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K&N’s frozen products check all the boxes for quick and convenient meal times. Along with an excellent taste of natural ingredients, K&N’s latest price list promises to make your life even easier. For 2024, they are offering hearty meals at pocket friendly prices! Their menu consists of snacks like potato tartlets and spicy bread rolls, main courses such as steak bites or vegetable achari masala and even delicious desserts such as lemon meringue pies. With such a wide range of goodies at sensible prices, K&N’s has made it easier for families to enjoy their favourite dishes.

K&N’s Frozen Products Price in Pakistan

K&N’s has become renowned for its unique products that combines affordability and quality. Its Price in Pakistan ranges from Rs.450 to 2000, offering something for every budget. The focus on using the best materials ensures customers get the most value for their money. Whether you are looking for protein snacks, sports nutrition, meal replacements or just a healthy indulgence, K&N’s will give you an array of options. Plus, with over many years of research and innovation, customers can trust that these products not only taste great, but will bring them in a step closer to living a healthier lifestyle!

K&n’s Price List 2024

K&n’sPrice in Pakistan
K&N’s Fun Nuggets, 9-PackRs. 425
K&N’s Haray Bharay Nuggets, 45-47 Pieces, Economy PackRs. 1,110
K&N’s Chicken Samosa, 30-PackRs.755
K&N’s Chicken Nuggets, 43-45 PiecesRs.1,150
K&N’s Chicken Chapli Kabab 4-PackRs.430
K&N’s Chicken Fiery Fingers, Economy PackRs.1,210
K&N’s Whole Chicken, Roaster Size 13, 1.3 KGRs.936
K&N’s Chicken Tender Breast, 7-Pack, 700gRs.725
K&N Biryani Stock, 17.6gRs.50
K&N’s Toppingz ‘N Fillingz, Tikka, 650gRs.1,170
K&N’s Deline Mini Franks Sausage With Cheese, 54-56 Pieces, 700gRs. 1,085
K&N’s Chicken Thunder Fillet Breast, 5-PackRs.970
K&N’s Chicken Pepperoni Slices, 168-Pack, Economy PackRs. 1,080
K&N’s Chicken Seekh Kabab, 7-PackRs.430
K&N’s Chicken Karahi Cut 1 KGRs. 765
K&N’s Chicken Boti Cut 1 KGRs. 780
K&N’s Chicken Kafta Kabab, 23-Pack, 515gRs. 1,010
K&N’s Chicken Tender PopsRs. 425
K&N’s Chicken Shami Kabab, 7-Pack, 252gRs. 405
K&N’s Chicken Seekh Kabab, 18-PackRs. 1,010
K&N’s Chicken Combo Wings, Economy PackRs.1,065
K&N’s Deline Breakfast Sausages, Chicken, 32-Pack, 720gRs.1,085
K&N’s Chicken Croquettes, 53-55 PiecesRs.1,150
K&N’s Chicken Tempura Large, 29-31 PiecesRs.1,110
K&N’s Chicken Tikka Chunks 700gRs.1,090
K&N’s Chicken Wings 1 KGRs.690
K&N’s Chicken Qeema Premium 500gRs.506
K&N’s Chicken Boneless Handi 500gRs.506
K&N’s Chicken Kofta, 12-Pack, 345gRs 480

K&N’s Chicken Nuggets Price in Pakistan

K&N’s Chicken NuggetsPrice in Pakistan
K&N’s Fun Nuggets Standard Pack 9 pcs 265GMRs. 449
K&N’s Nuggets Standard Pack 12 pcs 270GMRs. 425
K &Ns Fun Nuggets Family Pack 1500 GMRs. 1,875
K&N’s Fun Nuggets Economy 795GMRs. 1,061
K&N’s Chicken Nuggets 43 to 45 Pieces 1000GMRs. 1150
K&Ns Haray Nuggets Economy 1000GMRs. 1,161
K&N’s Nuggets Economy 1000GMRs. 1,200
K&N’s Chicken Nuggets 74 to 76 Pieces 1.7KGRs. 1870
K & Ns Nuggets Family Pack 1700GMRs. 1,949

K&N’s Frozen Products offer a wide range of frozen food items that are great for any occasion. From appetizers to main courses, K&N’s has something to fit every budget. With prices starting at Rs.450 and going up to Rs.2000, they have something suitable for all budgets and tastes! The quality of the food is top notch and you can be sure that you are getting a great value for your money. Whether it’s for an informal gathering or a formal dinner, K&N’s Frozen Products will provide an excellent selection of dishes that everyone will enjoy.

Their convenient store locations make it easy to pick up whatever you need for your next event. K&N’s Frozen Products are the perfect way to make sure that your gathering is a hit! With great quality and reasonable prices, you can trust K&N’s to provide delicious food for any occasion. Try out their frozen products today and see what a difference they can make in your meal planning.

K&N’s has been able to provide the convenience of delicious frozen meals at a reasonable price. They offer options from finger food like shawarmas, sfihas and burgers to main course items such as tikka kabab. The prices for their products range from Rs. 688 to Rs. 2000 on average, making it accessible to many. The range also includes a variety of traditional and international flavors, from creamy butter chicken to savory Seekh Kebabs, K&N’s has something for everyone.

The company was founded in 1964 by Mr. Khalil Sattar with the goal of providing convenience without sacrificing on taste or quality. K&N’s have since then become a household name, especially in Pakistan. With their fast delivery services and fresh quality products, K&N’s has been able to expand its reach across the country.

So, if you are looking for a delicious meal without having to leave your home or worry about cooking, let K&N’s come to your rescue. With their huge selection of frozen meals and snacks, you can always have something delicious ready in no time!

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