Aga Khan Lab Test Rate List 2024

Are you looking for quality lab test services but not sure where to turn? the premier testing facility in Pakistan offering high quality lab tests with competitive rates. Not only is their testing accurate and timely, their prices are also some of the most affordable around. Let’s find out more about what this premier laboratory has to offer; from price list comparisons across available packages to the types of tests offered at the Lab all in this comprehensive blog post!

Aga Khan Lab Test Rate List 

Pakistan has seen a surge in demand for coronavirus testing recently, with an ever growing number of people opting to take the Aga Khan Laboratory test. This test offers those living within Pakistan a variety of different options at cost effective prices ranging between ₨. 700 to ₨. 20235.60. The highly experienced laboratory staff provides accurate results and useful advice on the potential outcomes associated with them. Speedy service also proves helpful during these times as this pandemic continues to spread its roots deep into our society, leaving little room for other individual priorities. With the idea of preventive measures being promoted by authorities within Pakistan, getting tested at any of the Aga Khan Lab branches in the country will make sure an effective strategy is implemented for fighting this viral outbreak.

Aga Khan Lab Test Prices List 2024

AGA Khan Laboratory TestPrices
Blood CultureRs. 1500
Stool D/R (SDRC)Rs.650 
CBC ESR PlateletsRs. 710
Liver Function TestRs.1650
Thyroid ProfileRs. 2520
Blood Urea Nitrogen Rs.600
Anti Thyroid PeroxidaseRs. 750
Anti HCVRs.2400
TSH Thyroid Stimulating HormoneRs. 1050
Hepatits B Surface AntigenRs.1300
Urine pHRs. 220
Hepatits B Surface AntibodyRs.1600
Uric AcidRs. 540
Fasting GlucoseRs. 320
Serum IronRs.850
Random GlucoseRs. 320
Glucose Tolerance Test or
 Glucose Challenge Test
Rs. 480
Lipid ProfileRs.2250
CSF GlucoseRs. 280
Abo Blood Group RH FactorRs. 560
Complete Blood CountRs.700
AutopsyRs. 11360
Large AutopsyRs. 3280
Direct Coombs TestRs.680
Water CultureRs. 320
WidalRs. 930
White Blood CountRs. 2650
Varicella-Zoster Virus AntibodyRs. 1960
Fasting InsulinRs.4000
Thalassemia by PCRRs. 26480
Free Androgen IndexRs.3400
Thalessemia PCR in BloogRs. 15130
TriglycerideRs. 480
Magnesium TestRs.1100
Dengue IgMRs. 1760
HepC ABRs.2500
Dengue Rapid NS1 AntigenRs. 1760
Vitamin B12Rs.2000
Malaria ParasiteRs. 560
RBC FolateRs.2000
Malaria AntigenRs. 1060
Fasting Glucose Rs.500
Serum Calcium Rs.650
Magnesium Rs.1100
Serum Uric AcidRs.700

The Aga Khan Laboratory Test Rates in Pakistan are some of the most competitive and reliable test rates in the country. There are a variety of tests available, ranging from basic blood tests to complex genomic testing. The laboratory is also capable of providing both qualitative and quantitative results quickly and accurately, allowing for easy diagnosis and treatment.

The Aga Khan Laboratory Test Rates are designed to be affordable and accessible to all, with a wide range of services available at discounted rates.

The laboratory also provides free consultation and advice to those who need it, making sure anyone seeking testing can get the care they deserve. With their commitment to quality and accuracy, the Aga Khan Laboratory Test Rates in Pakistan ensure that the healthcare professionals can provide the best possible care for their patients. They strive to make sure that everyone has access to the most up to date testing services, ensuring accuracy and reliability in all results. With their commitment to quality and accuracy, Aga Khan Laboratory Test Rates in Pakistan are a great choice for those looking for reliable and affordable test rates in the country.

The Aga Khan Laboratory Test Rates in Pakistan also offer a wide range of other services, such as genetic testing and DNA testing. These tests can be used to diagnose various conditions and diseases, as well as to assess an individual’s risk factors for certain conditions or diseases. The laboratory is also capable of providing information on inherited traits, helping healthcare professionals to make informed decisions for their patients. With the help of these tests, individuals can better understand and manage risks associated with certain health conditions or diseases.

How to Check Aga Khan Lab Report Online?

To check Aga Khan Lab report online, you first need to go to the website of the lab. From here, select the ‘My Results’ tab from the main menu and log in with your username and password. Once logged in, you can see a list of your past test results as well as any current tests that have been completed.

From here, you can select the report that you want to view and download it as a PDF file. Once opened, you will be able to see all the details of your test results such as the date and time when it was conducted, what tests were done, and any relevant comments or recommendations that may have been given by the technicians. With a few simple steps, you can easily view and download Aga Khan Lab report online.


Overall, the rate list provided by the Aga Khan Lab is comprehensive and provides useful information. It includes prices for many different tests, allowing users to easily select the best one for their specific needs. This rate list also allows them to compare prices and services between different providers, so they can make an informed decision.

Furthermore, this rate list is widely accessible and continuously updated to ensure customers have access to the most up to date information available. In conclusion, the Aga Khan Lab Rate List is a great tool for anyone looking to get tested as it has all relevant pricing details so that they can make an informed decision with minimal fuss. Additionally, it can help healthcare providers keep track of new developments in their sector, helping them stay competitive in delivering quality services at affordable rates. All in all, we strongly recommend using the Aga Khan Lab Rate List when considering getting tested.

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