Fujika Battery Price List 2024 in Pakistan 

Are you looking for the latest price of Fujika batteries in Pakistan? If so, look no further because this blog post is here to help we’ll take a deep dive into the cost and availability of Fujika batteries in the country. We’ll explore both online and offline stores that offer these products and discuss possible shipping/delivery options available depending on your location! So if you’re interested to learn more about Fuika battery prices in Pakistan today, keep reading on to get all your questions answered.

Fujika Battery Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, looking to purchase a Fujika battery? Prices may vary depending on the type and model chosen, but expect mixed results. Generally speaking, customers can anticipate a minimum expense of Rs. 4,500 for their Fujika battery purchase however the true range typically varies from there. It’s not uncommon to find prices rising all the way up to Rs. 50,310 or higher for top of the line models; unless you’re willing to go for a heavier investment than that, it would be wise to do some comparison shopping With research and dedication there’s no reason why consumers shouldn’t feel satisfied with their choice in Fujika batteries!

Fujika Solar Range Batteriers Price in Pakistan

Fujika Solar Range Batteries are an excellent value for money and offer high performance in providing energy to your home. They come in a range of different models with varying capacity and price, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. The Fujika Solar 50 is the most budget-friendly option, with a price of Rs.4,154. The FJ Solar 55 follows at Rs.5,394, while the higher capacity models like the FJ Solar 90 and 100 are priced at Rs.8,570 and Rs.9,594 respectively.

If you need more power still then the FJ Solar 110 is available for Rs10,448. All models have the same excellent build quality, making them ideal for long-term use. They are also easy to install and maintain, allowing you to quickly get your household up and running with solar energy. Invest in Fujika Solar Range Batteries today and enjoy reliable power at a great price.

FJ Solar 50Rs.4,154
FJ Solar 55Rs.5,394
FJ Solar 60Rs.6,394
FJ Solar 90Rs.8,570
FJ Solar 100Rs.9,594
FJ Solar 110Rs10,448

Fujika Light Range Batteriers Price in Pakistan

Light Range Batteries are reliable and durable, making them a popular choice in Pakistan. They are designed to last longer than conventional batteries and offer greater power. The prices of Light Range Batteries vary depending on the model and capacity but generally range from Rs. 6,494 for an FJ 50/LR to Rs. 11,144 for an FJ 95LR. These batteries are available in a variety of capacities and sizes, making them ideal for a range of applications and budgets.

They can also be recharged quickly, making them a great choice for those who need to replace their batteries frequently. With Light Range Batteries, you can trust that you’re getting quality product at a price that won’t break the bank. So, if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable battery option for your car, look no further than Light Range Batteries in Pakistan.

FJ 50/LRs.6,494
FJ CR 65/LRs.7,547
FJ 70/LRs.8,044
FJ 75Rs.8,570
FJ 85Z/ZLRs.9,629
FJ 95LRs.11,1448

Fujika Medium Range Batteriers Price in Pakistan

Medium Range Batteriers are an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable, yet affordable power solution. Fujika offer a wide range of different models to suit different needs and budgets. In Pakistan, prices vary depending on the model and capacity. For example, the FJ 100A is priced at Rs.10,448 while the FJ 135 costs Rs.16000.

Those looking for a higher capacity battery can opt for the FJ 150, which is priced at Rs.17,960. All Fujika Medium Range Batteries come with a warranty and are designed to be reliable and efficient while providing long service life. So whether you’re looking for an economical solution or need more power, Fujika Medium Range Batteries are the ideal choice. Get yours today and power your life with ease!

FJ 100ARs.10,448
FJ 105Z/ZLRs.12,039
FJ 110Z/ZLRs.13,221
FJ 125Rs.15,000
FJ 135Rs.16000
FJ 140Rs.17,199
FJ 150Rs.17,960

Fujika Heavy Range Batteriers

The Fujika Heavy Range Batteries offer a wide variety of options, including the FJ 175, FJ 180, FJ 195, FJ 200, FJ 210, FJ 250 and the FJ 260. These models are designed to provide dependable power at an affordable price with no compromise on quality. With their unique combination of power and reliability, the Fujika Heavy Range Batteries are the perfect choice for a variety of applications. Whether you need a battery to power your commercial vehicle or recreational vehicle, these batteries provide reliable performance and long-lasting service. The FJ 265 model is designed for higher capacity requirements and offers superior performance at an even lower price point.

FJ 175Rs.19,540
FJ 180Rs.20,700
FJ 195Rs.22,113
FJ 200Rs.22,464
FJ 210Rs.25,272
FJ 250Rs.28,841
FJ 260Rs.29,075
FJ 265Rs.29,601

Fujika Maintenance Free Batteriers

Fujika Maintenance Free Batteries are an ideal choice for your automotive needs. Developed with superior lead alloy and state of the art technology, these batteries ensure long service life and maximum cranking power. With a wide range of models available in different sizes and capacities, you can be sure to find the perfect match for your vehicle.

Whether you’re looking for a small battery to power your motorbike or a large one to power your SUV, the Fujika Maintenance Free Batteries range has something for everyone. Prices start from Rs. 4,592 and run up to Rs. 50,310 depending on the model and size of the battery you need. With a maintenance free battery from Fujika, your vehicle will always be ready to go.

FJ GEN 50 MFRs.4,592
FJ55L MFRs.7,166
FJ55R MFRs.7,166
FJ60L MFRs.8,073
FJ60R MFRs.8,073
FJ65 MFRs.8.717
FJ 72L/R MFRs.9,477
FJ 80L/R MFRs.11,115
FJ 100L/R MFRs.12,636
FJ 110L/R MFRs.14,274
FJDIN 55 MFRs.13,455
FJDIN 66 MFRs.16,680
FJDIN 88 MFRs.21,066
FJ TL 1000Rs.20,475
FJ TL 1200Rs.29,250
FJ TL 1500Rs.26.325
FJ TL 1600Rs.31,590
FJ TL 1800Rs.31,590
FJ TL 2500Rs.40,950
FJ TL 3000Rs.50,310

Fujika Batteriers Types:

Fujika offers a wide range of batteries to suit any need. Their most popular types include alkaline, silver oxide, and lithium coin cells. Alkaline batteries are the most economical choice and offer reliable performance in low to medium drain applications. Silver oxide batteries provide higher energy density and are suitable for high drain applications such as cameras, remote controls, and toys.

Lithium coin cells are the smallest of Fujika’s batteries and offer superior energy density compared to alkaline or silver oxide, making them ideal for small devices like calculators and watches. For those who need a reliable source of power that won’t let them down, Fujika has the right battery type for the job. Whether you need a small lithium cell to power your watch, an alkaline battery for your remote control, or a silver oxide battery for your camera, Fujika has the right type of battery to fit the bill. With their wide range of options and dependable performance, Fujika batteries are sure to meet all your needs.

Fujika batteries are available at most electronics stores and online retailers. You can also purchase them through some mail-order companies. When shopping for batteries, be sure to compare prices and features to find the best deal. In addition, be sure to read the reviews of other customers to get an idea of which batteries they prefer.

If you are looking for a battery that will give you the most power for your money, you may want to consider a Lithium-ion battery. These batteries tend to be more expensive than other types of batteries, but they offer a higher capacity and longer life span. Lithium-ion batteries are also more environmentally friendly than other types of batteries, so they are a good choice if you are concerned about the impact of your purchase on the environment.

When it comes to choosing the right battery for your needs, Fujika has a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you need a small battery for a digital camera or a large battery for a power tool, you can find the perfect Fujika battery to suit your needs. With so many different types of batteries available, you are sure to find the right one for your electronic device.


Fujika is a well-known brand for batteries in Pakistan. The company has been providing quality products to Pakistani consumers for many years. Its latest offering, the fujika battery price in pakistan, is sure to attract attention from buyers looking for a good deal on a quality product.

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