How to Get iPhone 14, 14 Plus, Pro and 14 Pro Max on Installments in Pakistan

Are you looking for the latest and greatest iPhone 14,14 Plus, Pro or 14 Pro Max but don’t have enough money to purchase it in one go? Well, now there’s a way to get these devices without compromising on your budget. In this blog post, we will look at how you can buy any of the four iPhone 14 series devices as part of an installment plan available in Pakistan. We will break down all the details associated with this option so that you know exactly what to expect when investing in one of Apple’s latest flagship phones.

iPhone 14 Pro Max installment Monthly Plan

iPhone 14 Pro MaxMonthly Instalment
3 MonthsRs.236,733
6 MonthsRs.123,392
9 MonthsRs.85,614
12 MonthsRs.66,723
18 MonthsRs.47,833
24 MonthsRs.38,386

The iPhone 14 Pro Max, with its trailblazing features and high-end specifications, is now available on an adaptable monthly installment plan. Depending upon the duration chosen, the monthly installments vary, offering flexibility to match your financial plans. For a three-month plan, the monthly installment would be Rs.236,733. If you choose a six-month plan, the installment reduces to Rs.123,392 per month. For a nine-month duration, the monthly installment further diminishes to Rs.85,614, and for a twelve-month plan, it’s Rs.66,723. Longer durations of 18 months and 24 months offer monthly installments of Rs.47,833 and Rs.38,386 respectively. This way, you can own the iPhone 14 Pro Max without straining your budget.

Banks Installment Monthly Plans For iPhone 14

Several Pakistani banks, including HBL, MCB, and Askari Bank, have unveiled their monthly installment plans for the iPhone 14. For instance, HBL offers an 18-month plan at a 0% markup rate, making it a financially attractive option. MCB also comes forward with a 12-month installment plan, but with a small markup. Askari Bank, on the other hand, has an appealing 24-month plan available to its credit card holders.

These plans typically require an upfront down payment, with the balance spread evenly across the plan’s duration. However, the exact terms and conditions can vary from bank to bank, so customers are advised to thoroughly understand these before making a commitment. Therefore, availing of these installment plans could be a savvy way to get your hands on the latest iPhone 14 without putting too much strain on your wallet.

iPhone 14 on Installments Monthly Plans Meezan Bank

Meezan Bank offers an attractive monthly installment plan for the latest iPhone 14 series. The details are as follows:

  • Apple iPhone 14 128 GB: A down payment of 77,000 is required, with monthly payments ranging from 121,527 for a 3-month plan to 18,675 for a 24-month plan.
  • Apple iPhone 14 256 GB: An upfront payment of 84,500 is necessary, followed by monthly payments from 133,139 for 3 months, decreasing to 20,459 for 24 months.
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro 128 GB: This model requires a down payment of 97,000, and monthly payments range from 153,171 for 3 months to 23,537 for 24 months.
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro 256 GB: The down payment stands at 103,500, with monthly installments from 163,100 for 3 months to 25,063 for 24 months.
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 128 GB: With a down payment of 107,500, the monthly payments range from 169,835 for a 3-month plan to 26,098 for a 24-month plan.
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 256 GB: A down payment of 112,000 is needed, followed by monthly installments from 176,397 for 3 months to 27,106 for 24 months.

These plans provide a flexible and affordable means for customers to get their hands on the latest Apple technology. With Meezan Bank, you can enjoy the convenience of having the newest gadgets while paying in installments.

ModelDown Payment3 Months6 Months12 Months18 Months24 Months
Apple iPhone 14 128 GB77,000121,52762,64233,25623,51018,675
Apple iPhone 14 256 GB84,500133,13968,62836,43425,75720,459
Apple iPhone 14 Pro 128 GB97,000153,17178,95441,91629,63223,537
Apple iPhone 14 Pro 256 GB103,500163,10084,07244,63331,55325,063
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 128 GB107,500169,83587,54346,47632,85626,098
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 256 GB112,000176,39790,92548,27134,12627,106

It is important to note that all payments must be made on time and any late or missed payments will incur additional charges. In addition, customers may need to complete an application process with the bank in order to qualify for these installment plans. Be sure to read through the terms and conditions before signing any agreements with Meezan Bank.

Furthermore, customers should keep in mind that these prices are subject to change depending on market fluctuations. Keep an eye out for the latest deals so you don’t miss out on getting the best value when it comes to buying Apple products! With a little bit of research and savvy shopping, you can find the perfect iPhone 14 for you without having to break the bank.

Bank Alfalah iPhone 14 Pro Max installment Plan 2023

ModelPrice0% Markup (6 months)0% Markup (12 months)0% Markup (18 months)0% Markup (24 months)0% Markup (36 months)
iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB – Deep Purple/Space Black624,300 PKR208,100 PKR104,050 PKR69,367 PKR63,579 PKR46,242 PKR
iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB – Deep Purple/Space Black590,500 PKR196,833 PKR98,417 PKR65,611 PKR60,137 PKR43,738 PKR
iPhone 14 Pro 256GB – Deep Purple/Space Black590,500 PKR196,833 PKR98,417 PKR65,611 PKR60,137 PKR43,738 PKR
iPhone 14 Pro 128GB – Deep Purple/Space Black556,000 PKR185,333 PKR92,667 PKR61,778 PKR56,623 PKR41,183 PKR
iPhone 14 128GB – Midnight Purple453,000 PKR151,000 PKR75,500 PKR50,333 PKR46,134 PKR33,554 PKR

Bank Alfalah offers an exciting opportunity for customers to purchase the latest iPhone 14 models on an installment plan with 0% markup, making premium technology more accessible. The iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB model is available at 624,300 PKR, which can be paid in six months installments of 208,100 PKR, 12 months installments of 104,050 PKR, 18 months installments of 69,367 PKR, 24 months installments of 63,579 PKR, or 36 months installments of 46,242 PKR. Similar installment plans are available for the iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB, iPhone 14 Pro 256GB, iPhone 14 Pro 128GB, and the iPhone 14 128GB models as well, with respective prices and installment plans designed to provide flexibility and affordability for the customers.

iPhone 14 Monthly Installment With MCB Bank

Monthly InstallmentMonthMonthly Markup
Rs. 197,0003 Months0.00%
Rs. 95,0006 Months0.00%
Rs. 47,50012 Months0.00%
Rs. 41,44518 Months1.72%
Rs. 33,65624 Months1.74%
Rs. 26,10836 Months1.80%

MCB Bank is offering an attractive installment plan for the iPhone 14, wherein you can divide the overall price of Rs. 197,000 into manageable monthly installments. For a 3-month plan, the monthly markup is 0.00% and the installment amount is Rs. 95,000. If you opt for a 6-month plan, you still enjoy 0.00% markup with a lower monthly installment of Rs. 47,500.

The 12-month installment plan also comes with 0.00% markup with an even more affordable monthly installment of Rs. 41,445. If you wish to extend your plan to 18 months, the markup slightly increases to 1.72% with a monthly installment of Rs. 33,656. For a 24-month plan, the monthly markup is 1.74% and the installment is Rs. 26,108. Lastly, for a longer tenure of 36 months, the markup is 1.80% with a monthly installment of Rs. 26,108. This scheme allows you to acquire the iPhone 14 without feeling the burden of a one-time payment.

iPhone 14 Monthly Installment With Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank, keeping in line with their commitment to enhance customer experience and provide exceptional value, is offering an enticing 0% interest installment plan for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This incredible offer, designed with the cost-conscious customer in mind, allows for the full cost of the device to be divided into manageable monthly payments. For a short-term tenure of 3 months, the monthly EMI is set to Rs. 190,000 without any additional Monthly Markup. Moreover, customers will be pleased to know that there is no processing fee for this tenure.

For those considering a 6-month plan, the Monthly EMI stands at Rs. 95,000 also with a 0.00% Monthly Markup. The processing fee for Conventional Cards is a minimal 2.5%, and for Saadiq Cards, the fee is Rs. 9,500.

Additionally, a 12-month tenure is also available where the Monthly EMI is Rs. 47,500 with 0.00% Monthly Markup. The processing fee for Conventional Cards is 7% and for Saadiq Cards, it remains at Rs. 9,500.

In essence, this offer positions Standard Chartered Bank as a facilitator in making cutting-edge technology more accessible and affordable through their attractive installment plans.

Monthly InstallmentMonthMonthly Markup
Rs. 190,0003 Months0.00%
Rs. 95,0006 Months0.00%
Rs. 47,50012 Months0.00%

iPhone 14 Monthly Installment With UBL

Monthly InstallmentMonthMonthly Markup
Rs. 193,0003 Months0.00%
Rs. 95,0006 Months0.00%
Rs. 49,50012 Months0.00%

iPhone 14 Monthly Installment With Silk Bank

Monthly InstallmentMonthsMonthly Markup
Rs. 197,0003 Months0.00%
Rs. 106,4006 Months2.00%
Rs. 58,90012 Months2.00%
Rs. 43,06718 Months2.00%
Rs. 35,15024 Months2.00%
Rs. 29,23336 Months2.00%

iPhone 14 Monthly Installment With Askari Bank

Monthly InstallmentMonthsMonthly Markup
Rs. 201,4003 Months2.00%
Rs. 104,9846 Months1.75%
Rs. 56,76712 Months1.63%
Rs. 40,67618 Months1.58%
Rs. 32,71124 Months1.57%

Apple iPhone 14 on Instalments With Daraz.PK

Monthly EMIMonthMonthly Mark-up
Rs. 196,6663 Months0.00%
Rs. 98,3336 Months0.00%
Rs. 49,16712 Months0.00%

The option to acquire the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max on instalments through Daraz.PK’s EMI scheme is a significant step towards making premium technology more accessible. It offers a viable solution for customers who wish to spread out the cost, reducing the immediate financial burden. Now, the coveted iPhone 14 Pro Max can be yours at Rs. 196,666 per month for 3 months, Rs. 98,333 for 6 months, or Rs. 49,167 for 12 months, with zero monthly markup. This interest-free option is a boon for tech enthusiasts aiming for premium gadgets. For upfront payments, there are no hidden costs. However, a processing fee is levied for 6 and 12-month tenures under certain conditions. On conventional cards, it’s 2.5% for 6 months and 7% for 12 months, Whereas Sadiq card holders will have a flat fee of Rs. 9,500 for both the 6 and 12 month period.

Tips for Buying an iPhone 14 on Installment In Pakistan

When considering buying an iPhone 14 on installment in Pakistan, there are several key factors to keep in mind.

  1. Choose a Credible Retailer: Always opt for a well-established and reputable retailer to ensure you’re not falling for a scam. Many authorized Apple resellers in Pakistan offer installment plans for iPhones.
  2. Understand the Interest Rate: Installments often come with interest rates. Be sure to understand the terms and conditions, and calculate the total cost to avoid any surprises down the line.
  3. Check Your Eligibility: Not everyone may qualify for installment plans. Most retailers require proof of steady income, and some even carry out a credit check.
  4. Consider the Tenure: Installment plans can range from 6 months to 24 months.
  5. Warranty: Make sure that the iPhone comes with an official warranty. This will provide you with a safety net, should you encounter any issues with the device after purchase.

Remember, always read the fine print before committing to an installment plan.

How to Get iPhone 14 On Installment in Pakistan With Bank?

To get an iPhone 14 on installment in Pakistan through a bank, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your Bank: First, decide which bank you want to use for the installment plan. Many banks such as MCB, HBL, and UBL offer installment plans for iPhones.
  2. Check Eligibility: Each bank has specific eligibility criteria for installment plans. Typically, you need to have an active account with the bank and prove a stable income.
  3. Select the Plan: Banks offer different installment plans ranging from 6 months to 3 years.
  4. Apply for the Installment Plan: Visit your chosen bank’s branch or website to apply for the installment plan. You’ll need to provide personal information and specify the iPhone 14 model you want.
  5. Approval and Purchase: Once your application is approved, you can purchase the iPhone 14. The cost will be divided into monthly installments as per your selected plan, and will be deducted from your bank account every month.

Remember to read the terms and conditions carefully before agreeing to the installment plan.

Make sure to pay your monthly installments on time to avoid late or default payments.

Now that you know how to get an iPhone 14 on installment in Pakistan through a bank, you can start enjoying the latest Apple products. With a range of payment options available, getting your hands on the latest iPhones has never been easier!


To sum up, buying the new 14 iPhone series on installments in Pakistan is easier than ever. Not only do you get to enjoy the flexibility of a long installment plan, but the installment plans also offer attractive interest rates and discounts. Moreover, shopping for all models from the 14 series is now simpler than ever with a variety of retailers already offering such plans.

Lastly, you can also make use of various online stores, such asthe Apple Store, or even shop directly through your favorite network provider for the best deals. Ultimately, you can now get your hands on any of these amazing Apple devices without worrying aboutextra financial pressure. And that’s why choosing an installment plan when buying your nextiPhone 14 or any other device could be an advantageous option!

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