Utility Store Price List Today in Pakistan 2024

If you’re looking for a reliable source of good, quality products at affordable prices, then you should consider shopping at Pakistan’s Utility Stores. Located throughout the nation and boasting more than 5,000 outlets across all provinces and territories, these stores provide an incredible range of convenient services that make shopping as easy and stress free as possible.

Not only do they offer fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products; but also household items like utensils and appliances too. And best of all their simple pricing system ensures customers get great value for money on whatever they purchase! So if you want to find out exactly how much things cost from your nearest branches in the country’s most economical marketplace, then read ahead to discover our complete price list with rates from Pakistan’s Utility Stores!

Utility Store Price List Today 2024

The prices for items at a utility store have been steadily rising over the past few years. As of today, 2024, it’s almost impossible to shop for basic necessities without breaking the bank. Customers are finding themselves forced to choose between skimping on quality or cutting back on quantity. Unfortunately, the burden of ever increasing costs isn’t up to them it’s up to the buyers and sellers in the market to adequately balance needs, wants and supply and-demand forces. While this shift has been challenging for everyone, it highlights how essential it is for us to think critically as consumers and demand fair prices.

Price list of utility stores in Pakistan updated today. Prices may vary from store to store. You can check the prices of different commodities at different utility stores and buy accordingly.

Ramadan Relief Package at Utility Stores in Pakistan

Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan has announced their Ramadan Relief Package to provide relief to the citizens of Pakistan. This package includes discounted prices on various daily items such as sugar, flour, rice, and other essential commodities. It also offers discounts on grocery items from different brands such as Nestle and Unilever.

All these products are available at Utility Stores outlets across the country. To avail these discounts, customers are advised to bring their Utility Store card along with them during purchase. The Ramadan Relief Package is an effort to provide relief to the citizens of Pakistan and facilitate them in purchasing essential commodities for less in this holy month of Ramadan. This package will be available and should be taken advantage of by everyone who wishes to avail the discounts.

Utility Store Price List Today
Utility Store Price List Today

The Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan is a state-owned chain of supermarkets operating across the country and is committed to providing essential commodities at affordable prices. Through this Ramadan Relief Package, it provides an additional opportunity for people to purchase items at discounted rates and benefit from the savings on their grocery bills. This scheme is a part of the Government’s efforts to reduce the burden on people of Pakistan in this holy month and help them perform their religious obligations with ease.

Hence, everyone should take advantage of this Ramadan Relief Package to benefit from discounted prices and make their purchases more economical during this holy month.

Utility Grocery Store Ramadan Relief Package Information

The Utility Grocery Store Ramadan Relief Package 2024 is designed to help those in need during the month of Ramadan. The package, launched by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Pakistan, contains a range of essential foods and items such as rice, potatoes, lentils, cooking oil, dates, milk powder and more. These items are all intended to aid families in providing food for themselves and their loved ones during the holy month. The relief package also includes items such as soap, toothbrushes and other personal care products to help families maintain good hygiene. In addition, the package contains educational materials such as books, magazines and newspapers that can be used by children and adults alike to pass the time during the long days of fasting.

The Utility Grocery Store Ramadan Relief Package 2024 is an important initiative in helping to make sure that everyone has access to basic supplies during the month of Ramadan. It is also a great way for people to support each other and show solidarity with people who may be less fortunate than themselves. Anybody wishing to support this initiative can do so by donating to the Ministry of Health and Welfare. By doing so, you are helping to provide a lifeline for those in need during one of the most important months in the Islamic calendar.

Utility Store in Pakistan

The Utility Store Rate list helps customers make informed decisions when it comes to their utility bills. By being aware of the different rates and charges applicable, they can select the best option that meets their needs and budget. The rate list includes information on energy, gas, water, sanitation and other services related to utilities. It outlines the specifics of each service, such as the cost per unit, taxes and any additional fees. This way customers are able to get an accurate estimate of their utility costs before making a decision. Knowing what they can expect to pay in advance helps them make informed choices that save money in the long run.

ItemsWeightRelief Rate
Wheat Flour20 KgRs. 950
Cooking Oil1 LiterRs. 407
Sugar1 KgRs. 85
Ghee1 KgRs. 260
White Gram1 KgRs. 213
Besan1 KgRs. 170
Washed Dal Mong1 KgRs. 170
Dal Masoor1 KgRs. 215
Dates1 KgRs. 140
Squashes and Syrups800 mlRs. 250
Squashes and Syrups1500 mlRs. 437
Milk1 literRs. 142
Tea950 GmRs. 1042
Black Tea950 GmRs. 1042
Basmati Rice1 KgRs. 155
Tota Rice1KgRs. 85
Rice Sella1KgRs. 165
Washed Dal Mong1 KgRs. 268
Dal Channa1 KgRs. 162

Utility Grocery Stores (UGS) in Pakistan are an important part of the economy and provide essential resources to the population. The benefits they offer cannot be overstated, as they enable people to access affordable and quality groceries at any time.

The government in Pakistan has promoted UGSs by introducing various incentives and subsidies to encourage their growth. This has resulted in a larger number of UGSs across the country, providing more convenience and choice to customers. UGSs are also able to attract customers through large discounts and promotions, making them an economical choice for families.

UGSs also provide other benefits such as creating jobs and generating revenue for local economies. Furthermore, UGSs are able to reduce food wastage by offering reduced prices for items past their expiration date. This helps to ensure that the limited resources of the country are used efficiently and effectively.

In conclusion, Utility Grocery Stores in Pakistan offer numerous benefits which can be seen both economically and socially. They provide an accessible means of purchasing groceries, allowing people to access quality and affordable items. Furthermore, UGSs create jobs and generate revenue for the local economy while also reducing food wastage. It is clear that UGSs are an important part of the Pakistani economy and provide substantial benefits to its citizens.

Furthermore, UGSs contribute to the overall development of the country by helping to ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively. In turn, this contributes to economic growth, creating a positive cycle in which all citizens benefit. UGSs are an essential part of Pakistani society and will continue to play an important role for many years to come.

Prices of daily use commodities such as sugar, atta, rice and cooking oil have increased manifold in the past few months. The government has been trying to bring these prices under control but it seems like a losing battle. With more and more people moving to cities and the rural areas becoming increasingly barren, there is little hope that the situation will improve anytime soon. The best we can do is try to purchase items in bulk when they are cheaper and stock up on them so that we can tide over periods of inflation. What other measures do you think the government should take to ameliorate this problem?

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