Prize Bond Rs 750 List Rawalpindi Draw 95 Result 17 July 2023

Are you wondering where to find the prize bond rs 750 list Rawalpindi Draw 95 result 17 July 2023. If so, we have all the information that you need right here! This is a special draw and it has caused many people to scramble in search of the latest prize bond results. People invest in these bonds as it provides an opportunity for them to increase their financial standing by investing relatively small amounts of money with a chance at winning big.

This particular draw holds extra significance as even more participants are looking forward to finding out who will be this lucky winner! So, tune into our blog post for updated information on this awaited Prize Bond List Rawalpindi Draw 95 Result 17 July 2023 and stay informed about what prizes have been won by whom!

Prize Bond Rs 750 Result List Rawalpindi Draw 95 17 July 2023

The Draw 95 of Rs. 750 Prize Bond List in Rawalpindi was held on July 17th, 2023 at the State Bank of Pakistan main building. The first prize winner was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 1,500,000 while the second and third prize winners won Rs. 500,000 and Rs. 9300 respectively. The bond numbers of the winners are listed below:

Prize Bond Worth750
Draw No95
Date17th July 2023
First Prize for Single WinnerRs. 1,500,000
Second Prize for 5 winnersRs. 500,000
Third Prize for 1696Rs. 9300

Winner Serial Numbers Draw 95 Prize Bond 750 List Rawalpindi Result 17 July 2023

The complete list of winners for this draw is available below. Winners should be contacted directly by the State Bank of Pakistan to claim their prizes.

  • 1st Prize Rs.1,500,000 Winner:Coming Soon
  • 2nd Prize Rs.500,000/- Winners Coming Soon
  • 3rd Prize Winners Rs.9,300/-Check Complete in Below

The full list of all prizes and winners can be found on the official website of State Bank of Pakistan. All transactions related to the Draw 95 of Rs. 750 Prize Bond List in Rawalpindi have been documented and verified by the bank’s governing board. We congratulate all winners of this draw and wish them success in their future endeavors.

In addition, we would also like to remind all participants who did not win this time that there are still many draws and prizes to be won. We encourage everyone to participate in the upcoming draws and keep trying their luck. Best of luck!

Prize Bond 750 Draw Schedule List 2023

Rs.750/-January 16, 2023MondayKarachi
Rs.750/-April 17, 2023MondayPeshawar
Rs.750/-July 17, 2023MondayRawalpindi
Rs.750/-October 16, 2023MondayMuzaffarabad

Download Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2023

Rs.750/-January 16, 2023MondayKarachi
Rs.1500/-February 15, 2023WednesdayQuetta
Rs.100/-February 15, 2023WednesdayRawalpindi
Rs.200/-March 15, 2023WednesdayFaisalabad
Rs.750/-April 17, 2023MondayPeshawar
Rs.1500/-May 15, 2023MondayLahore
Rs.100/-May 15, 2023MondayMultan
Rs.200/-June 15, 2023ThursdayQuetta
Rs.750/-July 17, 2023MondayRawalpindi
Rs.1500/-August 15, 2023TuesdayPeshawar
Rs.100/-August 15, 2023TuesdayKarachi
Rs.200/-September 15, 2023FridayHyderabad
Rs.750/-October 16, 2023MondayMuzaffarabad
Rs.1500/-November 15, 2023WednesdayFaisalabad
Rs.100/-November 15, 2023WednesdayLahore
Rs.200/-December 15, 2023FridayMultan

Premium Prize Bond Draw Schedule Pakistan 2023

DATEDRs 40000 Draw PlaceRs 25000 Draw Place
10-03-2023 FridayMultanHyderabad
12-06-2023 MondayMuzaffarabadFaisalabad
11-09-2023 MondayQuettaSialkot
11-12-2023 MondayKarachiRawalpindi

The process of buying prize bonds is relatively simple. First, you need to go to a designated bank or post office and purchase the amount of bond required. You can buy in any denomination from Rs. 100 up to Rs. 750. Once purchased, you will receive a paper certificate as proof of your ownership, which should be kept safe until you want to redeem it. When you redeem your bond, it will be exchanged for the current market value of the bond plus any prize money or interest that has accrued over time.

The government also conducts regular draw events where lucky winners can claim big prizes ranging from Rs. 15,000 to millions of rupees. To get eligible for these draws, you need to buy multiple bonds and register your details in the draw. The more bonds you buy, the higher are your chances of winning big prizes. So if you’re looking for a safe and reliable investment option with the potential to earn significant returns, prize bonds might be just what you need!

Prize bonds are an attractive choice for investors because they enjoy tax-free interest income from their investments. This means you don’t have to pay any taxes on the interest earned or any other gains from your bond investments. Additionally, prize bonds are considered low-risk investments because of their government backing and secure nature. So if you’re looking for a safe investment option with good returns, purchasing Rs. 750 prize bonds may be just right for you.

If you’re new to investing, you may be wondering how you can manage your prize bonds. Fortunately, there are plenty of online and offline options available for managing your investments. For instance, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can open an account with a financial institution so that they can handle all aspects of your bond investments for you. On the other hand, if you’re comfortable managing your own investments, there are plenty of online tools available to help you track and manage your prize bond portfolio. With the right resources at your disposal, successfully investing in prize bonds can be simple and rewarding!

Another advantage of investing in prize bonds is that they can be used as collateral. If you need a loan from a bank or financial institutions, you can use your prize bond certificates as security to get the loan. This means you don’t have to put up any physical assets or property as collateral in order to get a loan and helps make it easier to access credit from lenders.

So if you’re looking for a safe and secure investment option with the potential for good returns, investing in Rs. 750 prize bonds could be the perfect choice for you. With their government backing, tax-free interest income, and potential for big prizes, investing in prize bonds is a great way to make your money work for you!

Last Word:

The Draw 95 of Rs. 750 Prize Bond List in Rawalpindi held on July 17th, 2023 resulted in one first prize winner with a cash prize of Rs. 1,500,000 and five second prize winners who each received Rs. 500,000 in prize money. Furthermore, 1696 people won the third prize amount of Rs. 9300 each from the same draw. It is encouraging to see that even though there were over 6630 registered bond holders in the draw, there were still quite a few lucky winners amongst them who received huge amounts of money as an incentive from their rightful investment in the National Savings Scheme.

All such winners are accordingly advised to visit the State Bank of Pakistan in order to receive further guidance pertaining to the collection process of their respective winning amount and participate fully in subsequent draws so they can secure additional monetary gains for their future financial stability and security.

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