Jaffar Express Train Timings Ticket Fare Price 2024

Are you planning to take a trip on the Jaffar Express? This train is the perfect way to explore the beauty of Pakistan and get there in record time. With its comfortable and cozy seating, it’s sure to make your journey enjoyable. To make sure you have all your bases covered, we’re here with an up-to-date guide for the latest train timings, ticket fares, tips, and more everything you need to know before embarking on your epic ride on the Jaffar Express! So gear up it’s going to be a great adventure!

Jaffar Express Train Timings

The Jaffar Express, with service number 39, travels from Quetta to Peshawar, covering a wide range of stops along the way. The journey begins at 09:00 from Quetta and concludes at Peshawar Cantt at 18:45. Some of the major stops include Kolpur, Mach, Sibi Jn, Sukkur Jn, and Lahore Jn. The train adheres to a strict schedule, with precise arrival and departure times at each station.

In the other direction, the Jaffar Express with service number 40 travels from Peshawar to Quetta. The journey embarks from Peshawar Cantt at 07:00 and ends in Quetta at 17:10. This route also includes stops at major stations like Rawalpindi, Lahore Jn, Multan Cant, and Jacobabad Jn. As with the previous route, the train maintains specific arrival and departure times at each stop to ensure a smooth and timely service for all passengers.

The Jaffar Express is one of the most popular trains in Pakistan, providing travelers with a comfortable and safe journey throughout the country. With its precise timings and excellent service, it’s easy to understand why so many people choose to ride the Jaffar Express! Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, make sure to book your tickets on this remarkable train. With its unique features and amenities, the Jaffar Express is sure to give you an unforgettable journey!

Jaffar Express 39 Up Quetta to Peshawar Timings

Sibi Jn13:4014:10
Bakhtiarabad Domki15:1715:19
Dera Murad Jamali16:2316:25
Dera Allahyar17:0617:08
Jacobabad Jn17:3517:50
Sukkur Jn19:5520:00
Rohri Jn20:1520:40
Pano Aqil21:0521:10
Rahim Yar Khan23:0423:06
Multan Cant03:1503:25
Khanewal Jn04:2504:30
Mian Channu05:0205:04
Raiwind Jn08:0808:13
Kot Lakhpat08:4008:42
Lahore Cantt09:0409:06
Lahore Jn09:2510:00
Wazirabad Jn11:3111:33
Lala Musa Jn12:2012:22
Gujjar Khan14:1314:15
Attock City Jn16:5817:00
Jahingira Road17:3717:39
Nowshera Jn17:5617:58
Peshawar City18:3018:31
Peshawar Cantt18:45End

Jaffar Express 40 Down Peshawar to Quetta Train Timings

Peshawar CanttStart07:00
Peshawar City07:0907:10
Nowshera Jn07:3907:41
Jahangira Road08:0008:02
Attock City Jn08:5408:56
Gujjar Khan11:3211:34
Lala Musa Jn13:1913:21
Wazirabad Jn14:0014:02
Lahore Jn15:4516:20
Lahore Cantt16:3316:35
Raiwind Jn17:1017:15
Mian Channu20:3520:37
Khanewal Jn21:2021:25
Multan Cant22:1022:30
Rahim Yar Khan02:0702:09
Pano Akil04:2004:25
Rohri Jn05:1505:40
Sukkur Jn05:5005:55
Jacobabad Jn08:0508:20
Dera Allahyar08:3508:37
Dera Murad Jamali09:0509:07
Bakhtiarabad Domki10:1110:13
Sibi Jn11:4512:15

Jaffar Express Train Stops Name

The Jaffar Express Train, an integral part of Pakistan’s transportation network, commences its journey at Quetta, making its first stop at Kolpur by 09:45. The journey is punctuated by several key stops such as Mach at 10:55, Sibi Jn. at 13:40, Sukkur at 19:55, and Multan Cantt by the early hours of the next day at 03:15.

As the train snakes its way through the heart of the country, it halts at major urban hubs including Lahore Jn. at 09:25, Gujranwala at 10:55, and Rawalpindi at Time 15:10. At 18:45, the train chugs into its final station of Peshawar Cantt. Typically, the train pauses briefly at each station, allowing travelers to alight and new passengers to embark on their journey.

Jaffar Express Train Ticket Price

The Jaffar Express provides train services with various fare options for different routes and classes.

Jaffar Express Ticket Price Rawalpindi to Quetta

ClassBerth FareSeat Fare
AC Lower / Standard68006800
AC Business78507850
AC Sleeper1100011000

Jaffar Express Ticket Price Rawalpindi to Lahore

ClassBerth FareSeat Fare
AC Lower / Standard16001600
AC Business22502250
AC Sleeper30003000

Jaffar Express Quetta To Peshawar Fare

ClassBerth FareSeat Fare
AC Lower / Standard75007500
AC Business86508650
AC Sleeper1190011900

Jaffar Express Peshawar To Lahore Fare

ClassBerth FareSeat Fare
AC Lower / Standard22002200
AC Business29002900
AC Sleeper45504550

Jaffar Express Ticket Price Multan to Quetta

ClassBerth FareSeat Fare
AC Lower / Standard39503950
AC Business53005300
AC Sleeper72007200

Jaffar Express Ticket Price Attock to Lahore

ClassBerth FareSeat Fare
AC Lower / Standard19501950
AC Business27002700
AC Sleeper37503750

Traveling by train is an economical and convenient way to get around Pakistan. The Jaffar Express offers various fare packages for different routes and classes, making it easy to choose the best option for your needs.

Whether you’re traveling between Rawalpindi and Quetta, Rawalpindi and Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar, Peshawar and Lahore, Multan and Quetta, or Attock and Lahore, Jaffar Express has a fare that fits your budget. With tickets prices ranging from as low as 1,100 PKR for Economy class to 7,200 PKR for AC Sleeper class on the most expensive fares, there’s something for everyone! Enjoy the convenience of booking your ticket online and travel with Jaffar Express!

Jaffar Express Ticket Online Booking

Planning a journey on Jaffar Express has never been easier, thanks to the convenience of online ticket booking.

  • To begin, head over to the official website of Pakistan Railways at https://www.pakrail.gov.pk/.
  • Here, you can input your desired travel dates, along with your choice of departure and arrival stations.
  • The system will promptly generate a list of trains available for your selected route and schedule, including the Jaffar Express.
  • After choosing the train that suits your travel plans, you’ll need to fill out some necessary passenger information.
  • Once this step is complete, you’ll proceed to the payment page to finalize your booking.
  • Remember to save a copy of your e-ticket once your booking is confirmed, as this will serve as your travel reservation proof. Wishing you a safe journey!

Last Word:

In conclusion, the Jaffar Express train has certainly come a long way since its launch in 2024. Despite an initial struggle with timings and ticket prices, it has become a reliable means of transportation for those living in the area as well as those travelling from other parts of the country. Beyond the ticket fare and timing concerns, it is important to note that safety measures have been put into place by authorities to ensure peaceful and comfortable journey for all passengers onboard.

Overall, people are satisfied with the Jaffar Express Train’s performance so far and are looking forward to more helpful developments in the future. From better time management to cheaper rates of tickets for greater affordability, there are still ways to further improve this railway line. We hope these changes will come soon to give passengers an even smoother ride!

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