Best Cars Under 15 lakhs in Pakistan 2024

Are you looking for a good car that fits your budget but doesn’t compromise on quality. We’ve got just the thing for you! Let’s take a look at some of the best cars available in Pakistan for under 15 lakhs. Whether you’re searching for luxury, performance, or value there are plenty of great options out there. From sedans to hatchbacks, here is our guide showcasing the top cars under 15 lakhs in Pakistan with their key features and specifications so that you can make an informed choice.

List Of Best Cars Under 15 lakhs in Pakistan

When it comes to buying a car, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important is affordability finding a reliable car that fits into your budget. If you’re looking for something in the range of 15 lakhs, then there are several options available on the market today. Here’s a look at some of the best cars under 15 lakhs in Pakistan.

1.Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran Price In Pakistan

The Suzuki Mehran, a popular hatchback in Pakistan, offers exceptional value for money with prices well under 15 lakhs. The various models, including the VX Euro II (CNG), VX Euro II Limited Edition, VXR Euro II, and VXR Euro II (CNG), range between PKR 872,000 and PKR 984,500. Each version comes equipped with an 800 cc, manual petrol engine and features such as an immobilizer, front speakers, USB and auxiliary cable, and AM/FM radio.

The Limited Edition and VXR variants also come with an air conditioner. The Mehran is compact, with dimensions measuring 3300 x 1405 x 1410 mm, and offers a commendable ground clearance of 160 mm. Despite its size, it boasts a spacious boot with a capacity of 254 liters, ideal for family trips or grocery hauls. The hatchback can comfortably seat up to 5 people and offers a mileage of 13 – 18 KM/L, making it a cost-effective option for city driving. With a top speed of 140 KM/H and a fuel tank capacity of 30 L, the Mehran is suitable for both daily commutes and longer journeys.

2.United Bravo 

United Bravo Price In Pakistan Features Specifications

The United Bravo is an exceptional hatchback that stands out in the under 15 lakh price category in Pakistan. With a fuel-efficient engine that delivers a mileage of 12 to 15 km/liter, this compact car is perfect for daily drives. The manual transmission coupled with a petrol engine of 800cc ensures a smooth and easy drive. The car comes packed with features such as inbuilt navigation, rear camera, alloy wheels, fog lights, power windows, steering, and door locks.

The Bravo is priced at PKR 1,519,000 or approximately 10.5 lakhs, making it a budget-friendly option for many families. As a compact hatchback, it measures 3350 mm in length, 1590 mm in width, and 1530 mm in height. Despite its compact dimensions, the Bravo offers a ground clearance of 150 mm. The car boasts a horsepower of 40 hp and a torque of 60 Nm. Despite having no dedicated boot space, the Bravo can comfortably accommodate 5 persons. It can achieve a top speed of 140 km/h and comes equipped with tyres of the size 155/65/R13.

3.Mitsubishi Lancer GLX SR 1.6

When it comes to affordable, performance-oriented vehicles in Pakistan, the Mitsubishi Lancer GLX SR 1.6 is a serious contender. Retailing at PKR 1,294,000, it delivers an impressive fuel efficiency of 10 to 15 KM/L. The manual transmission coupled with a robust petrol engine of 1587 cc ensures a smooth and powerful driving experience. The car boasts an overall length of 4470 mm, width of 1695 mm, and height of 1400 mm, comfortably seating five persons within its spacious interior.

The engine, finely tuned to produce 105 HP at 6000 RPM and a torque of 139 Nm at 4500 RPM, offers the ideal blend of power and efficiency. The steering, a rack and pinion system assisted by a hydraulic pump, ensures precise control over the vehicle. Furthermore, the suspension and braking system are built to deliver safety and stability on diverse terrains. The car comes fitted with alloy wheels, sized at 14 inches and wrapped in 185/65/R14 tyres. Finally, the fuel tank capacity of 50 L contributes to its long-distance capabilities, making the Mitsubishi Lancer GLX SR 1.6 the best car under 15 lakhs in Pakistan.

4.Honda Civic EXi

The Honda Civic EXi 2006 model is an excellent option for a car under 15 lakhs in Pakistan. With a fuel economy of 10 to 13 KM/L, manual transmission, and a 1493 cc petrol engine, it combines efficiency and performance. The price of this used model starts from PKR 1,295,000 with variations based on the model year, mileage, and overall condition. The Civic EXi boasts dimensions of 4437 mm in length, 1720 mm width, a height of 1440 mm, and a kerb weight of 1093 KG.

Its spacious interior can accommodate five people comfortably and provides a boot space of 365 L. With a powerful engine delivering 115 HP at 6200 RPM and a maximum speed of 240 KM/H, the Civic EXi ensures a smooth and powerful drive. The car’s suspension and brake system deliver superior control and comfort. It comes with a steering type of Rack & Pinion with a Hydraulic Pump, and a minimum turning radius of 5.2m.

The Honda Civic EXi sports steel wheels with wheel caps and tyre size of 185/65/R14. The fuel capacity is 50 L, ensuring long drives without frequent refueling. The mileage for city and highway stands at 10 KM/L and 13 KM/L respectively. For those seeking a reliable, comfortable, and performance-oriented vehicle under 15 lakhs, the Honda Civic EXi 2006 model is a worthwhile consideration in Pakistan.

5.Suzuki Liana LXi Sport

The Suzuki Liana LXi Sport is a standout option for those seeking a versatile car under PKR 1.5 million in Pakistan. Offering a mileage of 13 to 18 KM/L, this manual transmission vehicle is powered by a 1328 cc petrol engine. The starting price of a used Suzuki Liana LXi Sport in Pakistan is an affordable PKR 862,000, although this may vary based on the model year, the vehicle’s mileage, and overall condition.

The car features well-thought-out dimensions, with an overall length of 4350 mm and width of 1690 mm, providing ample space for 5 passengers. It comes with a boot space of 410 L, ideal for long journeys or shopping trips. The wheelbase is 2480 mm, and it comes with 4 doors.

Under the hood, you’ll find a petrol engine with a displacement of 1328 cc, producing a commendable 92 HP at 5800 RPM. The engine utilizes an EFI fuel system, and the DOHC 16 valves mechanism ensures efficient operation. With a maximum speed of 200 KM/H, the Suzuki Liana LXi Sport offers an exhilarating driving experience.

The manual transmission, coupled with a 5-speed gearbox, provides smooth and precise control over your ride. The hydraulic power steering, with a minimum turning radius of 5.0m, makes navigating tight spots a breeze.

The car is equipped with a McPherson strut coil springs front suspension and ventilated disc brakes, while the rear features a torsion beam with coil springs and drum brakes. This ensures a comfortable ride and exceptional braking performance.

It sports alloy wheels, with a tyre size of 185/65/R14. The fuel economy is impressive, with a mileage of 13 KM/L in the city and 18 KM/L on the highway, and it comes with a fuel tank capacity of 50 L. In summary, the Suzuki Liana LXi Sport offers an excellent balance of performance, comfort, and affordability.

6.Daihatsu Cuore CX Automatic

The Daihatsu Cuore CX Automatic emerges as an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable yet reliable vehicle under 15 lakhs in Pakistan. With a price tag of PKR 675,000, it provides a fuel-efficient ride, offering 8-13 KM/L mileage. Packed with an 847 cc petrol engine, it matches driving convenience with an automatic transmission. Its compact dimensions (3300 mm in length and 1395 mm in width) make it ideal for city driving, while the spacious interior comfortably seats five passengers.

This vehicle exhibits a solid performance with an in-line configuration of 3 cylinders, producing a horsepower of 40 HP at 5500 RPM and a torque of 65 Nm at 3200 RPM. The suspension system, featuring McPherson Strut Coil Springs at the front and a Trailing Arm at the rear, ensures a smooth ride, while the solid disc front brakes and drum rear brakes offer dependable stopping power.

The Cuore CX also impresses with its rack and pinion steering with a hydraulic pump, providing precise control and maneuverability. The vehicle rolls on steel wheels capped with 145/70/R12 tyres, promising a stable and grippy ride on various road conditions. Finally, the car’s fuel economy is commendable, delivering 8 KM/L mileage in the city and 13 KM/L on the highway, supported by a fuel tank capacity of 32 L.

7.Hyundai Santro Exec

The Hyundai Santro Exec, with its efficient mileage of 10 to 12 kilometers per liter and 999 cc petrol engine, is considered one of the best cars under 15 lakhs in Pakistan. A used Santro Exec can be acquired starting from an affordable price of PKR 750,000 a value that may vary depending on the car’s model year, mileage, and overall condition.

This compact car, with its overall length of 3495 mm and weight of 845 KG, is perfect for maneuvering in tight city streets yet spacious enough with seating capacity for five persons. It also exhibits robust power and performance with its 61 HP @ 5500 RPM engine and maximum speed of 180 KM/H. Its manual transmission and efficient fuel system guarantee a smooth and economical ride. Not to mention its cushioned suspension, and reliable brakes ensure a safe and comfortable journey. With a fuel tank capacity of 35 liters, it’s perfect for long drives without the constant worry of refueling.

8.Suzuki Alto VXR (CNG)

The Suzuki Alto VXR (CNG) has been recognized as the best car under 15 lakhs in Pakistan, offering a commendable mileage of 10 to 14 km/liter. The car features a manual transmission and runs on petrol fuel. The engine, boasting a capacity of 970 cc, adequately powers the vehicle providing a smooth driving experience. Priced at PKR 654,400, the Suzuki Alto VXR (CNG) presents superb value for its cost. The dimensions of the vehicle are impressively compact with an overall length of 3395 mm, width of 1475 mm, and height of 1455 mm, making it suitable for city driving. Despite its compact size, the car can comfortably accommodate 5 persons. It has a kerb weight of 750 KG and a wheelbase of 2360 mm, providing adequate stability on the road. Under the hood, the car features a petrol engine without a turbocharger, a displacement of 970 cc, and a 4 cylinder configuration.

The engine delivers a horsepower of 54 HP at 4600 RPM and torque of 84 Nm at 2700 RPM. The fuel system is carburetor-based with an OHC, 12 valve mechanism. The Suzuki Alto VXR car can reach a maximum speed of 180 KM/H. The car is equipped with a manual transmission system complemented by a 5-speed gearbox. The steering type is rack & pinion, allowing for a minimum turning radius of 4.2m. The vehicle does not feature power-assisted steering. For a smooth ride, the car comes with a front suspension composed of tube shocks coil springs and solid disc front brakes. The rear suspension comprises tube shocks with leaf springs and drum rear brakes.

The wheels are steel with wheel caps, and the tyre size is 145/80/R12. Finally, in terms of fuel economy, the car delivers a city mileage of 10 KM/L and has a fuel tank capacity of 35 L. This makes the Suzuki Alto VXR (CNG) not just an economical purchase but also a cost-effective vehicle to run.

9.Daihatsu Atrai Wagon 2012

Given its impressive feature set, the Daihatsu Atrai Wagon 2011 makes a strong case as one of the best cars under 15 lakhs in Pakistan. Priced at Rs. 1,450,000, this imported model boasts a 660 cc engine capacity, promising a smooth ride. The 2012 version of the Daihatsu Atrai Wagon offers further enhancements. Its interior is designed with comfort in mind for both the driver and passengers, equipped with a host of advanced features. The exterior is characterised by durability, a testament to its superior build quality, and presents an appealing outlook. Available in a variety of attractive colours, the car provides options to suit different aesthetic preferences. The availability of its spare parts across different automobile markets in Pakistan ensures easy maintenance.

For further information, prospective buyers can visit the Daihatsu Atrai Wagon showroom. The latest price for the 2012 model in Pakistan ranges between PKR 1,165,000 and PKR 1,255,000, reinforcing the Daihatsu Atrai Wagon’s position as a top contender in the under-15-lakh price bracket.

10.Suzuki Cultus EURO II

The Suzuki Cultus EURO II is arguably the best car available in Pakistan for under 15 lakhs. With a fuel-efficient engine that delivers 14 to 19 KM/L and a 993 cc Petrol engine, it is a great choice for cost-conscious consumers. This variant is priced at PKR 1,210,000 and comes with manual transmission.

The physical dimensions of the car include an overall length of 3845 mm, width of 1590 mm, and height of 1380 mm. It has a kerb weight of 800 KG, and offers a generous seating capacity for 5 persons. Although the boot space is not specified, it features a wheelbase of 2365 mm and a ground clearance of 170 mm, making it an excellent option for navigating varying terrains.

The engine boasts a horsepower of 60 HP at 6000 RPM and torque of 78 Nm at 4500 RPM. The petrol engine has 4 cylinders configured in a line, and the fuel system is an EFI with an SOHC 16 valve mechanism. The maximum speed of the Suzuki Cultus EURO II is pegged at 180 KM/H.

In terms of transmission, it offers a 5-speed manual gearbox. The steering type is Rack & Pinion with a minimum turning radius of 4.8m, but it is not power-assisted. The vehicle’s suspension system includes McPherson Strut Coil Springs at the front and a Torsion Beam with Coil Springs at the rear. The braking system consists of Solid Disc brakes at the front and Drum brakes at the rear.

The car rides on steel wheels with wheel caps, with a tyre size of 155/80/R13 and wheel size of 13 inches. The fuel tank capacity is 40 litres, ensuring fewer trips to the gas station. With these specifications, the Suzuki Cultus EURO II offers a perfect blend of performance, economy, and comfort, making it a top choice for those shopping for a car in this price range.


To conclude, finding a car under 15 lakhs in Pakistan is not only possible, but with the right research and knowledge, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You don’t have to settle or compromise on quality or comfort; there are cars out there that offer both at a price you can afford. It’s important to keep in mind that although these cars are available for lower prices, they are still subject to necessary maintenance costs, so make sure you factor that in before making your final decision! Additionally, make sure to purchase from reliable sources who guarantee after-sales service support and provide a warranty for peace of mind. We hope this post has been helpful in guiding you towards discovering the car of your dreams at an affordable price!

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