ICI Wanda Price in Pakistan 2024 | Vanda Animal Feed Rates

Are you looking for reliable information on current and accurate ICI Wanda Price in Pakistan. Not only is it important to stay up to date with the costs of animal feed such as ICI Wanda, but it’s also necessary to pay close attention to market trends in order to make smart buying decisions. In this blog post, we will discuss why having knowledge of the current ICI Wanda Prices in Pakistan can help you succeed in your farming endeavors. Additionally, we will talk about how our research team at Saddar Enterprises will provide you with easy access to all updated Vanda Animal Feed Rates throughout the country so that you always have ready availability of all price points. Let’s get started by discussing some key things you should know before shopping around for quality animal feed!

ICI Wanda Animal Feed Price in Pakistan

ICI Wanda Price in Pakistan offers some of the most competitive animal feed rates in the region. With prices ranging from Rs.323 to Rs. 3450, one can certainly find a great value for their hard earned money when shopping for animal feed at ICI Wanda Price in Pakistan. Whether you are looking for poultry feed or pet food products, you will be pleased with the wide selection available at ICI Wanda Price and the reasonable price points set for each item. has everything that you need to keep your animals well-fed, healthy and happy!

ICI Animal Feeds Wanda Feed Rate List in Pakistan 2024

Feed NamesSizeRates
Ici Wanda For Milk Flow Price2KGRs. 323
ICI Vanda Mash LY Feed Rate40 KGRs. 3000
ICI Vanda HD Plus Feed Rate40 KGRs. 2950
ICI Vanda Mash HY Feed Rate40 KGRs. 2400
ICI Vanda HD Mash Feed Rate40 KGRs. 3100
ICI Vanda HD Pellet Feed Rate40 KGRs. 3250
ICI Vanda Pellet Meat Feed Rate40 KGRs. 2950

The ICI Wanda Animal Feed Price in Pakistan is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing animal feed. There are a number of factors that go into determining the price of animal feed, such as the quality and type of feed, availability, and cost of production. All these elements contribute to the overall pricing structure for different types of animal feed.

The ICI Wanda Animal Feed Price in Pakistan ranges from medium to high depending on the type and quality of feed. For example, poultry feeds are generally priced higher than other animal feeds due to its higher nutritional value, while cattle feeds tend to be cheaper. Similarly, feed for calves a is more expensive than that for cows and horses.

Additionally, the availability of feed in Pakistan also has an impact on its pricing. Feeds that are available at local stores tend to be more expensive than those imported from abroad. Similarly, organic animal feed tends to be more expensive due to higher production costs as well as higher quality standards.

Overall, the ICI Wanda Animal Feed Price in Pakistan is reflective of its quality, type and availability. Those looking to purchase animal feed should do research on the different types available and the costs associated with each one before making a decision.


Finally, ICI Wanda Animal Feed is a great option for people in Pakistan who want to feed their animals with high-quality and reasonably-priced food. Not only is it affordable, but the nutrition value provided by its products are also good. Thanks to its wide distribution network, availability of products is not an issue either, as customers will be able to find these products in stores all over Pakistan. To sum up, ICI Wanda Animal Feed brings convenience and affordability without compromising on quality or nutritional value. If you want to provide your animals with the best possible food, then this should be your go-to choice.

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