1 Litre Fresh Cow Milk Price In Pakistan 2024

Are you looking for fresh cow milk prices in Pakistan? Do you want to know what the average cost of one litre of cow milk is, and how it may vary by location? In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of the current per-litre price range and trends regarding fresh cows’ raw unpasteurized milk across various locations in Pakistan.

We will explore factors that influence pricing and discuss some tips on where to find the best priced fresh cow’s milk available. With this information, you can make a more informed decision when purchasing your next carton or bottle of freshly squeezed raw cow’s milk.

1 Litre Fresh Cow Milk Price In Pakistan

1 Litre Fresh Cow Milk Price In Pakistan
Fresh Cow Milk RateRs.160 to 250 Per Litre

In Pakistan, the cost of 1 litre of fresh cow’s milk varies, primarily due to factors such as location, season, and quality of milk. As an approximate range, consumers can expect to pay between Rs. 160 to Rs. 250 per litre. This price is an indication of the market rate and may vary based on the aforementioned factors.

1 Litre Doodh Milk Rate In Pakistan Today

The price of 1 litre fresh cow milk in Pakistan can vary greatly depending on the region and source. Generally, you will find it priced between Rs.160 to 250 per litre across different parts of the country. For those looking for an economical option, buffalo milk is also available at a much lower rate than cow milk.

Fresh Milk Rate List All Major Cities in Pakistan

Milk Rate Listin Pakistan
Lahore milk rate todayRs 165 to Rs.250
Karachi milk rate todayRs 165 to Rs.280
IslamabadRs 165 to Rs.290
Faisalabad milk rate todayRs 165 to Rs.250
Peshawar milk rate todayRs 165 to Rs.250
Gujranwala milk rate todayRs 165 to Rs.250
Sargodha milk rate todayRs 165 to Rs.250
Sukkur milk rate todayRs 165 to Rs.250

These prices may vary depending on the location and type of milk being purchased. Be sure to check with your local vendor for updates on current milk rates. Knowing the rate of fresh milk can help you shop smarter and save money in the long run!


In conclusion, the 1 litre fresh cow milk price in Pakistan 2024 has increased by a significant margin. To ensure that milk will not rise any more, it is highly recommended to purchase dairy products from trusted and certified sources. Moreover, local farmers are encouraged to practice sustainable methods of production as this would help in making sure that the quality does not drop and prices remain relatively stable. Furthermore, consumers should also help these local producers by supporting their produce as much as possible.

Last but not least, we all have to accept that living expenses have become higher in recent times and this situation with cow milk prices is just another reminder of inflated prices across the country. Therefore it is paramount that proper steps are taken to reduce the cost for milking cows while also providing them a hygienic environment to enhance the rich flavour they offer us on a daily basis.

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