NADRA’s Fee Structure For Smart ID Card Update 2024

Unquestionably, the NADRA Smart ID Card is a reflection of Pakistan’s dedication to harnessing the power of technology for reliable identity authentication. This innovative card not only enhances the identification process but also boosts the nation’s security by eliminating potential fraud. The incorporation of chip technology is a key feature that allows for exact biometric verification, guaranteeing a thorough and precise data record for every Pakistani citizen.

NADRA’s Fee Structure for the Smart ID Card 2024

The 2024 fee structure for the Smart ID Card provided by NADRA is as follows:

  • For a new Smart NIC, the prices are Rs. 750 for the standard service, Rs. 1500 for the urgent service, and Rs. 2500 for the executive service.
  • The costs for a Smart NIC Modification match the new Smart NIC: Rs. 750 for the standard service, Rs. 1500 for the urgent service, and Rs. 2500 for the executive service.
  • The charges for a Smart NIC Duplicate are also the same.
  • For Smart NIC Renewal, the fees are identical to those for new issue, modification, or duplication.
  • In the sad event of the holder’s passing, CNIC Cancellation is charged Rs. 50.
  • For CRC (Child Registration Certificate) New, Duplicate, or Modification, the fee is Rs. 50 for the standard service, whereas the executive service costs Rs. 500.
  • Lastly, for the Family Registration Certificate (FRC), the service charge is Rs. 1000, regardless of whether it’s a standard or executive service.

At a time when secure and efficient identity verification is crucial, the NADRA Smart ID Card brings hope. It promises a brighter and safer future by enabling every citizen’s participation in the digital world. This commitment solidifies Pakistan’s pledge to technological advancement and secure identity verification, thereby strengthening the nation’s administrative productivity and safety.

NADRA New Smart CNIC Card Fee & Delivery Time 2024

For individuals needing their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) urgently, the processing time is substantially reduced. Instead of the standard one-month wait for normal applications, urgent applications are processed and delivered within approximately 20 days. This quicker service is designed for those who need to carry out important tasks that depend on having a valid CNIC. For an even faster response, the executive application promises delivery within 10 days.

In terms of normal application processing, obtaining a NADRA ID card may take roughly 31 days. However, if urgent delivery is requested, the time frame shrinks significantly. The expedited process ensures that the individual receives the ID card within 13 working days, given that all required documentation is properly submitted and approved. This timeframe may vary slightly depending on specific circumstances and the workload at NADRA offices.

Advantages of NADRA Smart ID Card

The benefits of this technology go beyond personal identification. The NADRA Smart ID Card plays a vital role in enhancing social welfare programs. It ensures that pensions are distributed promptly and correctly to the deserving recipients, thereby allowing smoother operation of such initiatives. As a result, it positively influences Pakistan’s social fabric.

The NADRA Smart ID Card is an ideal blend of state-of-the-art technology and carefully designed business rules. This combination guarantees the card’s authenticity and validity, positioning it as a dependable instrument for various applications. The card’s universally accepted 13-digit identification number is proof of its national importance. This number is mandatory for accessing various crucial services and documents such as driver’s licenses, NTN, bank accounts, passports, and cellular connections, reaffirming its status as the cornerstone of personal identification in Pakistan.

Eligibility and Pricing for the NADRA Smart ID Card

All Pakistani citizens aged 18 and above are eligible to apply for the NADRA Smart ID Card, ensuring broad access to this technological marvel. NADRA’s pricing structure caters to different needs: Standard Delivery at Rs 750, Urgent Basis at Rs 1,500, and Executive Category at Rs 2,500. This tiered pricing strategy guarantees that the NADRA Smart ID Card is accessible to every level of society.

In a world where secure and efficient identity verification is increasingly significant, the NADRA Smart ID Card stands out as a beacon of hope. Its advanced technology, along with an inclusive pricing structure, empowers every citizen to access essential identification tools and participate in multiple programs. This contribution eventually paves the way towards a more prosperous and secure Pakistan.

Documents Required for Smart National Identity Card

Several documents are necessary to apply for a NADRA smart card:

  • Original Pakistani passport & old identity CNIC card
  • Domicile certificate or matriculation certificate issued from Pakistan
  • Detailed birth certificate mentioning father/mother names (for first-time applicants)
  • CNIC or NICOP card of your Father & Mother (updated after marriage) or real brother or sister)
  • Valid Pakistani Passport or valid foreign passport
  • Nikkah Nama / Marriage Certificate (if changing marital status)
  • Divorce/death certificate of spouse (if changing marital status as divorced / widow)
  • Acceptable documents for verification include a valid Pakistani or foreign passport, BRP, valid visa, resident permit, work permit, PR card, matriculation certificate issued by any Pakistani BISE, service book issued by the Government of Pakistan, or a court order for modification of the date of birth.
  • Court order from a Pakistani Court of Law for modification / updation of parentage name

Note: For first-time applicants, the physical presence of a blood relative having a NICOP/CNIC is mandatory. If an applicant has no blood relative with a NICOP/

CNIC, the NADRA office will require the fingerprints of any Pakistani citizen holding a CNIC/NICOP as a witness. This case will then be forwarded to Pakistan for further verification. It’s vital to bring both original and photocopies of all necessary documents forthe processing of the application.

The NADRA Smart ID Card is a revolutionary tool for secure and efficient identity verification. Its integration of advanced technology and affordable pricing structure enables all citizens to access essential identification tools, contributing to an improved social welfare system in Pakistan. With this card, every citizen can be assured of a safer and prosperous future.

In addition to itsidentification system, the NADRA Smart ID Card also facilitates the smooth operation of numerous government services. Its 13 digit identification number is imperative for accessing documents such as driver’s licenses, NTN, bank accounts, passports and cellular connections, further solidifying its status as a vital tool in Pakistan’s landscape of personal identification.

The NADRA Smart ID Card is an invaluableresource that ensures a secure and efficient identity verification process. With its advanced technology, inclusive pricing structure and access to essential documents, this card promises a more promising future for all Pakistani citizens. It is truly a shining example of Pakistan’s commitment to leveraging technology in order to create an improved and secure digital society.

The NADRA Smart ID Card is now the go-tosolution for identity verification in Pakistan. Its integration of advanced technology coupled with accessible pricing promises a secure and prosperous future for all citizens. With this card, every Pakistani citizen can rest assured that they will have access to the identification tools and documents necessary to take part in numerous government initiatives giving them the opportunity to make their mark on the nation’s digital society.

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