Atlas Honda Electric Bike Price In Pakistan And Features 

Atlas Honda has stepped into the world of electric two-wheelers in Pakistan with the launch of its new electric scooter, the BENLEY e. The unveiling of this new electric two-wheeler marks a major move for the company towards the two-wheel EV segment in Pakistan. The company’s Chief Officer of Motorcycle and Power Products, Noriaki Abe, mentioned that the BENLEY e would undergo a test marketing phase while the company gathers feedback. Although the company will not be selling the electric scooters to the general public initially, the bikes will be commercially sold to organizations with larger fleets of two wheelers such as food delivery and courier services. This allows the company to gain a better understanding of their customers and their needs. It remains to be seen how Atlas Honda’s venture into the electric bike market will affect the demand for traditional gasoline-powered bikes, but it is a sure sign of progress in the country’s eco-conscious initiatives.

Atlas Honda Electric Bike Price In Pakistan

Honda Electric BikePrice In Pakistan
EV motorcycle Honda ‘BENLY eExpected Rs.180000 to 300000

The introduction of electric bikes has revolutionized the way we perceive transportation, making it more practical and eco-friendly. The new Honda electric bike in Pakistan, the ‘BENLY e’, is expected to be priced around Rs.180000 to 300000. This remarkable vehicle combines the solid reliability of Honda motorcycles with the cutting-edge technology of an electric engine. Sleek, lightweight and effortlessly quiet, the ‘BENLY e’ is sure to attract plenty of attention on the roads. With such an affordable price, this exceptional bike represents a perfect opportunity for passionate riders to embrace a new era in two-wheeler transportation.

The Atlas Honda Electric Bike boasts a thoughtfully designed frame and dimensions that prioritize comfort and maneuverability. With a length of 1,820 mm, width of 710 mm, and height of 1,025 mm, this bike strikes the perfect balance between compactness and stability. The underbone frame provides exceptional handling, while the telescopic front suspension ensures a smooth and controlled ride.

Equipped with the EF07M AC synchronous motor, the Atlas Honda Electric Bike offers a rated output of 0.58 kW and a maximum output of 2.8 kW (3.8 PS) at 3,000 rpm. With a maximum torque of 13 N·m (1.3 kgf·m) at 2,000 rpm, this electric bike delivers impressive acceleration and power.

Other notable specifications include the 90/90-12 44J front tire, front mechanical leading/trailing brake system, and the lithium-ion battery that powers the bike.

Battery and Power

At the heart of the Atlas Honda Electric Bike lies a powerful 21700 battery, providing exceptional performance and longevity. With a battery life of 4000 cycles, you can rely on this electric bike for years to come. The electric motor delivers a power output of 0 kW (0 hP), ensuring a smooth and efficient ride every time.

Range and Speed

Experience the freedom to explore with the Atlas Honda Electric Bike’s impressive range. With a single charge, you can go up to 54.1 miles, making it ideal for daily commutes or longer journeys. The bike offers two speed options—15.5 mph and 28 mph—giving you the flexibility to adapt to various road conditions and travel at your desired pace.

Charge Time

Efficiency meets convenience with the Atlas Honda Electric Bike’s fast charging capabilities. In just 180 minutes, you can fully recharge the battery, allowing you to get back on the road quickly and effortlessly. Say goodbye to long waiting times and enjoy uninterrupted rides with this efficient charging system.


Length x Width x Height (mm)1,820×710×1,025
Wheelbase (mm)1,280
Min. Ground Clearance (mm)115
Seat Height (mm)710
Curb Weight (kg)125
No. of Riders1
Range per Charge*887 (at 30 km/h)
Min. Turning Radius (m)1.9
Motor TypeEF07M AC synchronous motor
Rated Output (kw)0.58*9
Max. Output (kW[PS]/rpm)2.8[3.8]/3,000
Max. Torque (N・m[kgf・m]/rpm)13[1.3]/2,000
TiresFront 90/90-12 44J
Brake TypeFront Mechanical leading/trailing
Suspension TypesFront Telescopic
Frame TypeUnderbone
Drive Battery2 Honda Mobile Power Packs
Battery TypeLithium-ion battery

Honda BENLY e Expected Launch Date In Pakistan

Currently, there is no defined timeline for the launch of the Honda BENLY e in Pakistan. The company has not provided any specific indication regarding the expected timeframe. Consequently, we kindly ask for your patience at this time, assuring you that we will promptly update our readers as soon as new information becomes available. The potential introduction of an e-scooter by Honda in Pakistan signifies a significant shift in the bike industry, considering the consumer preference for established companies, commonly known as the “Big 3”, over newer entrants. Moreover, it reflects the earnest commitment of major companies to advance the adoption of electric scooters and bikes in Pakistan.


The Atlas Honda Electric Bike sets a new standard in the world of electric transportation. With its advanced specifications and features, it offers a thrilling and eco-friendly riding experience. From the powerful 21700 battery to the impressive range and speed options, this electric bike is designed to enhance your daily commute and leisure rides. Embrace the future of transportation with the Atlas Honda Electric Bike, where innovation meets sustainability.

(Please note that the above specifications and features are global and may vary in different regions. For specific details on the Atlas Honda Electric Bike in Pakistan, please refer to official sources.)

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