega Ration Package

Ramadan Mega PackageSize
Glaze Cooking Oil Pouch1 Ltr
Local Desi Sugar2 KG
Basin Special Quality1 KG
Daal Chana Bareek1 Kg
White Channa Bareek500 GM
Rooh Afza800 ML
Tapal Danedar Tea Pack85 GM
Basmati Rice1 KG
Premium Zehdi Dates400 GM
Safaid Namak800 GM
Atta10 Kg
Price of this package Rs.3,595Buy Online

Al Fatah Ramadan Economy Ration Package

Glaze Cooking Oil Pouch1 ltr
Local Desi Sugar1 kg
Basin Special Quality500 Gm
Daal Chana (IMP) Bareek500 Gm
White Chana (IMP) Bareek500 Gm
Rooh Afza Sharbat800 Ml
Tapal Danedar Pack85 Gm
Basmati Rice1 kg
Premium Zehdi Dates400 Gm
Price Of this Package: Rs. 3,595Buy Online

In the Ramadan of 2024, Al Fatah is launching two different Rashan Packages to make it easier for families to provide a balanced diet throughout the holy month.

The Mega Ration Package includes all the essentials and provides enough food items for a family of four for 30 days. The package includes everything from Rice, Flour, Sugar, Cooking Oil, and Ghee to Tea Leaves, Basmati Rice, Spices and Daal. All of these items are carefully selected to meet the dietary needs of a family throughout Ramadan. The total cost of this package is Rs.2,495.

The Economy Ration Package targets families that have a little less to spend. It includes all the essentials for a family of four for 25 days, including Rice, Flour, Sugar, Cooking Oil, Ghee, Tea Leaves, Spices and Daal. Although it’s slightly smaller than the Mega Ration Package in terms of quantity and number of items included in the package, it still provides enough food to meet the dietary needs of a family throughout Ramadan. The total cost for this package is Rs. 3,595.

Al Fatah wants to make sure that all families can enjoy a balanced and nutritious diet during Ramadan, regardless of their financial situation. Both packages are available through Al Fatah’s online store or in-store across Pakistan.Get your Ramadan Rashan Packages today and make sure you have enough food to last throughout the holy month.

Final Words:

As the Holy Month of Ramadan is fast approaching, Al Fatah invites you to share it with others in a spirit of true selflessness. Through the Ramadan Rushan Packages 2023, you can provide essential items such as flour, rice, sugar and other highly nutritious staples to those going through underprivileged periods. Supported by a trusted name, Al Fatah also operates with a social mission to help bring relief to as many people possible. Whether it’s the Mega Ration Package for Rs 2,495 or Economy Ration Package for Rs 3,595 this generous Ramadan offering reflects an inclusive attitude towards all members of society and stands testimony to our commitment of doing good deeds in times of need. With this initiative, let’s light up our homes and hearts as we celebrate this sacred month!

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