Skyways Ticket Fare Price List 2024

Are you looking for the most affordable bus ticket fare prices in Pakistan Skyways is offering some of the lowest fares anywhere. Skyways cutting edge services provide unbeatable prices for long distance travelling via our luxurious fleet of buses, so you can explore the country worry free and within budget. From Rawalpindi to Quetta, and Peshawar to Karachi Skyways have something for everyone! Keep reading to learn more about all that’s available from Skyways at such low cost.

Pakistan has a well-developed transportation system, which includes buses, trains, cars, and planes. Among the many bus services in Pakistan is Skyways Bus Service. Skyways is a private-owned bus service that operates national routes. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the price of tickets for the Skyways Bus Service.

As Pakistan’s largest provider of intercity and urban bus transportation, skyways bus service offers 1,000+ daily departures to more than 1,000+ destinations across the country. Skyways are proud to have served the Pakistani people for over 25 years, and we look forward to continuing to provide safe and reliable transportation for many years to come.

Skyways Bus Ticket Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the price of a skyways bus ticket is quite reasonable. For example, a one-way ticket from Islamabad to Lahore only costs about $10.50. This is significantly cheaper than taking a taxi or renting a car, and it is also much faster. The skyways bus system is very efficient, and it is possible to travel between major cities in just a few hours.

The buses are comfortable, and they have air conditioning, so passengers can remain cool and relaxed during their journey. In addition, the buses are equipped with WiFi, so passengers can stay connected while they travel. With its reasonable prices and convenient amenities, the skyways bus system is an excellent option for travelers in Pakistan.

Skyways Ticket Fare Rate List 2024

The price of a Skyways ticket depends on the route you are taking and the time of day you are travelling. Tickets can be purchased online or at any Skyways kiosk. Skyways offers some of the most competitive fares for travel between Lahore and various points in Pakistan. Here is a complete list of our current rates:

Lahore to Other Cities Fare Price List

Skyways RoutesPrice
Lahore to Karachi TicketRs. 5000
Lahore to Multan TicketRs. 1700
Lahore to Quetta TicketRs. 4500
Lahore to Faisalabad TicketRs. 900
Lahore to Peshawar TicketRs. 1800
Lahore to Islamabad TicketRs. 1500
Lahore to Attock TicketRs. 1700
Lahore to Murree TicketRs. 1900
Lahore to Abbottabad TicketRs. 2100
Lahore to Jhung TicketRs. 1150
Lahore to Bahawalpur TicketRs. 1700
Lahore to Khanewal TicketRs. 1500
Lahore to Chinab Nagar TicketRs. 850
Lahore to Chiniot TicketRs. 800
Lahore to Sukkur TicketRs. 3500
Lahore to Chichawatni TicketRs. 1400
Lahore to Vehari TicketRs. 1600
Lahore to Hasilpur TicketRs. 1800
Lahore to Ali pur TicketRs. 1700
Lahore to Sadiqabad TicketRs. 2400
Lahore to Shahpur Saddar TicketRs. 1000
Lahore to Luck Mord TicketRs. 900
Lahore to Kot Shakir TicketRs. 1400
Lahore to Sargodha TicketRs. 950
Lahore to Joharabad and Khushab TicketRs. 1100
Lahore to Mureedwala TicketRs. 800
Lahore to Sumandri TicketRs. 800
Lahore to Mamu Kanjan TicketRs. 900
Lahore to Muzaffarabad TicketRs. 2400
Lahore to Battgram TicketRs. 2300
Lahore to Thakot TicketRs. 2500
Lahore to Mansehra TicketRs. 2100
Lahore to Rawalpindi TicketRs. 1500

Islamabad to Other Cities Fare Price List 

RoutesBUS EconomyBus Business Class
Islamabad to KarachiRs.3700Rs.4500
Islamabad to KhushabRs.800N/A
Islamabad to SargodhaRs.800N/A
Islamabad to SukkurRs.2500Rs.3200
Islamabad to SalamRs.700N/A
Islamabad to BhalwalRs.750N/A
Islamabad to SilanwaliRs.850N/A
Islamabad to MuzaffarabadRs.600N/A
Islamabad to Thana AhmadyarRs.1400N/A
Islamabad to Gago MandiRs.1400N/A
Islamabad to Khairpur TamewaliRs.1600N/A
Islamabad to LakhmarRs.800N/A
Islamabad to ManriRs.800N/A
Islamabad to MurreeRs.400N/A
Islamabad to BheraRs.1000N/A
Islamabad to LahoreRs.1150Rs.1450
Islamabad to Garhi YasinRs.3000N/A
Islamabad to Rato DeroRs.3000N/A
Islamabad to Pano AqilRs.2800N/A
Islamabad to ShikarpurRs.3000N/A


The fare rates for the different skyways are listed above. The fare rates for the Skyways bus service have been released.  This new transportation option is expected to provide relief for commuters who are looking for an affordable, reliable, and convenient way to travel between the two destinations.

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