MCB Bike Installment Plan 2024 Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki

MCB Bike Installment Plan 2024 offers riders of all experiences and skill levels the chance to buy a Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki motorcycle of their choice on an affordable installment plan. With numerous bike models from these companies to choose from, this installment plan will make it easier for you to find the perfect bike that meets your needs and budget. Whether you are looking for something practical or powerful to enjoy some weekend rides with friends, this installment plan has a large variety of motorcycles in various colors and sizes.

Additionally, with the convenience of online shopping you can have your new cycle delivered right to your doorstep! Explore this discounted selection now so that you can purchase your dream bike today!

MCB Honda Bike Installment Plan

Product DescriptionPrice0% for Months0% for Months12 Months18 Months30 Months30 Months36 Months
CD70 (RED BLACKRs.154,900Rs.51,633Rs.25,817Rs.15,795Rs.11,502Rs.9,395Rs.8,160Rs.7,362
CD DREAM (RED BLACK SILVER)Rs.165,900Rs.55,300Rs.27,650Rs.16,916Rs.12,319Rs.10,062Rs.8,740Rs.7,885
PRIDOR (RED BLACK BLUE)Rs.203,900Rs.67,967Rs.33,983Rs.20,791Rs.15,140Rs.12,366Rs.10,742Rs.9,691
CG125 (RED BLACKRs.229,900Rs.76,633Rs.42,791Rs.23,442Rs.17,071Rs.13,943Rs.12,112Rs.10,927
CG125 Self (RED BLACK)Rs.275,900Rs.91,967Rs.51,353Rs.28,133Rs.20,487Rs.16,733Rs.14,535Rs.13,113
CB125F RED, BLACK & BLUE)Rs.380,900Rs.126,967Rs.70,897Rs.38,839Rs.28,283Rs.23,101Rs.20,066Rs.18,104
CB150F RED, BLACKRs.473,900Rs.157,967Rs.88,207Rs.48,322Rs.35,189Rs.28,742Rs.24,966Rs.22,524
CB150SF ( SILVER & BLUE)Rs.477,900Rs.159,300Rs.88,952Rs.48,730Rs.35,486Rs.28,984Rs.25,177Rs.22,714

If you’re looking for a bike that exudes style and performance, then the CB150SF is an excellent choice. It’s sleek and modern design stands out in a crowd, while its powerful engine provides exhilarating rides. Plus, with the installment plan of 36 months at 0%, you can enjoy the bike without worries. And to top it all off, this bike is easy to maintain and affordable, making this a great option for riders who want the best of both worlds.

For those who prefer a more classic look, the CD70 is an excellent option. This bike offers all of the convenience and comfort features of modern models with a classic design that will never go out of style. With 0% installment plans for 36 months, it’s easy to get on the road with this bike. And since maintenance is relatively simple, you can rest assured that your ride will be smooth and reliable for years to come.

No matter which bike you choose from our Honda Bike Installment Plan for 2024, you’ll know that you’re getting a quality product backed by MCB Bank’s commitment to customer satisfaction. get the bike of your dreams today! With our installment plans, it’s never been easier or more affordable.

MCB Yamaha Bike Installment Plan 2024

Product DescriptionPrice0% for Months0% for Months12 Months18 Months24 Months30 Months36 Months
YAMAHA YB 125Z Red/Black380,500126,83363,41738,79928,25423,07720,04518,085
YAMAHA YB 125Z-DX Grey/Red/ Black408,000136,00068,00041,60330,29624,74521,49419,392
YAMAHA YBR 125 Blue/Red/ Black419,000139,66769,83342,72431,11225,41222,07419,914
YAMAHA YBR 125G Black436,000145,33372,66744,45832,37526,44322,96920,722
YAMAHA YBR 125G Matt Dark Grey/Matt Orange439,000146,33373,16744,76432,59826,62523,12720,865

The Yamaha YB 125Z series of bikes offer users a great option for rides out on the open road. With its sleek and stylish design, as well as its superior engine performance, the bike is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. For those looking for an even more powerful ride, the Yamaha YB 125Z-DX comes equipped with a bigger engine that ensures a faster and smoother ride. For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, the YBR 125 Blue/Red/Black is an excellent choice thanks to its affordability and superior performance. Finally, the Yamaha YBR 125G Black and Matt Dark Grey/Matt Orange models offer users supreme durability and reliability in any conditions. No matter which model you choose, the Yamaha YB 125 series of bikes are sure to provide a thrilling and enjoyable ride.

The installment plan for the Yamaha YB 125Z series makes it easier than ever to purchase one of these amazing bikes. With 0% interest offered over 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36-month payment plans, users can spread out their payments in order to more easily afford the cost of a bike. With these payment plans, users can enjoy all the benefits of owning their own Yamaha YB 125Z series bike.

For those looking for extra protection and peace of mind, Yamaha also offers optional extended warranties that cover certain repairs or replacements on select models of its bikes. These extended warranties are available at an additional cost and provide users with an extra layer of security against unexpected mishaps and damages.

MCB Suzuki Bike Installment Plan

The MCB Suzuki bike installment plan is a great way for people to buy a bike without having to pay the full cost upfront. With this plan, you can spread out your payments over several months while still owning the bike.

This convenient payment option comes with many advantages. First, it helps people who may not have the financial means to make a one-time purchase. Second, it helps reduce the financial strain of buying a bike since you can make smaller payments over time. Third, it allows people to own their dream bike without having to worry about coming up with a large sum of money at once.

The MCB Suzuki bike installment plan also has several features which makes the payment process easier and more convenient for customers. First, there is a flexible repayment schedule that allows you to decide when and how much you would like to pay. Second, the installment plan has a low interest rate which makes it easier for customers to manage their payments. Finally, there are no hidden fees or charges associated with this plan which helps keep costs to a minimum.

Overall, the MCB Suzuki bike installment plan is a great way to help people own their dream bike without having to worry about coming up with the funds in one go. This plan makes it easier for those who may not have the necessary resources to purchase their bike upfront, and also helps to reduce strain on their finances by allowing them to spread out payments over several months. With its low interest rate and no hidden fees or charges, the MCB Suzuki bike installment plan is an easy and affordable way to get your dream bike.

Last Word:

The MCB has set in motion a remarkable installment plan for Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki bikes, creating an opportunity for seasoned and first-time riders to own the motorcycle of their dreams.

This ambitious plan gives riders more options than ever before and allows them to get the bikes they desire without breaking the bank. With the various payment plans offered by the MCB, riders can make sure they always have enough money to keep their motorcycles in pristine condition. Furthermore, this plan also encourages new riders to hop into the exciting world of two-wheelers with confidence as this plan puts security first. It’s clear that the MCB is taking steps to ensure motorcycling remains a viable option for people from all walks of life – an endeavour everyone should support!

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