kashees Eyeshadow Palette Price in Pakistan 2024

Imagine, if you will, walking down the makeup aisle of a store and seeing the dozens of eyeshadow palettes lining the shelves. Each one is labeled with beautiful colors and trendy names that, let’s face it, all sound amazing. You might be thinking to yourself ‘Which one should I get? Look no further!

Today we are talking about kashees Eyeshadow Palette Price in Pakistan Because Makeup Should Be Affordable and Fun! Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned makeup maven looking for bold pigmentation payoff and intense color payoff at an affordable price KASHEES has got your back. Here we’ll tell you all about their prices in Pakistan plus how you can get your hands on them from renowned retailers around the country !

kashees Eyeshadow Palette Price in Pakistan

If you’re looking for a great eyeshadow palette that won’t break the bank, look no further than Kashees! Their wide range of palettes offer stunning colors to suit your style and can be found at prices ranging from Rs.1100 to Rs.6000 in Pakistan, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking for a quality eyeshadow kit without spending too much money. Not only do these palettes come filled with vibrant shades, but they also have superior staying power so you don’t have to worry about your eye makeup fading throughout the day. With so many options and such great prices, Kashees is the ideal go-to for any beauty lover!

kashees Eyeshadow Palette Rate List in Pakistan

kashees Eyeshadow PaletteRates
Grace & Glamour EyeshadowRs. 1500
Vintage Queen Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 3500
Silk & Sleek Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 3000
Galaxy Garden EyeshadowRs. 1000
Dream Rose Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 3500
Vintage Garden Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 3000
Matte & Magic Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 4000
Chameleon Diamond EyeshadowRs. 1000
Diva Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 3000
Golden Girl Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 2500
Kashee’s Eye Makeup VanityRs. 7000
Glam Artistry Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 6000
Mirror Majesty Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 6000
Vintage Doll Makeup PaletteRs. 6000
Living Bird Makeup PaletteRs. 6000
Ruby Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 2500
Desert Rose Eyeshadow PaletteRs. 2000
Kashee’s Glimmer GardenRs. 10000

Kashees Eyeshadow Palette is a luxurious product for those looking to add some glamour to their everyday makeup looks. The palette contains 16 vivid shades that are sure to make your eyes look gorgeous. All the colors are highly pigmented, blendable, and long lasting. It is also easy to work with due to its creamy texture and comes in a convenient travel friendly palette.

The price of the Kashees Eyeshadow Palette in Pakistan is PKR 3,000. That’s quite reasonable compared to its quality and quantity. You can get it online or from any local makeup store in your city.Get yours now and bring out the diva in you! With this palette, you can get creative with your looks and experiment with different eye makeup styles. Whether it’s a smoky eye or a subtle wash of color, Kashees Eyeshadow Palette has got you covered!

Last but not least, remember to always use an eyeshadow primer before applying any eyeshadows so that your makeup will last longer and look more vibrant. That’s all you need to know about the Kashees Eyeshadow Palette Price in Pakistan! So go ahead, get creative, and express yourself through your makeup looks!

Final Words:

As you can see, the kashees Eyeshadow Palette Price in Pakistan is quite reasonable. Not only does it offer a range of colors to choose from and an impressive variety of textures, but its quality is top-notch.

This product was designed to be worn easily on any type of skin, making it perfect for those who want a product that’s both easy to apply and long lasting. Best of all, with great prices and excellent customer service, you can be sure that you won’t regret investing in this eyeshadow palette. With its vibrant colors and great value for money, the kashees Eyeshadow Palette is becoming an increasingly popular choice among makeup lovers in Pakistan. So if you’re looking for a multidimensional palette that won’t break the bank, look no further than the kashees Eyeshadow Palette – perfect for everyday glam or special occasions!

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