Pakistan Cables Price List 2024 7/29, 3/29 & Others Wire Prices

Getting your hands on quality Pakistan Cables can be difficult, and finding a price list that you can use to determine what products cost isn’t always easy. If you’re in the market for cables that are well made and reliable, then this blog post is just what you need! Here, we will run through some of the best Pakistan Cables available on the market today and provide an up to date price list so no matter what type of cable product you’re looking for, rest assured knowing there’s something here for everyone.

We’ll also give our expert advice about which cables are most suited for different needs as well as tips on how to make sure you get only the highest quality items. So read on to find out everything about Pakistan Cables from pricing information to product knowledge all within one comprehensive guide!

Pakistan Cables Price List 2024 3/29 Wire 7/29 Wire

Pakistan is home to many industries that require the use of wire, making cables an essential item for businesses. With the recent release of the Pakistan Cables Price List 2024, companies now have access to up to date pricing information for 3/29 and 7/29 wires. Prices for these wires range from ₨. 4776.40 to ₨. 33235.60, giving customers a vast selection depending on their needs and budget. The price list provides a much-needed resource to Pakistani companies looking to source quality cables at great prices.

Pakistan Cables is offering the most competitive prices on wires in 2024. With their well-known 7/29, 3/29 and other wire configurations available, customers can get quality cables at an economical price. The company’s manufacturing process consists of stringent quality control measures to ensure that products are safe and durable.

They use only the best quality raw materials to create the ultimate in cabling technology. Their wires are highly resistant to fire and temperature changes, making them ideal for applications in any environment or season. Additionally, Pakistan Cables also offers a range of customization options for their products, allowing customers to customize wires according to their own specifications. Whether you’re looking for 3/29 or 7/29 wires, Pakistan Cables has the perfect wire solution for your needs. So don’t hesitate and get in touch with them today to get the best deal on cabling solutions!

Pakistan Cables Price List 2024 7/29, 3/29

Pakistan Cables SizeRates
1×1.5 MM² STRANDED 450/750 V90m₨. 5808.40
3/.029 250/440 V90m₨. 4776.40
1×1.5 MM² 450/750 V90m₨. 5389.60
7/.029 250/440 V90m₨. 10121.30
1×1 MM² 300/500 V90m₨. 3669.60
1×2.5 MM² 450/750 V90m₨. 8670.50
1×2.5 MM² (STRANDED) 450/750 V90m₨. 9275.10
1×4 MM² 450/750 V90m₨. 13111.60
1×6 MM² 450/750 V90mRs. 19396.40
1×10 MM² 450/750 V90m₨. 33235.60
RG-6 1.0 MM (BLACK) CU CLAD – Coil10.2 × 10.2 × 5.2-90 m₨. 9007.90
RG-7 1.3 MM (BLACK) CU CLAD – Coil10.2 × 10.2 × 5.2-90 m₨.11468.40
Networking Cable / CAT6 UTP PVC (4 Pair) 305 m305m₨. 36815.00

Pakistan Cables Price List 2024 PDF

Pakistan Cables is the leading wire and cable manufacturer in Pakistan. Pakistan Cables offer a wide variety of high quality wires and cables at competitive prices. Pakistan Cables Price List PDF 2024 contains an extensive selection of products, ranging from 7/29 to 3/29 to various other wires. All of Pakistan Cables products are certified for high performance and durability, and our prices are unbeatable. Whether you’re looking for affordable wires to power your home or business, Pakistan Cables has the options for you.


Pakistan cables price list PDF 2024 provides perfect insight into current wire prices available in the market. We can see that the price and quality of different standards of wires are vastly different due to their region or manufacturer.

The 3/29 and 7/29 Pakistan cables are both top notch products at easily affordable prices and provide great value for money to a consumer who needs high performance equipment for their wiring needs. Additionally, for those on a tight budget, there are also lower cost options that still perform excellently, such as the budget series Pakistani cables. Overall, after examining all the facts presented here, it is clear that anyone looking for good quality wires that meet their specific requirements should surely check out Pakistan cables price list PDF 2024 to make a well informed decision.

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