PTA Taxes on iPhones All New & Old Models 2024

The PTA Tax is an additional tax imposed by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) on the import of mobile phones into the country. This includes devices such as the iPhone, which often have a higher price tag in Pakistan than they do abroad due to the extra taxes. The PTA Tax was introduced in 2018 as part of a plan to raise additional revenue for the government and crack down on the sale of fake or smuggled phones.

The PTA Tax is a set percentage of the retail price of the phone, which varies depending on the model and features of the device. For example, an iPhone XS Max with 256GB storage would be subject to a 15% tax, while an iPhone 6s with 16GB storage would be subject to a 10% tax. In addition, different brands of phones have different tax rates, with Apple products generally facing higher taxes than other devices.

The PTA Tax has had a significant impact on the cost of iPhones in Pakistan, as well as other mobile devices. As such, it is important for consumers to keep an eye out for any changes in the PTA Tax rates when they are considering purchasing a new phone. Understanding the tax rate before committing to a purchase can help ensure that consumers are not overpaying for their device. Additionally, individuals should be sure to shop around for the best deals and compare prices from multiple retailers in order to get the most bang for their buck.

Apple iPhone All New & Old Models 11, 12, 13, and iPhone 14 PTA Tax Calculator in Pakistan With Passport and CNIC

DevicesTax on Passport (PKR)Tax on CNIC (PKR)
iPhone 117916799734
iPhone 11 Pro100302122982
iPhone 11 Pro Max101080123838
iPhone 12 mini93989116038
iPhone 1296502118802
iPhone 12 Pro109248132823
iPhone 12 Pro Max109248132823
iPhone 13 mini108979132527
iPhone 13108979132527
iPhone 13 Pro108979132527
iPhone 13 pro max108979132527
iPhone 14107706131126
iPhone 14 Plus107706131126
iPhone 14 Pro115751139976
iPhone 14 Pro Max115751139976

New PTA Taxes on iPhone 14

iPhone 14 SeriesPTA Tax on Passport (PKR)PTA Tax on CNIC (PKR)
Apple iPhone 14Rs. 134,825Rs. 160,958
Apple iPhone 14 PlusRs. 140,575Rs. 167,283
Apple iPhone 14 ProRs. 149,775Rs. 177,403
Apple iPhone 14 Pro MaxRs. 158,630Rs. 187,143

Old iPhones PTA Tax on CNIC

iphone 5 SERIES7,843
iphone 6 SERIES40,000
iphone 7 SERIES98,088
iphone 8 SERIES110,311
Iphone SE 202064,801
iphone SE 202260,982
iphone X115,298
iphone XR95,685
iphone XS121,973
iphone XS MAX124,562
iphone 1199,733
iphone 11 PRO122,982
iphone 11 PRO MAX123,838
iphone 12118,802
iphone 12 MINI116,037
iphone 12 PRO129,531
iphone 12 PRO MAX132,822
iphone 13 series130,000 to 150,000
iphone 14 series145,000 to 155,000

PTA has launched a new tax calculator for the Apple iPhone All Models 11, 12, 13, and 14 in Pakistan. This calculator takes into account both the Passport and CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) numbers of the user to calculate their taxes. Using this calculator is simple and easy-to-use; it requires users to enter their details such as name, address, passport and CNIC number. Once all the information has been entered, it will generate an estimate of the applicable taxes for their Apple iPhone purchase in Pakistan.

This calculator is especially useful for those who want to buy an iPhone from abroad and need to know in advance how much they might owe in taxes. The calculator also shows what kind of tax exemptions are applicable to their purchase. This new tool from PTA will make it easier for people in Pakistan to estimate the taxes they need to pay on their Apple iPhone buys, and help them save time and money in the process. All users are advised to use this calculator before making their purchase so that they can be sure of what they owe when buying an Apple iPhone in Pakistan.

How to Pay PTA Tax on iPhones in Pakistan?

Paying the PTA Tax on iPhones in Pakistan is a simple yet important process. The tax must be paid before you can start using your iPhone in Pakistan. Here are the steps to take:

Determine how much tax you need to pay. The amount varies depending on the model of your iPhone and its storage capacity – 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB. The tax is calculated at a rate of % of the phone’s original price.

To pay the PTA tax on your iPhone, you will need to visit a PTA-approved retailer. The retailers will provide you with the necessary paperwork and instructions to make the payment. Once the payment is made, you will receive a receipt that confirms your payment of the tax. This receipt should be kept for future reference as proof of payment.

For more information on how to pay the PTA tax on iPhones in Pakistan, it is best to consult with a local tax adviser or the PTA itself. They will be able to provide you with more detailed instructions and answer any questions that you may have. Once the payment is made, you will be able to use your iPhone without any further issues.

Paying the PTA tax on iPhones in Pakistan is an important step in ensuring that you can use your device safely and legally. By following the correct procedures, you can make sure that your iPhone is compliant with local regulations and help to protect yourself from any potential risks. It is also important to keep track of the payment receipts for future reference.

By taking these steps, you will be able to ensure that you are using your iPhone in line with Pakistani laws and regulations. Paying the PTA tax on your iPhone in Pakistan is an important step for any mobile user, and it should always be kept up to date. With this information, you can ensure that your device remains compliant with local regulations and stay safe while using it.

How to check my PTA tax on my iPhone?

Managing taxes can be overwhelming, but thankfully there are ways to simplify the process. If you own an iPhone, checking your PTA tax is a breeze. All you need to do is dial the USSD code *8484# from your mobile to access a menu that will display all the relevant information regarding your PTA tax. From here, you can see what taxes are due, when they are due, and how much you owe.

Additionally, you can use this menu to make payments or request more information if needed. No more stress or confusion managing your PTA tax obligations has never been easier!

How do I avoid PTA tax on my iPhone?

If you’re a frequent traveler to Pakistan, you’re probably aware of the extra PTA tax that is charged on smartphones, including the iPhone. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to avoid these extra charges and save yourself some money. Firstly, make sure to purchase an iPhone that has been officially imported and registered by the PTA.

This will ensure that your phone is compliant with all Pakistani regulations and avoids any unnecessary taxes. Alternatively, if you already have an iPhone that you would like to use in Pakistan, be sure to register it with the PTA within 60 days of arrival to avoid any penalties or extra charges. With these simple tips, you can easily avoid the PTA tax and enjoy all the features of your iPhone on your next trip to Pakistan.


The Apple iPhone has come a long way in Pakistan offering its users a wide range of features such as the new PTA Tax Calculator. With this tool, you can easily calculate the amount of taxes you have to pay for each model from 11, 12, 13 up to the amazing features present in the newest iPhone 14. Additionally, with both your Passport and CNIC, it is really easy to calculate the taxes and get your phone registered allowing you greater peace of mind knowing that your phone is in compliance with local laws

. Thanks to its constant evolution, the Apple iPhone is now one of the most preferred phones by users not only in Pakistan but all around the globe. If you are considering purchasing an iPhone model this year or next year keep in mind all these considerations as they could be crucial when making such an important decision.

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