Green Line Express Karachi To Islamabad Fare Ticket Price 2024

Are you looking to take a road trip from Karachi to Islamabad? Then the Green Line Express is an excellent way to get there quickly and comfortably. Get ready for your journey as not only will you experience scenic views but also enjoy traveling in first-class arrangements with luxurious amenities onboard.

Green Line Express Karachi To Islamabad Fare Ticket Price 2024

ClassBerth FareSeat Fare
AC Lower / StandardRs.7950N/A
AC BusinessRs.9950N/A
Parlor CarN/ARs.8950

Traveling in comfort just got better with the Green Line Express Karachi to Islamabad! If you’re looking for a comfortable and stress-free journey, then the Green Line Express offers just that. With different fare options to choose from, you have the opportunity to pick what suits your budget and travel needs.

The AC Business class offers the ultimate in luxury and comfort, while the Economy class provides affordable travel without compromising too much on comfort. The Green Line Express also offers a Parlor Car option for those looking for a more exclusive and distinguished experience. With fares starting at Rs.4300 for Economy class, you are guaranteed a fantastic journey from Karachi to Islamabad. Discover the beauty of Pakistan while enjoying a comfortable ride with the Green Line Express.

Green Line Express Ticket Rate From Karachi to Islamabad

The Green Line Express is a fast and convenient option for those travelling from Karachi to Islamabad. With the convenience of online ticket booking available, passengers can book tickets at affordable prices that suit their budget.

The fare depends on the class of ticket: AC Lower/Standard fares start at Rs.7950, AC Business fares start at Rs.9950, Economy start at Rs.4400 Parlor Car fares start at.8950.

For those on a budget, the Economy class is the most affordable option; however, passengers wishing to enjoy a more luxurious journey may opt for the AC Lower/Standard or Business classes. Whichever class you choose to travel in, you can be sure to enjoy a fast and comfortable journey in The Green Line Express. So, book your tickets now and travel in comfort!

Green Line Express Train Timing From Karachi to Islamabad

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
2HYDERABAD JN00:1500:20
3ROHRI JN.04:4005:00
5KHANEWAL JN11:0511:25
6LAHORE JN.15:0015:35
7CHAK LALA19:3819:40

Green Line Express Train

The Green Line Express is the rapid transit system in Pakistan that connects major cities and urban centers. This is a modern rail system with comfortable spaces, air-conditioned coaches and efficient service. The Green Line Express has been designed to provide faster, safer, more reliable and cost-effective transportation for commuters between cities. It operates on an elevated double track and runs along its own dedicated right-of-way for most of its route.

It is equipped with modern signaling, communication and safety systems to ensure the highest standards of service. With 24 stations across three provinces (Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan), the Green Line Express has become a key connector in Pakistan’s railway network. The Green Line Express has improved travel times significantly, reducing the time to travel from one end of the line to the other from about four and a half hours to just two hours. It also offers riders with amenities such as WiFi, shopping and dining options on board.

The project is estimated to cost around $1.6 billion US dollars and it is part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The Green Line Express is expected to help improve access to jobs and services in urban centers, reduce pollution caused by road traffic and strengthen economic ties between cities. With its efficient service and modern amenities, the Green Line Express has become a symbol of progress for Pakistan’s railway system. It promises a reliable, comfortable and safe journey for all its passengers.

The Green Line Express is a major step forward in improving public transportation services in Pakistan. This modern rail system not only improves the mobility and connectivity of people, but it also helps to reduce congestion on roads and increases economic activity due to improved access for both freight and passenger services.

The introduction of the Green Line Express has been a major boost for the country’s economy, helping to create new jobs and improve access to services. As part of its commitment to sustainable development, Pakistan is also investing in green initiatives such as solar power to help reduce its carbon footprint and meet international climate action goals. The Green Line Express has become a testament to the progress that can be achieved when the right investments are made in the transportation sector.

Last Words:

The Green Line Express is certainly an intriguing idea, as it would provide safe and smooth travel between two major cities of Pakistan. It has the potential to revolutionize travel in the country and make it easier for people to enjoy a hassle-free journey.

Despite this, there are still concerns regarding the affordability of the tickets and whether the fare will be too high for the average person to consider travelling on the train. A sustainable solution needs to be found so that those who can’t afford a ticket can also benefit from this convenient travel mode.

Additionally, improvements should be made to ensure safety and efficiency on this train so that all users have a pleasant experience. If done correctly, the Green Line Express could truly revolutionize transportation in Pakistan, providing an easy way for people to explore and connect without having to worry about their budget.

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