Suzuki Alto 2024 Price in Pakistan And Features

If you’re on the hunt for an economical car with an impressive MPG, look no further than the Suzuki Alto. This ultra-compact hatchback offers superior value for money with its cost-effective features and reliable performance.The Suzuki Alto remains one of Pakistan’s most affordable cars and has been a constant best-seller since its introduction back in 2012. As times have changed, so has Suzuki as they’ve introduced newer versions with increased power and more technological innovations to keep up with competition. So, without any further ado – let us explore what this marvel of engineering from Japan has to offer and how much does it cost in Pakistan!

Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan 2024

Suzuki Alto VariantsPrice In Pakistan
Suzuki Alto VX658 cc, Manual, PetrolRs.2,251,000
Suzuki Alto VXR658 cc, Manual, PetrolRs.2,612,000
Suzuki Alto VXR AGS658 cc, Automatic, PetrolRs.2,799,000
Suzuki Alto VXL AGS658 cc, Automatic, PetrolRs.2,935,000

The Suzuki Alto, a popular compact car in Pakistan, offers four main variants in the year 2024. The most cost-effective option is the Suzuki Alto VX, equipped with a 658cc engine and manual transmission, priced at PKR 2,251,000. The Suzuki Alto VXR, also featuring a 658cc engine and manual transmission, is slightly more expensive at PKR 2,612,000. If you are looking for an automatic vehicle, the Suzuki Alto VXR AGS is a great choice with a price tag of PKR 2,799,000. The most premium variant in the lineup is the Suzuki Alto VXL AGS, featuring an automatic transmission, priced at PKR 2,935,000. Please note that prices are subject to change based on market conditions and availability.

The Suzuki Alto 2024 offers a compelling package of affordability, reliability, and performance. It stands as a testament to Suzuki’s commitment to providing economical and efficient vehicles for the Pakistani market. With several variants to choose from, customers can select the model that best suits their needs and budget. The car’s revamped design, enhanced performance, and cost-effective features contribute to its popularity among the masses. Despite the increase in competition, the Suzuki Alto continues to hold its ground as one of the most affordable and economical cars in Pakistan.

Suzuki Alto 2024 Overview

As we look towards the 2024 Suzuki Alto, we can anticipate several enhancements building upon the legacy of its predecessors. The upcoming model is expected to retain the affordability and fuel efficiency which has marked the Alto’s success in developing countries. Design-wise, the 2024 version will likely feature a perfect blend of retro and modern aesthetics. In terms of performance, there might be advancements in engine technology, offering higher fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions.

Furthermore, the inclusion of new safety features and infotainment upgrades will add to the car’s appeal, while it continues to provide an economically viable transport solution. As always, the availability of spare parts and maintenance ease will be a key consideration for its target market. We await the official announcements for more details on the specific upgrades and features of the Suzuki Alto 2024.

Suzuki Alto Exterior

The Suzuki Alto 2024’s compact dimensions lend themselves perfectly to city driving, offering effortless maneuverability in dense urban traffic. The vehicle’s design integrates rear lights seamlessly into the bumper, creating a streamlined appearance. Likewise, the headlights and turn signals are consolidated into a single unit, enhancing the car’s sleek, uncluttered visual profile. The modest front grille size is consistent across all three models, keeping a uniform aesthetic throughout the range.

For those opting for the VXL variant, additional elements of color can be found on the door mirrors and handles, providing a pop of personality against the car’s body. Furthermore, the VXL variant exclusively features retractable mirrors, offering an added layer of practical convenience for city parking scenarios.

Suzuki Alto Interior

Built with practicality and affordability in mind, the Suzuki Alto’s interior design reflects a smart use of budget-friendly materials intertwined with a number of unexpected premium features. The dashboard, presenting a harmonious blend of dark and light grey hues, hosts a speedometer which effectively communicates all vital driving data, including the current and average fuel consumption, remaining fuel, and distance to travel. Positioned conveniently near the steering wheel, the automatic gear shift allows for seamless gear transitions.

On a comfort level, the Alto VXL touts an analog climate control, front and rear cupholders, and a console box. Further enhancing its appeal are power-operated windows, retractable mirrors, dual airbags for safety, and electric power steering for an effortless driving experience. Despite being the most affordable domestically manufactured car in Pakistan, the Suzuki Alto doesn’t compromise on providing essential features for a comfortable and secure ride.

Suzuki Alto Engine

The R06A engine in the Alto 2024 symbolizes a leap in Suzuki’s engine technology. This 3-cylinder, 660cc engine not only boasts of efficiency but also packs a punch with its power output. It’s capable of producing torque figures up to 39 and 56, making it a formidable powertrain in its class.

The Alto 2024 is also equipped with a multipoint fuel injection system, further maximizing its fuel efficiency and performance. The engine can be paired with either a 5-speed manual transmission, offering an engaging drive for those who prefer control, or an AGS (Auto Gear Shift) for those who favor convenience and ease of use. The combination of these features makes the Alto 2024 a compact car with impressive engine technology.

Suzuki Alto Mileage Fuel average

With its compact yet efficient engine, the Suzuki Alto 2024 is set to redefine economy in vehicle performance. The car, primarily targeted at consumers who appreciate cost-effective vehicles, is projected to offer impressive fuel efficiency. The Suzuki Alto, equipped with a 660cc engine, is expected to deliver an astounding mileage of 18 to 20 kilometers per liter. This remarkable fuel average makes the Suzuki Alto 2024 a top contender in the realm of economical vehicles, meeting the needs of a segment of society that values cost efficiency without compromising on performance.

Suzuki Alto 2024 Ride & Handling

The Suzuki Alto 2024 builds upon its predecessor’s reputation for its agile and nimble handling attributes, further refining its ride quality for an enhanced driving experience. Suzuki has introduced slight tweaks in the suspension system, delivering improved bump absorption capabilities for a smoother ride over uneven city roads. The steering responsiveness has also been enhanced, offering sharper turn-in for corners, thus maintaining the Alto’s legacy of effortless maneuverability.

The ground clearance remains unchanged, allowing the car to tackle different terrains with relative ease. Despite the compact size, the Alto 2024 ensures a more balanced ride with reduced body roll, thanks to subtle adjustments in its wheelbase. However, the Alto 2024, like its previous model, emphasizes efficiency and agility over outright comfort. While Suzuki has made efforts to improve seating comfort, the compact size of Alto might still be a limitation for those seeking spacious interiors or larger cargo space. Overall, the Alto 2024 continues to be a practical and cost-effective choice for urban commuting and occasional off-road driving, providing a blend of convenience, efficiency, and improved ride handling.

Suzuki Alto 2024 Maintenance

The Suzuki Alto 2024, a household name in Pakistan, is not just lauded for its cost-effectiveness, but also for its ease of maintenance. Its longevity in the market means that most mechanics are well-versed in the intricacies of the model, making it a straightforward task to source and replace its inexpensive spare parts. These factors contribute to the Alto 2024’s reputation for convenient upkeep and reliability, making it a popular choice for many.

Suzuki Alto 2024 Specifications

PriceRS.22.5 – 29.4 lacs
Body TypeHatchback
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)3395 x 1475 x 1490 mm
Ground Clearance170 mm
Displacement658 cc
TransmissionManual & Automatic
Horse Power39 hp
Torque56 Nm
Boot Space125 L
Kerb Weight650 – 670 KG
Fuel TypePetrol
Mileage18 – 22 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity27 L
Seating Capacity4 – Persons
Top Speed140 KM/H
Tyre Size145/80/R13

Suzuki Alto 2024 Pros & Cons

The Suzuki Alto 2024 comes with its own set of pros and cons that potential buyers should consider. On the positive side, the Alto 2024 is extremely economical, making it a great choice for those on a tight budget. The availability of parts is widespread and easy, backed by a strong dealership network ensuring support and service accessibility. A quick resale value adds to its appeal. This model also comes equipped with safety features such as ABS and airbags.

However, it’s not without its downsides. The Alto 2024 feels underpowered, especially on the highway. The build quality is sub-standard when compared to its Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) counterpart. One major letdown is the absence of air conditioning in the VX variant. The production issues that plague this model further mar its reputation. Lastly, the spare parts for the Alto 2024 can be quite expensive, which could be a significant factor for potential buyers to keep in mind.


What is the price of Alto VXL 2024 in Pakistan?

The latest model of Alto VXL 2024 is available in Pakistan at a cost of PKR 2,935,000/-. This price represents the base cost, with additional costs potentially incurred for optional extras or upgrades.

What is the price of Alto VXR 2024?

The price of the Alto VXR 2024 is set at PKR 2,612,000/. This cost reflects the latest features and the advanced technology integrated into the model, enhancing the driving experience and providing superior value for customers.

What is the mileage/fuel average of Suzuki Alto 2024?

The fuel efficiency of the Suzuki Alto 2024 is quite impressive, delivering an average of 8 to 10 kilometers per liter. This makes it an economical choice for individuals seeking to maximize their fuel usage, especially beneficial for city commuting or long-distance travel.

What is the top speed of Alto 2024?

The Suzuki Alto, a popular compact car, is capable of achieving a top speed of 140 KM/H. This attribute, combined with its fuel efficiency and compact size, makes it a suitable choice for both city commuting and long-distance travel.

What are the variants of Suzuki Alto?

Suzuki Alto, a widely popular compact car, comes in four distinct variants to cater to diverse customer needs. These include the basic “VX” model, followed by the more advanced “VXR” variant. For those seeking automatic transmission, Suzuki provides the “VXL AGS” and the “VXR AGS”, offering a blend of convenience and fuel efficiency. Each variant is designed with unique features to cater to different needs, ensuring that there is a Suzuki Alto for everyone.


To summarise, the Suzuki Alto range is a great option for those looking for an affordable yet reliable car in Pakistan. Not only do all of its variants offer features essential at this price range, but the deluxe and top-end versions also include a variety of extras to keep buyers satisfied. Furthermore, the difference in price between the various versions allows consumers to choose one that fits their budget without sacrificing quality or comfort. All in all, it can be seen that the Suzuki Alto is an excellent choice for people searching for an economical and comfortable ride without compromising on performance. 

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