Rs. 40000 Prize Bond Result List Draw 27 Karachi 11 December 2023

The 27th draw of the Rs. 40000 prize bond was held in Karachi on December 11, 2023. The prize bond, valued at Rs. 40000, offers a tantalizing variety of prizes for the lucky winners. The first prize, a whopping Rs. 80,000,000, represents a life-changing amount for the fortunate ticket holder. The second prize, also substantial, stands at Rs. 30,000,000. Additionally, the third prize of Rs. 500,000 offers a handsome return on the bond’s initial value. These prize bonds contribute to a culture of saving and investment, while also providing an exciting opportunity for financial gain.

Check Complete Rs. 40000 Prize Bond Result List Draw 27 Karachi 11 December 2023

Prize Bond WorthRs.40000
1st Rs.80,000,000

The Prize Bond draw results for Rs. 40000, Draw 27, held in Karachi on 11th December 2023 are as follows: The first prize, worth Rs. 80,000,000, was awarded to one fortunate participant. The second prize, valued at Rs. 30,000,000, was given to another lucky participant. Finally, the third prize, amounting to Rs. 500,000, was awarded to the remaining winners. Congratulations to all the lucky winners! Remember to check back for future draw results.

Winning Serial Numbers for Draw 27 of the Rs. 40,000 Prize Bond List from Karachi

  • 1st Prize Rs.80,000,000 -/ Serial number Coming Soon.
  • 2nd Prize Rs.30,000,000 -/ Serial number Coming Soon.
  • 3rd Prize Rs.500,000 -/ Serial number¬†Coming Soon.

The Winning Serial Numbers for Draw 27 of the Rs. 40,000 Prize Bond List from Karachi, scheduled for 11th December 2023, are eagerly awaited by participants. The extraordinarily lucky individual who secures the first prize will receive a handsome reward of Rs. 80,000,000 – the serial number for this jackpot will be announced soon. The 2nd prize, a substantial amount of Rs. 30,000,000, isn’t far behind in stirring excitement its winning serial number will also be revealed shortly. Lastly, the third prize of Rs. 500,000 holds considerable charm as well the serial number for this prize is currently under wraps and will be made public in due course. Stay tuned for these momentous announcements!

Withholding Income Tax on 40000 Prize Bond

The Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 stipulates that the withholding tax on winnings from a Premium 40000 Prize Bond is 15% for filers and 30% for non-filers. This implies that if you are a prize bond winner, a certain percentage of your winnings will be deducted at source as tax. The rate would depend on whether you are a filer of tax returns or not. This is in line with the government’s efforts to encourage more citizens to file their tax returns. It’s important to note that the tax rates may vary depending on the current tax laws and regulations.

Overview of Rs. 40000 Prize Bond Draw

The Rs. 40000 Prize Bond Draw is a highly anticipated event that offers participants the chance to win substantial cash prizes. The draw consists of three prize categories:

  • First Prize: Rs. 80,000,000
  • Second Prize: Rs. 30,000,000
  • Third Prize: Rs. 500,000

How to Participate

Participating in the Rs. 40000 Prize Bond Draw is simple. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Visit an authorized bank or authorized dealer and purchase a Rs. 40000 Prize Bond.
  2.  complete the necessary forms and kindly provide the required information.
  3. Keep your Prize Bond safe until the draw date.

Legal Implications

It’s important to understand the legal framework and regulations surrounding the Prize Bond scheme. The State Bank of Pakistan governs the issuance and management of Prize Bonds. Participants must comply with all relevant laws and regulations to ensure a fair and transparent process.

Tips for Potential Participants

While winning a Prize Bond is a matter of luck, there are a few strategies you can employ to increase your chances:

  1. Purchase Multiple Bonds: The more bonds you own, the greater your chances of winning a prize.
  2. Hold on to your Bonds: Prize Bonds are eligible for all future draws, so hold on to them even if you don’t win initially.
  3. Check Results Promptly: Stay updated with the draw results to claim your prize in a timely manner.
  4. Participate Regularly: Consistent participation increases your opportunities to win over time.

Remember, Prize Bonds should be seen as an exciting opportunity for potential winnings, but it’s essential to participate responsibly and within your means.


Congratulations to all the winners of the 27th draw for the Rs. 40000 prize bond in Karachi. Your perseverance and participation have made this event a resounding success. We hope this thrilling experience has left you inspired to continue your journey with prize bonds, seeking new opportunities and adventures.

Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming draws. Remember, with each draw, the excitement and possibilities are renewed. So, keep participating, keep dreaming big, and who knows, the next draw might just change your life!

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