GM Cables Price List 2024 In Pakistan

If You are you looking to buy a reliable, good quality GM cable in Pakistan. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the best options for purchasing GM cables in the country. We understand the frustration of purchasing low quality products which can endanger your devices; therefore, our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive and updated guide on where to purchase superior quality cables at an affordable price range.

GM Cables Price In Pakistan

The energy industry of Pakistan depends heavily on cables, so it’s important to know the average prices of the various cable types. Overall, it is estimated that the average price for GM cables ranges from3600 to 3700 Pakistani Rupee. Even if you are looking for extra quality cables with superior performance and longer life expectancy, you will still find them within your budget. Moreover, as Pakistan is making major strides towards achieving a fully-powered nation through renewable energy sources such as solar power, the demand for high quality GM cables is only going to keep growing.

GM Cables Rate List 2024 in Pakistan

GM Cables are a leading cable provider in Pakistan, offering competitive prices and reliable quality. Their Rate List 2024 includes the most popular types of cables used in residential and commercial applications. In the list below, you can see their prices for each type of cable, with lengths of up to 90 meters:

For 1-Core cables, the prices range from ₨ 3,490 for 1.5 mm square cables to ₨ 37,290 for 16mm square cables. For stranded cable types, you will find a variety of cables with prices ranging from Rs. 3602 for 3/0.29 up to Rs. 25745 for 1x10MM². Coaxial cables are also available at Rs. 5980 for RG-7 cables.

The GM Cables Rate List 2024 is a great resource for anyone looking to buy cable in Pakistan, as it helps them compare prices and find the most suitable option for their project.

GM Cables NameLengthPrices
GM Cable 1.5 mm square 1-Core90 meter₨ 3,490
GM Cable 3/0.2990 meterRs. 3602
GM Cable 1×1.5MM²90 meterRs. 4030
GM Cable Stranded 1×1.5MM²90 meterRs. 4130
GM Cable RG-7 COAXIAL CABLE90 meterRs. 5980
GM Cable 1×2.5MM²90 meterRs. 6216
GM Cable Stranded 1×2.5MM²90 meterRs. 6350
GM Cable 1x1MM²90 meterRs. 2983
GM Cable 1x10MM²90 meterRs. 25745
GM Cable 1x6MM²90 meterRs. 15533
GM Cable 1x4MM²90 meterRs. 10593
GM Cable 7/0.2990 meterRs. 7830
GM Cable 16 mm square 1-Core90 meter₨ 37,290

GM cables are one of the most popular and reliable brands in Pakistan. The company has been in the market for over two decades now and its products have never been found to be of inferior quality or design. With a wide range of models available, GM cables offer something for everyone in terms of price and performance.

GM cables come with the latest technology and are made with premium materials. This ensures that their products last longer than the competition, while also offering superior performance. The price of GM cables depends upon the model number, features, length and quality. You can expect to pay anywhere between Rs. 3500-37000 depending on these factors.

GM cables offer something for everyone, from basic budget models to high-end premium cables. However, even their lower-end models are incredibly reliable and offer good performance for the price. Furthermore, their cables come with a two year warranty, which is more than most other brands in Pakistan can boast of.

Overall, GM Cables are one of the best choices for anyone looking for reliable, high-quality cables at reasonable prices. With a wide range of models and sizes to choose from, you can be sure to find the right cable for your needs. So if you are looking for quality cables at an affordable price in Pakistan, GM Cables is definitely worth considering. GM cables are the best quality cables you can find in Pakistan. They are made with high quality materials and are very durable. If you are looking for a good quality cable, then GM is the way to go.

Gm Cable 3/29 Price in Pakistan

GM Cables 3/29 is an ideal choice for your home or office wiring needs. It is made with 99.99% pure copper wire which ensures that it has high quality and durability. With a length of 90 meter coil, you can be sure you have enough cable to complete any job quickly and efficiently. The cable is also rated at CU/PVC 250/440V, making it suitable for most residential and commercial applications. Additionally, its price of ₨ 4,430 With GM Cables 3/29 Pure Copper Wire you can be sure that you will get top quality at an affordable cost.

Gm Cable 7/44 Price in Pakistan

GM Cables 7/44 is a premium quality cable made with 99.99% pure copper wire, insulated with PVC and suitable for 250/440V power supply. The cable is 6mm² in size and comes in a 90 meter coil at an affordable price of ₨ 20,400.

Gm Cable 7/29 Price in Pakistan

GM Cables 7/29 Pure Copper Wire is the perfect choice for all your electrical wiring needs. This 90 meter coil of 99.99% pure copper wire is designed to run at 250/440V and comes in a PVC insulation for added protection and durability. With its high quality, this type of wire is ideal for household appliances, industrial machinery, and other electrical equipment. It is also perfect for use with solar energy systems as it can withstand high UV exposure levels without losing any of its quality or performance. Additionally, the 7/29 Pure Copper Wire is highly resistant to corrosion and other environmental elements which makes it incredibly safe to use in a variety of settings.

The GM Cables 7/29 Pure Copper Wire is available at a competitive price of ₨.9,586 in Pakistan. With its excellent quality and reliability, this type of wire is the perfect choice for anyone who needs to get their wiring job done with the best possible results.

Gm Cable 7/36 Price in Pakistan

GM Cables 7/36 Pure Copper Wire is the perfect choice for electrical wiring applications. It is a high-quality, versatile copper wire that offers superior performance and reliability. Its high purity of 99.99% pure copper guarantees a consistent current flow and low voltage drop during operation. The cable utilizes an advanced PVC 250/440V insulation to ensure long-term durability, while the 90 meter coil length allows for flexible installation. With its competitive price of ₨.12,948, GM Cables 7/36 Pure Copper Wire is an excellent choice for use in residential and commercial places requiring superior electrical wiring performance.

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