Copper Rate in Pakistan 2024

Whether you are a corporate investor, an individual trader or just someone looking to keep up with the latest market trends and changes in Pakistan’s economical sector, understanding copper rate in Pakistan is essential for making informed decisions. Copper is one of the most widely used metals on Earth and when it comes to investment decisions involving this metal, it pays off to have detailed knowledge about the trend of the copper rate here in Pakistan.

In this blog post, we will analyze current rates and explore where they could possibly head soon. We will discuss their spiritual importance as well as their utility value, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Copper Price Per Kg in Pakistan Today 2024

Copper Price In Pakistan
New Copper PriceRs. 2,500 to 2,600
Old Copper Average PriceRs. 1,700 to 1800

As the year 2024 begins, the price of copper per kilogram in rupees is a hot topic. According to the latest information, new copper is currently priced at around Rs. 2,400 to Rs. 2,550 per kilogram, while old copper’s average price ranges from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 1,600 per kilogram. With its importance in industries such as construction, electronics, and transportation, the price of copper greatly affects the cost of production and ultimately, the prices of consumer goods. Keeping a close eye on the copper market can help individuals and businesses make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.

Scrap Copper & Silver Price List in Pakistan

Scrape Copper Type Average Per Kg Rate
Tamba CopperRs. 2400
Desi Armature CopperRs. 2370
Burtan TambaRs. 2160
Tanda TambaRs. 2000
Lal PetalRs. 1800
PetalRs. 1500
Petal Motor BankarRs. 1600
Petal RadiatorRs. 1440
Petal Bora wali JaliRs. 1,440
Jista CompressorRs. 780
Jista Motor BankarRs. 760
Compressor FridgeRs. 400
Compressor silver kariRs. 705
Compressor salaiRs. 600
Bankar Silver KariRs. 500
Bankar Motor SalaiRs. 590
Silver Patti stockRs. 525
Silver Piston big truck bussRs. 550
Silver Piston Car, Motorcycle etcRs. 485
Silver NarmRs. 530
Silver Sakht Motor body PartsRs. 550
Silver sakht Motorcycle walaRs. 540
Silver LocalRs. 440
Silver Mix DharaRs. 430
Anemal TaarRs. 440
Sika Saaf batteryRs. 620
JistaRs. 600
Jista MixRs. 500
Jista Kala MotaRs. 630
Brack Lather Bahir SaafRs. 400
Silver RadiatorRs. 480
Silver Patti Stock Guard Motor CycleRs. 500

Scrap copper and silver prices in Pakistan are expected to be a hot topic in 2024, with prices ranging from Rs.500 to 2700 per kg. As the world continues to shift towards renewable energy sources and electric cars, the demand for copper is expected to rise sharply, making it a valuable commodity for recycling. Silver, on the other hand, has always been a precious metal, with its value only increasing over time. With these prices in mind, those who have collected scrap copper and silver now have an opportunity to cash in on their collections. It’s an exciting time to be in the scrap metal business!

Best Copper Cable wire Company’s in Pakistan

Pakistan Cables Limited is one of the leading copper cable manufacturing companies in Pakistan. They are renowned for their high quality products and services, with a range of cables including Full Gauge, Heat resistant, Fireproof and specially tailored Lengths. Their long-standing expertise has enabled them to provide end users with reliable solutions that will last for years.

Newage Cable is also a highly respected company in the copper cable industry of Pakistan. They have been producing high-quality cables for multiple decades, and their products are widely used in both residential and industrial settings. They specialize in offering customized solutions specifically tailor-made to meet customer requirements.

English Cables is another name that comes to mind when talking about the best companies of Pakistan in the copper cable sector. They specialize in providing cables for railway networks, buildings, and power grids. Their product offerings also include data cables, instrumentation cables, fiber-optic cables and heating wires.

GM Cables is a leading supplier of copper cables in Pakistan that provide excellent quality at competitive prices. Their products are available in different lengths and sizes, along with a wide range of other features. They provide cable solutions for various industries, ranging from telecommunications to electronics and even medical equipment.

These four companies are just some of the reputable names in the copper cable industry in Pakistan. Each one has its own unique products and services, which makes them stand out among their peers. With their excellent quality and reliable customer services, these companies are undoubtedly the best in their respective field.

However, it is important to make sure that you do your research before making a purchase from any of them. This will ensure that you get the best quality product at the lowest possible price. It is also imperative to look into customer reviews and feedback for each of these companies, so that you can be sure of their reliability.

Overall, Pakistan has a thriving copper cable industry with some of the best companies in the world. Whether you are looking for cables for residential or industrial use, these four companies can provide high-quality products and services that will last for years. Doing your research beforehand is vital to ensure you make an informed purchase decision and get exactly what you need for your specific application.

With careful consideration and a thorough evaluation of each company, you can be sure to find the right copper cable product that meets your needs and budget perfectly. Shop smart and get the best value for money with these four leading copper cable companies in Pakistan.


The copper price per kg in Pakistan today is highly affected by various contributing factors, such as supply and demand for copper, international market prices, exchange rates, and economic policies. Although copper is usually used for industrial purposes in Pakistan, it can be used for many other things such as decorating different items or making jewelry so if you’re interested in any of these activities do take note of the price.

Whether you demand it for industry or some other purpose, understanding these factors might help you understand why and how copper prices are changing. It’s also a good idea to stay up to date with economic news if you want to purchase copper at the best possible rate or make predictions on future prices. So keep a close eye on the current price trends and enjoy working with copper!

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